How to write a TVC script for the most professional advertising 2023

How to write a TVC script for the most professional advertising 2023

September 13, 2023

Have you ever watched a promotional video that attracts and makes you watch from the first glance to the last second? The success of the brand comes from how to write an advertising TVC script. If you are curious to find out how to create good and impressive product advertising scripts, follow Viewfinder Media to learn in the article below.

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1. What is the TVC script to advertise the product?

A product promotional video script is a document that outlines the ideas and content of a pre-agreed product promotional video. The script acts as a link between the content creator and the filming team.

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Concept of product advertising video script

The promotional script will help them better understand the structure of the video content, thereby ensuring that important messages are conveyed clearly and effectively for a perfect product promotional video. correction.

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2. How to write a detailed TVC advertising script

The advertising script is one of the important factors that help create an effective promotional video for the product as well as attract customers. However, the process of creating an advertising script is not easy, requiring compliance and combining many stages. Here's how to write a detailed advertising TVC script to create an effective complete advertising product.

2.1. Identify customer insights

Customers are the top and throughout goal that advertising videos are created, in order to bring value to customers. Therefore, in order to write a successful product advertising script, you need to understand clearly customer insights, including the needs, wants, challenges, or problems that customers are facing that your product is facing. can be resolved.

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Need to determine customer insight before proceeding to write the script

When conveying the right values ​​that customers care about, your promotional videos will be easily received and engraved in customers' minds naturally. This will help appear as an invisible motivation that motivates customers to remember and find your product every time they have a need.

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2.2. Planning, script ideas

After identifying customer insights, the next step to writing a product advertising script is to "brainstorm" the idea. From the needs and desires of the client, the scriptwriter needs to combine those values with communication ideas to create a complete script and create an attractive advertising product. impressive, while bringing value to customers.

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Planning, script ideas for promotional videos

2.3. Make a plot

Once you have an idea, the next step is to build a script to create a story based on those ideas. The TVC script needs to be carefully constructed, with a clear beginning, course, and end. The content needs to be written in detail, specifically, the content needs to clearly introduce the product, explain the features, demonstrate the use, and have messages calling to motivate customers to find the product.

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Build scripts from previous ideas

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2.4. Content deployment

TVC scripts for creative advertising can lack content implementation. After you have a story, the next step you need to do is convey the meaning of the story to customers through images and sounds. You need to choose the right communication channels to deploy the content of the advertising script.

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You can choose from a variety of communication channels to deploy your content

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of media, both online and offline. Depending on each customer, you can choose the appropriate communication channel, including:

  • PR articles for products/services in newspapers, online newspapers,...
  • Print ads on social networks, online newspapers, print publications...
  • TVCs on Youtube, Tiktok, brand's website,...

3. Some tips to write better TVC advertising scripts

Have you ever seen an advertisement that was too boring or unattractive? That is why it is extremely important to write a good and impressive product advertising script. So, how can you write a better ad script? Here are some tips for more impressive and creative advertising scripts that you can refer to.

3.1. Research your opponent

Competitor research is one of the most important tips when writing a good and impressive TVC script. In fact, researching competitors or competing products is an essential activity for every stage of content creation. Especially, if your competitors are quite large and have many years of experience, competitor research will be even more important, requiring more monitoring and research.

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Competitor research is one of the factors to keep in mind when writing ad scripts

When researching about competitors, you will be able to know what strategies your competitors are pursuing, what goals they are aiming for, what are the current media trends, etc. From there, you will be able to come up with new ideas and combine them with your ideas to create a TVC script for more impressive advertising. It should be noted that you must not imitate or plagiarize your opponent's ideas completely, but you need to consult, intelligently select and transform to create your own script.

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3.2. The script follows the company's mission

An effective advertising script also needs to showcase the beauty of the company's culture, mission, and core values. This not only contributes to the communication of the company's image but also helps attract the attention of customers, helping them choose the right brands for themselves.

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The script should follow the company's mission

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3.3. Short and concise message

No audience will want to watch a video or advertisement that is too long, endless, and contains a lot of unnecessary information. Therefore, the message of the advertising script needs to be short, concise, contain information that customers really care about, and be useful to customers.

