What is TVC Advertising and the Importance of a TVC

What is TVC Advertising and the Importance of a TVC

December 14, 2023

It is not a coincidence that businesses today spend a large amount of money on the production of TVC advertising. Because TVC plays a very important role in a business's Marketing campaign. It helps them strengthen their brand and create recognition with customers in the fastest way. So what is TVC? What popular types of TVC are there? What is their importance? Let's find out more details with Viewfinder Media through the following article!

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1. What is TVC advertising?

TVC (Television Video Commercials) is a type of advertising that uses video images to introduce a business's products, services or events. This is considered an effective communication method, however the investment cost for TVC is very expensive. TVC is transmitted to the public through television and online video platforms. Advertising with TVC helps businesses promote products, programs or upcoming events. In addition, TVC also helps businesses reach target customers, increase coverage and promote the purchasing process.

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Promoting products through Television Video Commercials

TVC advertising easily accesses customers' behavior and buying habits through close stories and profound messages. Currently, there are many successful businesses "making money" thanks to creative advertising videos and creating a strong spread. Normally, a TVC is 15-30 seconds long. It is inserted before, between or after programs being broadcast on television channels.

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2. Current forms of TVC advertising

Currently, TVC is divided into 5 different forms. Let's see right away what these types of TVC ads are!

2.1. Online advertising – TVC Online

Online advertising or TVC Online is a form of advertising film that appears on websites or social networking platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Tiktok. This is a type of TVC advertising that is not limited in time frame and broadcast duration. Along with that, compared to TVC Ads, its operating costs are not too high and businesses can choose the customer group they want to focus on. However, the content conveyed must be interesting and interesting right from the beginning, which is the core for your Online TVC to effectively attract customers. Otherwise, viewers may easily scroll past it in a split second.

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TVC Online, also known as online advertising

2.2. Television advertising – TVC Ads

Television advertising or TVC Ads is the most popular form and is targeted by most businesses. This type of TVC has expensive operating costs because it is often broadcast at many different time frames with a large number of viewers. Television TVCs are limited in broadcast time and are strictly censored for content. Another characteristic of this type is that it is unfiltered and targets all customers.

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TVC Ads are the most popular type of advertising today.

TVC Ads require businesses to have a thorough marketing plan and a "huge" cost source. Thereby, businesses's TVC advertising can appear on the television time frame they desire. In addition, in order for people to be able to access and remember, businesses need to have enough money to have TVC appear with regular frequency.

2.3. Internal media advertising

The purpose of internal media advertising is to help convey messages and highlight the cultural values of the business. This form of advertising helps create a better traditional working environment. It also helps businesses ensure that all employees can clearly understand important information, as well as the company's goals. These are done through TVC ads with inspirational statements from leaders, helping to increase persuasion and trust.

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Advertising format for internal corporate communications

2.4. Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment advertising is used for the purpose of widely promoting the business's brand. This type of TVC advertisement is often broadcast on recruitment websites or recruitment events. From there, businesses can attract many bright candidates to apply for vacant positions.

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Advertisement TVC recruiting human resources

Businesses not only have the opportunity to recruit more talented people to develop further. Businesses can also improve their brand recognition when conducting recruitment advertisements. Because of this, this form of advertising is considered by many to be "killing two birds with one stone".

2.5. 3D advertising

3D TVC is a form of advertising that applies 3D technology to the production process to help the image attract and come alive. Viewers will have a much enhanced visual experience because of the realistic feeling it brings. Businesses that invest in media budgets will usually choose this form of advertising. Because this form of TVC advertising helps them convey the entire message and impact viewers quickly.

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Ad type with final TVC

3. The importance of TVC advertising

TVC advertising plays an extremely important role in building and developing the brand of a business. TVC is highly effective in convincing a large number of customers to be interested in products and services. This is done through conveying meaningful business messages as well as introducing products and services. With a suitable script, logo and image colors, TVC advertising can make a brand unique and different from its competitors.

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TVC is very important in the advertising campaign of a business

Using TVC in Marketing activities helps businesses easily promote their brand image to partners, customers and consumers. TVC supports businesses in building, strengthening and spreading their brands to a large number of customers. Furthermore, some successful TVCs also create trends for other social media platforms. Therefore, advertising with TVC has a huge impact on a business's communication campaign, opening up potential markets and connecting with a wide target audience.

