Collection of 10 Most Unique and Interesting Tet Advertising TVCs

Collection of 10 Most Unique and Interesting Tet Advertising TVCs

November 24, 2023

Tet is the most shopping time of the year, everyone takes care to celebrate the new year. This is also the occasion for an explosion of Tet advertising TVCs from brands and businesses with incentives and impressive media messages. Many brands have taken advantage of this holiday to launch unique advertisements, touching emotions and making an impression in the hearts of customers. Below are some unique Tet advertisements in both content and image that Viewfinder Media has compiled.

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1. 10 most impressive Tet advertising TVCs

Brands have inherited content each year, combined with new ways of conveying content. That successfully helps customers not feel bored. Although the methods of transmission are different, businesses still focus their content on a specific general concept. Below are some Tet advertisements that have proven to be successful and meet users' insights.

1.1. Tet TVC 2017 "Small changes - new beginnings" by Nestlé

With the desire to bring a warm Tet season, in 2017, Nestlé cooperated with director Victor Vu to launch a TVC advertising Tet "Celebrate Tet together". Most prominent in this activity is the message "Small changes, new beginnings". The story shares the concept that women are often in charge of cleaning, preparing, and cooking during Tet. Nestlé hopes that all family members will share household chores together. From there, with just "A little change to make a new beginning", Tet will be happier and more complete when gathered together.

post image

Tet TVC with Nestle's message "Small changes - new beginnings".

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1.2. TVC advertising Tet 2023 "New look to celebrate Tet with love" by Larue

In 2023, Larue continues its journey of spreading love for life and the desire to enhance experiences to meet consumer tastes. After the survey and research process, Larue officially put on a new look to show gratitude to customers who have always loved and supported the brand. Larue promoted the new look of the product through a Tet TVC with interesting and unique content.

post image

Larue's "New look to celebrate Tet and love life" in 2023

Larue's TVC advertising Tet "New look to celebrate Tet and love life" emphasizes innovation, changing the look, making you love life even more. The impression in this TVC is the image of "changing into new clothes", showing that we should erase the bad things of the old year to enter a happier, more loving year.

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1.3. TVC series "Going to Return" by Biti's

Around the end of 2016 and early 2017, Vietnamese youth were excited about Biti's "Go to Return" campaign. This also marks an excellent return to the sub-brand Biti's Hunter. “Go to return” is the complete answer of the brand when combined with young singer Soobin Hoang Son. Season 1 of the campaign created a huge buzz for Biti's in the Tet advertising media war, which is only a playground for big brands.

post image

Biti's Hunter's famous "Go to Return" campaign series in 2017

In early 2018, Biti's continued to cooperate with Soobin Hoang Son to release Season 2 with the MV "Going to Return 2". As expected, the campaign has achieved certain successes. Since then, the sub-brand Biti's Hunter has increasingly affirmed its image in the minds of consumers. The MVs were intentionally released on the first day of January 1 because Biti's wanted to release them on a special day - the first day of the year. That reminds young people to always look forward to new journeys, but also not forget the saying "go far to return".

1.4. TVC "Seeing Kinh Do is seeing Tet" of Kinh Do 2022

The Tet advertising TVC "Seeing Kinh Do is seeing Tet" of Kinh Do in 2022 is "led" by a gentle music, very "Tet" sounds. For example, humming along with the music; the sound of biting crispy bread; The call "My child, this lucky money" from parents and grandparents... together create a warm Tet TVC.

post image

"Seeing Kinh Do means seeing Tet" in 2022 is full of emotions

The main character in the TVC is a blind girl who feels the flavors of Tet through different senses. The feeling when I touch the wall I often see new stickers appear. The spreading sweetness of a box of fragrant cookies lingers on the tip of your nose. Hearing is sensitive to the "quality" in the sound of crackers cracking when his brother is eating. The softness of each sponge cake - the soft and melting feeling like when being comforted by a mother.

It can be said that this Tet holiday 2022 season makes us limit going out to wish each other New Year or countdown to watch fireworks. We can feel the flavor of Tet from the simplest, most intimate things in our beloved home. Mondelez Kinh Do has made good use of this moment, infusing the TVC advertising the product with a meaningful message: "Seeing Tet, is seeing hope to return, seeing Kinh Do is seeing Tet."

1.5. TVC "What should you do to save money" of Viettel Pay 2020

In 2020, ViettelPay released the MV 'What to do' with the theme Tao Quan - a quite familiar theme, easily accepted by everyone. The funny, witty lyrics have helped the MV conquer young people, along with the quality music that has contributed to increasing the video's spread. The Tet advertising TVC emphasizes the main features of the ViettelPay application such as electricity and water payments, interbank transfers, and online shopping...

post image

ViettelPay impresses with "What to do" trending in 2020

The TVC advertising the product once again emphasizes the promotion of a digital, cashless economy. That aims to popularize ViettelPay's digital payment and financial solutions in all parts of the country. And surpassing many prominent names, the 'Easy Tet with ViettelPay' campaign has excellently won 8 categories at the MMA Smarties Awards from Vietnam to the APAC region and globally.