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The message of the advertising script should be short and concise

In fact, this is one of the quite challenging factors, requiring the scriptwriter to struggle with himself to select and be able to put all the useful information into the promotional video with a short duration short.

3.4. Video length

The length of the video is also an important factor when writing a good and impressive TVC script. You need to choose the right duration to ensure that the customer does not get bored or overloaded with the information you want to convey. Typically, a promotional video will last between 15 and 60 seconds.

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You need to select the necessary elements to get the right length for the video

3.5. Focus on the audience

Customers are the main audience that all advertising products are aimed at. Ads will be completely meaningless if they do not bring any benefit or value to the customer. So while writing the script, you need to focus on your customer. You need to understand their demographics, needs, interests, and desires and incorporate these factors into your video. This helps you create an effective advertising script and imprints more deeply in the customer's mind.

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Focus on your audience and identify their needs and desires when writing the script

3.6. Incorporate fun elements

Incorporating fun elements is one of the highly recommended TVC scripts for advertising to attract customers' attention. No one wants to watch a boring, serious video. You need to pay attention to external factors such as scenery, sound, color and add a few funny elements in the most natural way to bring joy, comfort and excitement when watching videos. brand advertising.

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Scripting TVC ads can incorporate a few more fun elements

3.7. Eye-catching scene

The scene of the script is also very important. You need to include eye-catching, highlight scenes to attract customers' attention and make the script more attractive. It is possible to combine elements such as beautiful scenes, bright light colors and many other light and sound effects to create the best point for the promotional video.

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Product advertising scripts need to include eye-catching scenes to attract customers

3.8. Call to action

Not simply introducing products, you need to let customers know what they need to do at the end of each product promotional video. So, in the process of designing your TVC scenario, you need to provide clear and specific calls to action to encourage them to take the actions you want. Some common words to use include “Buy Now”, “Sign Up Now” or “Click Here”,...

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Don't forget to include a call to action at the end of each promotional video

4. Difference between TVC script and movie script

The main differences between a TVC (TV commercial) script and a movie script are:

TVC script
Film script
Objectives and purpose
TVC shooting scripts focus on conveying a specific message about a product, service or brand in a short period of time (usually 15-60 seconds). The main purpose is to reach the target audience and motivate them to take a specific action.
Movie scripts are longer and can range from a few minutes to a few hours. The main goal of a screenplay is to tell a longer story with diverse character development, plot, and situation.
Length and format
The length is limited because of the short TV commercials. Must capture the main idea and convey the message quickly.
The length is more flexible, allowing for more detailed development in the story and aspects of the character.
Focus and content
Focus mainly on the key message and the impetus to action. The content must be short, concise and focus on the benefits of the product/service.
It is possible to develop more complex plots and explore deeper aspects of characters, creating a richer narrative experience.
Highlight and make an impact
Often makes an immediate impact, often through a message that drives action.
Can create a longer impact, build emotions and hold the audience's attention for a longer time.
Short durations need to be utilized by using images, music, and visual elements to get the message across quickly and effectively.
Can focus more on acting, creating emotions and complexity in the interactions between characters.

In short, TVC scripts and movie scripts each have separate goals and styles of expression based on the characteristics of the transmission form.

5. Viewfinder Media - The leading TVC advertising production unit in HCM

Viewfinder Media is a cult name in the field of TVC production, the leading advertising film in Vietnam. The unit has affirmed its position through the provision of a variety of quality services. In particular, Viewfinder is proud of its ability to write creative and new advertising scripts and deploy them effectively, meeting all needs from customers.

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Viewfinder is a reputable TVC and commercial video production unit with a creative and enthusiastic staff

With a team of experienced and highly creative staff, we understand that scripts play an important role in conveying product messages and promoting brands. This helps to optimize your performance in this area when choosing to use our services.

Creating a product promotional video is not easy, requires a lot of research, research, and creativity. With the hints on how to write an advertising TVC script provided by Viewfinder Media in the above article, hopefully, you have gained more useful information and knowledge to be able to create a good advertising work. and most impressive.

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