What is iTVC advertising and the information you need to know

What is iTVC advertising and the information you need to know

November 24, 2023

iTVC advertising has long been considered one of the effective advertising methods widely used by many people. In particular, as internet technology becomes more and more popular, the form of TVC film advertising. Therefore, forms of TVC advertising are becoming richer and more diverse. So what is the form of iTVC advertising? To answer this question, please join Viewfinder Media in viewing the article below.

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1. What is iTVC advertising?

iTVC advertising, also known as TVC online, is a type of online advertising that manufacturers exploit on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Youtube,... Besides, this method is considered A quick and extremely effective way to reach potential customers. Because it helps adjust operations based on the optimal experience of many different users.

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Form of iTVC advertisement

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2. Why is iTVC becoming a trend?

The form of TVC commercials is gradually becoming quite popular in modern life today. It is so popular because iTVC advertising helps businesses reach customer targets accurately. Typically, clearly defining criteria such as age, interests, place of residence, gender, etc. In addition, iTVC is also popular for the following outstanding reasons:

2.1 Coverage and spread

As you know, Youtube or Facebook are both social networking platforms with millions of users. In particular, Youtube is the world's largest video archive with a search engine. According to statistics in Vietnam, there are more than 40 million users every day. High views are a measure of evaluation and expression of interest to the audience through the uploaded content. Therefore, when iTVC advertising is posted on this platform, it will bring a strong spread. At the same time, it also helps you easily reach more viewers. 

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Youtube platform with wide coverage

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2.2 Aim at the right target audience

Through iTVC advertising, businesses can completely limit the number of advertising exposures for each user. Thanks to that, it helps balance the display frequency and minimize the possibility of causing discomfort to users because of watching too much.

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Through TVC film advertising, businesses can find their target customers

2.3 Diversity on devices

One of the reasons why iTVC advertising is so popular with users is because it allows you to easily access it on all devices. You can watch TVC commercials anywhere right on your phone, computer, or iPad comfortably and proactively.

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You can easily access TVC advertising on any device

2.4 Enhance user experience

iTVC advertisements are mostly run by an automatic system. Users just need to point at their device screen and the video will be displayed in detail and completely. Besides, when combined with sound, advertising content images can easily hit the viewer's psychology. This helps the business's brand increase its recognition closer to the public.

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TVC advertising helps increase interaction effectively.

2.5 Low cost and low risk

Using iTVC to advertise on Youtube is a trend chosen by many businesses. Because they only need to pay a fee for users to watch about 6 seconds of advertising or more. If a person views the ad after 5 seconds and skips it, the business will not have to pay a fee. Thanks to this outstanding advantage, the form of iTVC advertising motivates viewers to develop more. Besides, showing advertising videos under 5 seconds helps impress many customers because of the brevity, ease of understanding and appeal of the advertising content.

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Low cost helps businesses save budget effectively

2.6 There are many privileges for viewers

As we often see, a traditional advertising video has a minimum duration of 30 seconds. This means that the viewer is required to watch within these 30 seconds. However, for TVC online advertising movies, users only need to watch at least 5 seconds and skip the ads if they want. Although this type of advertisement is short, the content is concise and conveyed very effectively. Therefore, manufacturers need to calculate, measure and think through the moves of their advertising campaigns in the best way.

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iTVC ads create many perks for viewers

3. Advantages of iTVC advertising

iTVC advertising plays a very important role in bringing a business's brand to customers. Besides a iTVC advertising films also have many extremely outstanding advantages such as:

3.1 Smart operation

One of the outstanding advantages of iTVC advertising is the addition of intelligent mechanisms. This feature is very reader-friendly and also helps users have the best experience. Besides, it also helps viewers identify the brand effectively.

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Intelligent operation system

3.2 Display location

The display position of ads is of particular concern to businesses. Because it helps the company attract many searches and increase interaction very well. In addition, iTVC advertising can also automatically play videos when users scroll to the display screen. Not only that, the display position also has the function of automatically stopping the video when the full video content is not displayed.

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iTVC ads can also automatically play videos when users scroll to the display screen

The above article is some information about iTVC advertising that we want to summarize for you. Thereby, businesses can choose a facility that can carry out effective advertising campaigns. Accordingly, it can bring the business's brand closer to customers. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for a free consultation.


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