1.6. Honda 2021 Tet advertising TVC "Going home".

The 2021 New Year of the Ox is especially difficult, the melody of Going Home is like a comforting word, a way to accompany those "stuck" in a far away place. "The way home is into our hearts" resounds from before Tet to after Tet, from home to street, on every corner. Honda Vietnam wishes to convey words of encouragement for the new year in the TVC advertising Tet "Going Home". Spring seeds will sprout, positive things will be rewarded and "home" will still be there, always waiting to welcome you back.

post image

Honda's "Going Home" makes a strong impression in both melody and image

The melody Going Home in the product advertising TVC caused an "internet storm" during the 2021 Tet season. The MV has achieved admirable numbers such as being #1 trending on YouTube, with more than 56 million MV views just after 1 month of release. More specifically, Honda Vietnam's Tet Going Home advertisement also ranked No. 1 on the 2020 Outstanding Tet Campaign rankings measured by Buzzmetrics, a reputable social network data analysis company in Vietnam. measure.

1.7. Mirinda's TVC "Tet of laughter" 2016

First, a clip was posted on YouTube with the content of 6 famous people being kidnapped in a hilarious way. At that time, Mirinda's mascot created a challenge for them to bring the most meaningful and joyful laughter during Tet. All material gifts such as money will be rejected by the mascot. The only way to win is to use Mirinda's sticker set. At the end of the Tet promotional TVC, all the "arrested" influencers will call their fans to widely spread the Mirinda sticker set.

post image

Mirinda's TVC advertisement with the campaign "Laugh freely during Tet"

Product advertising TVCs are launched at the same time to increase brand campaign awareness in mass media. At the same time, thousands of lucky money envelopes were sent to customers who purchased Mirinda products. The meaning of giving laughter is also hotly debated by the media. Since then, it has brought a large amount of earned media to the brand.

1.8. TVC "Tet reunion" of Neptune 2013

In the TVC advertising the 2013 Year of the Snake, Neptune plays the role of a storyteller, bringing the audience to a touching story. The story is about a deaf girl who wishes to reunite with her father after a long time apart. Through the image of a father, Neptune skillfully leads to the eternal problem of children far from home. Struggling and taking care of family life makes reunion a luxury.

Neptune's intelligence in the 2013 Tet TVC is also shown through 3 elements in both image and sound. First, the choice of a deaf girl character increases the emotional element in the hearts of viewers. The second is the meaningful use of the song "Sweet Dreams" and ends with the two sentences "What gift is better than a family reunion - what Tet is more fun than Tet reunion". That highlights the message the brand wants to convey to customers.

post image

Meaningful message "With Neptune, come home to celebrate Tet, family first"

Finally, the product image is integrated into the scene where the father returns home on New Year's Eve to spend time with his family. The ending of the TVC ad is impressive with the message "With Neptune, come home to celebrate Tet, family first." Intentionally not inserting products into the storyline does not cause discomfort to the viewer but also brings closeness and familiarity. From there, it helps Neptune create a stronger impression than TVCs that focus on advertising the product's physical function in the plot.

1.9. TVC "Tet of love" of CocaCola 2018

"Capturing" and "cherishing" every moment of love, Coca-Cola created a TVC advertising Tet 2018 in its own way. Coca-Cola has always persistently pursued the theme of promoting connection between family members during Tet. Without changing its style or following trends and trends, Coca-Cola chooses the most simple things to touch every person's heart during Tet and spring.

post image

“Tet 2018 - A Tet full of love” with CocaCola

Coca-Cola emphasizes the message "Tet 2018 - A Tet full of love" through innovative identity. In the context of the market's "overload" of love messages, choosing the core of love each year is always a double-edged sword. In the midst of that storm, Coca-Cola still maintains a steady performance when exploring new approaches. That makes the story more clearly portrayed to consumers in a subtle way. At the same time, convey the message skillfully without losing its inherent identity and position.

The COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019 and early 2021 caused many difficulties for Vietnamese people as well as businesses. During this 2021 Tet season, Pepsi has launched an impressive campaign with the tagline "Nothing will stop you from going home - Pepsi brings Tet home". This Tet promotional TVC has the participation of KOLs in the show Rap Viet - a program that was extremely popular at that time, namely Karik, Suboi, and Wowy.

post image

The "Bring Tet Home" campaign is full of humanity with Pepsi during the 2021 pandemic season

After only half a month of releasing the TVC advertising the product, this marketing video has reached more than 20 million views on YouTube. Without convoluted metaphors, the story is expressed clearly and coherently that Pepsi and its "KOLs" will help you have an easier journey home. Pepsi brings you home for Tet, which means bringing Tet back to your family!

2. Viewfinder - Prestigious and professional TVC filming unit for Tet advertising

TVC advertising products is a form of content most commonly used by businesses in marketing campaigns during Tet. Tet advertising TVCs have many advantages compared to other campaigns of the year. Tet advertising easily attracts customers' attention because this is the time when many people are most interested and expected. At this time, viewers' need to buy and renovate their homes is also greater.

post image

Viewfinder Media is proud to bring impressive and attractive footage

Viewfinder is the place where you can place all your trust in the cooperation process. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, Viewfinder always strives to satisfy customers absolutely. Thanks to its abundant resources, whether the projects are large or small, Viewfinder can confidently meet customer requirements.

Viewfinder is committed to providing customers with the highest quality and standard products. With a professional, creative, and enthusiastic team, Viewfinder always has creative and new ideas to create impressive and unique advertising videos and TVCs. In addition, Viewfinder provides ongoing technical support from its extensive production facility, including studio to post-production elements.

Above is information about impressive Tet advertising TVCs that create a strong impression on customers. If you have any questions or need more information, don't hesitate to contact Viewfinder Media right away!


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