4 TVC Color Standards That You Shouldn't Ignore

4 TVC Color Standards That You Shouldn't Ignore

November 24, 2023

In the world of television advertising, TVC color standards play an extremely important role. To ensure the professionalism and appeal of TVC, you do not simply have to choose colors according to your preferences but also need to comply with 4 color standards. In this article, let's explore these color standards with Viewfinder Media to create professional publications and attract viewers.

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1. The importance of color in TVC advertising

Research has shown that color is one of the deciding factors in the success of a TVC advertisement. Color has the ability to evoke emotions, attract attention and convey messages in a powerful way. It can be seen that color plays an important role in evoking customers' memory about the brand. Therefore, choosing the right color is a smart strategy for businesses to position their brand deeper in the minds of customers.

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Color is a decisive factor in the success of a TVC advertisement

Besides, color also helps increase emotional sublimation as well as convey messages quickly. Unlike dry, rigid ways of advertising in writing, speech, etc., communication through color will easily attract viewers' attention, go deep into their minds and help them more diverse and interesting viewing experiences. Therefore, choosing the right advertising colors is extremely important when building advertising TVCs.

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2. Advertising TVC color standards

Don't simply choose eye-catching and impressive colors. Designing and creating advertising TVCs requires filmmakers to comply with certain TVC color standards. Here are 4 TVC color standards that you need to understand.

2.1. Color represents the characteristics of the product

Each color in the TVC must be carefully selected and go through a meticulous censorship process. TVC color standards need to reflect the characteristics and values of the product or brand. Using colors that represent products can help increase audience recognition as well as increase engagement with advertising content.

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TVC color standards need to represent the characteristics of the product

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2.2. Color should not be too bright or offensive

TVC color standards need to be carefully considered and should not be too bright or offensive. Choosing TVC colors that are too bright can annoy customers and reduce the effectiveness of advertising.

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Colors in TVC should not be too bright or offensive

2.3. TVC color standards need to be clear and sharp

A promotional video with clear and sharp colors and images will give the audience a more realistic and vivid experience. Filmmakers need to pay attention to professional filming techniques, color effects as well as choosing appropriate shooting angles and contexts. This will help create quality TVC commercials that leave an impression on viewers.

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Need to ensure TVC colors are clear and sharp to increase viewer experience

2.4. Color is similar to actual product

The colors in TVC videos need to be similar to symbolize that product. Through that, the audience can partially visualize the product. Using colors that are opposite or too different from the product's color will disappoint the audience and not leave an impression of the product in the viewer's mind.

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TVC color standards need to be similar to the actual product

3. Some colors commonly used in TVC production

In TVC advertising, many colors are used and combined to create unique and diverse effects. Below are some colors commonly used in advertising TVCs:

  • White: This is the basic color that always appears in every TVC. Besides being used as a background to highlight products, white also symbolizes minimalism and purity. Therefore, this is a suitable color range for products related to children and the medical field.
  • Black: Black represents boldness, authority and bold classicism. Black is also dramatic and luxurious, very suitable for use in high-end products.
  • Purple: This is a color used to express creativity, bringing a sense of mystery, sophistication, and spirituality. Light purple can stimulate viewers' nostalgia and emotions.
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Some colors commonly used in the production of TVC advertising

  • Pink: Pink is also one of the popular colors in TVC advertisements, especially for products for women. This color scheme creates lightness and serenity and evokes intense emotions. Dark pink represents vibrancy, youthfulness and elegance, while light pink tones bring a feeling of levity and romance.
  • Blue: Symbolizing the reminder of the sky and sea, blue brings a feeling of peace, gentleness and full of vitality. Blue represents hope and inspiration. Using this color in TVC will create trust and a feeling of safety for viewers.

In this article, Viewfinder Media has helped you better understand TVC color standards. Using colors intelligently and subtly will enhance effectiveness as well as leave a deep impression in the hearts of the audience.


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