Top 12 Best and Most Impressive TVC Advertising Perfume

Top 12 Best and Most Impressive TVC Advertising Perfume

November 23, 2023

TVC advertising perfume is increasingly popular with many manufacturing businesses. Shooting commercials help customers get to know your business's products more easily. Besides, perfume is an indispensable product in today's modern life. They help many people get attracted to the world of scent through advertising products. So what are those perfume TVCs? We invite readers to join Viewfinder Media in viewing the article below.

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1. Famous TVC advertising perfumes

TVC advertising perfume is gradually becoming popular and widely viewed. This is an effective and easy way to advertise to attract customers that many businesses have applied. Below are some types of perfume TVCs that you can refer to.

1.1 Dior Sauvage perfume TVC

Dior Sauvage perfume TVC has become one of the topics that many people have discussed recently. Although this is a perfume line for men, the charm that actor Johnny Depp brings makes it impossible for many ladies to ignore. The content begins with a dimly lit city scene, Johnny brought to life with an electric guitar before he leaves the city.

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Perfume TVC Dior Sauvage attracts viewers with male lead Johnny Depp

As he drove into the desert, he encountered a bison before encountering an eagle and a wolf. He then dug a hole and dumped all his accessories and jewelry. It looks very unusual but it actually makes a strong impression on the feeling of a perfume that brings charm, like a rough masculine pearl.

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1.2 TVC of Valentino Voce Viva perfume

One of the most impressive TVC advertising perfume of all time that you cannot miss is the Valentino Voice Vira perfume TVC. Not afraid of being different, Lady Gaga has portrayed uniqueness and aura in this TVC advertisement. The background is a girl wearing a gorgeous red evening gown with her flowing blonde hair elegantly tied up in a high bun. Lady Gaga takes on a new personality. The image of a famous star interwoven with a series of other models shows the diversity and femininity of a perfume.

post image

Lady Gaga successfully portrayed her uniqueness in this TVC advertisement

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1.3 La Vie Est Belle perfume advertisement

With the participation of actress Julia Roberts, she is considered one of the famous faces of Hollywood cinema. She showed off her elegance and sophistication in the TVC advertising perfume La Vie Est Belle. The style breaks the mold of a typical Parisian party. Through this, the audience will feel this perfume's lightness and sophistication. The most obvious scene is when Julia enters the room, thinking of turning around. This indicates a gentle seductive fragrance and the strength of a bond is felt.

post image

The style breaks the mold of a typical Parisian party

1.4 TVC advertising perfume Miss Dior

In the Miss Dior perfume TVC, Natalie Portman became the representative face of this perfume line. In 2021, Miss Dior is back through perfumer François Demachy. To be able to express the emotions that Miss Dior perfume brings properly, this advertising campaign is shown right in the middle of a vast flower field. The content begins with Natalie Portman driving a truck of fresh flowers purchased from the market. She wore a couture dress, danced on the bed, and relaxed her soul in the vast ocean. These images portray the pleasure of a burning summer.

post image

Miss Dior stands out with her vibrant summer style

1.5 Charlie perfume promotional video

This is a long-standing TVC advertising perfume that appeared in the 70s and 80s with the participation of actress Shelley Hack. At that time it was considered that in an era when women were still developing, they had no freedom. That's why this perfume TVC brings a breath of fresh air. The content of the perfume advertising video is about a girl living the life of the upper class and going through town until she meets her lover. Thereby, it allows viewers to feel the elegance of this perfume that attracts everyone's attention.

post image

TVC advertisement of perfume brand Charlie

1.6 TVC Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue perfume

Surely up to now, no one can forget the TVC advertising perfume Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue starring handsome model David Gandy. This is one of the famous perfume advertisements highlighting men's masculine appeal. Besides, the content of the perfume bottle emerging from the clear blue ocean blends with the tanned bodies of Balti and Gandy to the sound of the Italian troubadour.

post image

One of the famous perfume advertisements highlights the masculine appeal of men

1.7 Advertising the perfume brand Chanel No 5

For a long time, Chanel No 5 has been one of the most famous perfume brands worldwide. Therefore, it is fitting that Nicole Kidman was chosen as the face of this perfume company. With different content when Nicole Kidman casually walks past her ex in a flowing dress. It has a bohemian, melancholy vibe but makes viewers feel satisfied with the open ending.

post image

Luxurious perfume Chanel No 5

1.8 Tom Ford for Men perfume advertisement

Tom Ford created an advertising campaign with extremely new content that shocked many audiences around the world. The ad shows a naked woman holding a bottle of perfume. This is not the first time that Tom Ford has used similar content in relation to advertising. It makes viewers feel quite cautious with extremely hot scenes.

post image

Tom Ford's unique advertising style

1.9 TVC advertising Lancome Idole perfume

Lancome Idole perfume TVC is one of the commercials that impress viewers when the scene begins with an actress riding on a white horse. She wore a flowing taffeta dress that made an entrance for Lancome Idole perfume. That heroine exudes feminine beauty and power. She ends up on top of a hill at sunset, holding a bottle of Idole high above her head overlooking her kingdom. This is considered an impressive and extremely eye-catching scene.

post image

Advertising content attracts viewers' eyes

1.10 Promotional video of David Dobrik perfume

The video TVC advertising perfume starring David Dobrik is considered a strong attack on viewers' eyes. This is truly a unique combination, it makes viewers unable to take their eyes off for 1:19 seconds. Therefore, it can be said that this perfume TVC has an impressive marketing style that every business should refer to.

post image

The perfume TVC starring David Dobrik is considered a strong visual attack on the audience

1.11 Gucci Guilty For Men perfume advertisement

The TVC advertising perfume Gucci Guilty for Men begins with the actor breaking glass on a motorbike. We cannot deny that this is one of the advertising films with quite attractive content design. The scene begins with the couple meeting in a luxurious bar. Then, they quickly moved to a dimly lit room. We can't predict what will happen next, but Gucci wasn't afraid to make the details as clear as possible.

post image

TVC advertising perfume Gucci Guilty for Men attracts 

1.12 TVC advertising perfume Armani Acqua Di Gio

In the TVC advertising Armani Acqua Di Gio's perfume, the scene of Jason Morgan swimming in the middle of the ocean stands out in classic black and white image colors. The scene where he emerges with a toned body makes a strong impression on viewers. When he dived into the water again, the perfume bottle appeared bright yellow. After reviewing, this is like a small movie that tells the story of soothing fragrance until the last moment

post image

Armani Acqua Di Gio's perfume TVC prominently features Jason Morgan entering the water and swimming in the middle of the ocean

2. Viewfinder Media - Professional advertising TVC filming unit

If you are looking for a reputable perfume advertising TVC filming unit, come to Viewfinder Media immediately. Over many years of operation, Viewfinder Media has truly created satisfaction for many customers. Besides, with a team of energetic and extremely enthusiastic staff, we can create many quality products.

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Viewfinder Media company provides attractive TVC advertising

In addition, Viewfinder is also committed to providing customers with many products that fully meet the most stringent standards through advantages such as:

  • Quality products and fresh creativity are constantly changing. 
  • All stages are transparent and reputable.
  • Spacious production facilities include studio and post-production. 
  • Always provide creative and engaging content that attracts viewers.

Through the above article, we hope readers can get ideas on how to film TVC advertising perfume of brands around the world. Thanks to that, you have a more objective view in filming perfume TVC. If readers have anything that needs to be answered, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for more detailed advice.


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