6 Creative TVC Advertising Milk Ideas You Shouldn't Miss

6 Creative TVC Advertising Milk Ideas You Shouldn't Miss

November 23, 2023

TVC advertising milk is growing rapidly and is deeply ingrained in the subconscious of many Vietnamese people. Besides, milk brands are increasingly competing fiercely in the market. This causes a strong media effect. Brands are actively implementing marketing campaigns to reposition their brands. So how did they do it through TVC milk advertising? Please join Viewfinder Media to see the article below.

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1. Successful TVCs advertising milk

Currently, many businesses are actively promoting products through TVC advertising. Each dairy TVC of the enterprise has unique and distinct features. Below are some TVCs advertising milk that you can refer to.

1.1 TVC advertising of Vinamilk milk

Vinamilk has long been one of the dairy product businesses that has been closely associated with many generations of children in Vietnam. This is a brand known to many mothers for its unique and attractive marketing campaigns that help reach customers very effectively. Understanding the feelings and needs of Vietnamese mothers, Vinamilk often produces family-related promotional videos.

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TVC advertising Vinamilk milk brand

In particular, Vinamilk is famous for its advertising image of a dairy cow that can smile, talk happily, and sing. Thanks to that, the number of views on this TVC advertising milk is increasing and is dominating in Vietnam. On the other hand, for better interaction, Vinamilk always prioritizes investing in creating videos that capture music trends. At the same time, they also invited famous people like Lam Vy Da, and actors Huynh Lap, Thu Trang,...

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1.2 Milk TVC advertising TH True Milk

One of the TVC advertising milk that has impressed viewers recently is the milk TVC TH True Milk. The TVC advertisements that TH True Milk all bring meaningful messages to viewers. The TVC idea of TH True Milk milk product is the image of majestic and vast nature. Next are the details about the clean quality of TH True Milk milk products.

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Video advertising TH True Milk milk

The TVC videos advertising TH True Milk are all popular with the message "Truly natural". This is to emphasize to customers the differences between the brands. Even though it's only 45 seconds, the advertising producer spent 30 seconds introducing nature and the slogan. This TVC advertisement really made an impression on viewers and made customers recognize the brand more easily.

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1.3 TVC advertising Milo milk

Compared to other TVCs advertising dairy products, TVC advertising milk Milo is considered more unique and vibrant. With the message "true champion", the Milo advertising campaign encourages mothers to let their children actively participate in more activities. Not only with the purpose of encouraging parents to let their children participate in sports activities, milk TVC also brings the message that we must always be grateful to our parents.

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The TVC advertising Milo milk was commented to be unique and vibrant

Besides, in the context that after drinking Milo milk, children become stronger and more enthusiastic. This makes a strong impression on parents and has many meanings. Through sports, in addition to regular exercise, children also learn many valuable lessons about character training as well as a positive attitude and care for people around them.

1.4 Fami milk promotional video

TVC advertising milk Fami recently took back life on the advertising screen when launching a series of 4 TVCs with an extremely beautiful heroic rescue scene. With its rich milk flavor and the advertising quality that Fami brings to customers, it is a very familiar brand.

post image

The TVC advertisement of Fami milk recently took over the advertising screen upon its launch

After many years of doing TVC commercials, Fami has always been loyal to the message "Strong bones". This is one of the ways to help viewers easily remember when mentioning Fami milk. To explain this constant message, manufacturer Vinasoy believes that when mentioning bones, joints, and calcium, the audience will immediately remember Fami milk products.

1.5 TVC Nutifood milk

Nutifood is a major dairy product brand in the Vietnamese market with high recognition. Together with the production of soy milk products, Nutifood with its style of TVC advertising milk focuses on quality research and specialized nutrition. Most of these milk advertisements provide customers with a maximum source of nutrition. With an extremely clear market focus and an easy-to-remember name, the business has increasingly asserted its name in the competitive market race.

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Nutifood is a large dairy product brand in the Vietnamese market with high recognition

1.6 Dutch Lady's promotional video

Dutch Lady is a TVC advertising milk Dutch girls that has been popular with many people recently. With the orientation of bringing health to customers, Dutch Lady has successfully built customer trust. At the same time, Dutch Lady's Milk TVCs affirm that they are a clean brand from product to personality. In addition, TVC advertising Dutch Lady milk products is also rated very well when natural and health-friendly elements are put into the focus of each strategy by the brand.

post image

Dutch Lady is a TVC advertising Dutch girl's milk that is popular with many people

2. Viewfinder Media specializes in filming reputable advertising TVC videos

Established in 2008, Viewfinder Media is one of the reputable providers of video, images, and television advertising production. Despite many years of operation, Viewfinder Media has constantly improved the quality of its services.

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Viewfinder Media is a company that provides attractive and impressive TVC advertising for viewers.

In addition, the reasons why many people choose Viewfinder Media as the place to produce TVC advertising milk are:

  • This is a place that provides quality and interesting advertising
  • Enthusiastic and capable, experienced production and logistics team.
  • Careful and creative scene design and construction
  • Advertising TVC products always have new ideas, creating impressive advertising videos.

The above article is some impressive TVC advertising milk that you can refer to. Hope readers can create attractive advertising TVCs for their brands. If readers have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for free consultation.


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