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4. Advantages and disadvantages of TVC video advertising

Any type of advertising has certain advantages and disadvantages, and TVC advertising is the same. Advertising videos bring many outstanding advantages that businesses cannot ignore when building marketing strategies and brand development. Advantages include:

  • High coverage: TVC can attract millions of audiences on a large scale when broadcast on many television channels. They help businesses improve product/service accessibility.
  • Easily attract viewers: Advertising videos can easily attract viewers' attention through movements, images, vivid sounds, etc. TVC helps businesses create an outstanding impression and strong in the minds of customers.
  • Reliable: Because TVCs are often broadcast on local or national TV channels. So it has the ability to create trust and help customers feel secure about your products and services.
  • Convey information briefly and concisely: TVCs are produced with concise messages. Therefore, viewers can quickly remember the business's brand, products or services.
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Advantages and limitations of promotional TVC videos

In addition to notable advantages, advertising with TVC also faces some limitations such as:

  • Expensive costs: Advertising through TVC requires businesses a significant investment. In addition to costs such as script, actors, crew, filming props, etc., businesses need to spend a large amount of money to have TVC broadcast many times to attract viewers.
  • Lack of selectivity: A TVC is not always suitable for all customers. Therefore, businesses may have to invest more costs to reach people who are not interested in their products and services. This is also a limitation of this advertising method.
  • Lack of two-way interaction: Most TVCs only convey one-way messages and have no interaction between the brand and the viewer.
  • The message needs to be repeated many times to ensure effectiveness: Due to the short duration of the advertising video. So a TVC needs to be broadcast many times for the message to go deep into viewers' memories.
  • Lack of flexibility: TVC cannot be changed quickly to suit current times because it is often produced in advance.
  • Affects viewer experience: Advertisements with TVC often interrupt the program and affect viewer experience. They may feel annoyed by this. However, television TVC is still chosen by many businesses compared to online advertising. Because viewers will be passive in front of the TV screen and cannot turn ads on or off like on online platforms.

5. Structure of TVC advertising

A typical TVC advertising will have a minimum duration of 15 seconds to 30 seconds. This depends on the length of the message the business wants to convey. Therefore, researching the profound and meaningful message to convey is the first thing a TVC must have. After that, the next steps include script development, pre-production, filming, production, post-production and then TVC release.

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Structure of TVC video advertisement

6. Steps needed to create good TVC ads

Understanding the steps in the production process is essential to have creative and attractive TVC advertising films. Below are the basic steps that businesses need to consider:

6.1. Survey and collect customer data

Every TVC film must have a goal and purpose to aim for. Therefore, surveying and collecting customer data is the first step needed to create impressive advertising TVCs. Businesses should conduct direct surveys to find out what their customers want, what they like, and what requirements they make in conveying messages. Or businesses can put themselves in the customer's position to answer those questions.

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The first step to creating a good promotional video

6.2. Come up with script ideas

The idea for a TVC script is the next step needed to create a good advertising film. Businesses need to spend a lot of time coming up with ideas and topics. Because this process will help businesses stay on track and not be confused with the TVC advertising they create. Especially for businesses that do not have the ability to conduct filming and produce TVC themselves. Businesses need to present their ideas in detail to send to the production unit.

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Conduct research on script ideas

6.3. Write literary scripts

Literary script is an important step in the process of creating a good and successful TVC video. This is the script that outlines the main story of the promotional video. This script will help production crew members better understand the events, the flow and give a glimpse of the final product. Literary scripts are considered the "soul" of TVC advertising and are the bridge between the idea and the finished video. Therefore, designing an accurate and logical scenario will contribute to the success of a business's TVC.

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Building a literary script for TVC

6.4. Make a storyboard script

Storyboard is a type of script that illustrates script content through images. Once you have the main content, this step will help the production team produce a TVC advertising product that best fits the script. This is a very important step because it helps the actors, directors, cameramen and editing crew know what they should do in each scene.

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Storyboard design for TVC

6.5. Casting actors

Casting is the job of selecting actors suitable for the context of the advertising project. Finding the right actor will help businesses attract customers and be able to convey messages effectively. However, you need to pay attention to choosing the right person with the budget, script, and expertise so that TVC advertising has high viral potential and achieves good communication efficiency.

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Casting and choosing the right actor

6.6. Pre-production

Pre-production is the process by which you develop your ideas into videos. This production process will usually require a team including director, assistant, choreographer, casting director, studio manager, cameraman, sound, production,... These are the individuals who will Focusing expertise on filming advertising videos to create a complete advertising TVC work.

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The next step is pre-production for TVC

6.7. Post-production

After completing pre-production, post-production is the next stage that businesses need to perform. Post-production is the responsibility of film editors. From individual scenes, they will edit and reconstruct them into a complete TVC advertising. This process includes activities such as: Arranging order, cutting and combining movie scenes, editing visual effects, sound effects,...

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Post-production process for promotional videos

6.8. Hand over finished products to customers

This is the final step in the process of creating an attractive promotional video. Once completed, the TVC production team will check and evaluate the product quality again. After that, they will proceed to export the advertising TVC and hand it over to the customer for approval.

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Product delivery and editing according to customer requirements

7. Elements to create an impressive TVC advertisement

So what are the important factors to create impressive TVC advertising  and achieve truly successful communication effects? Let's find out!

7.1. Good and meaningful message

Creating a good message is the first scoring factor for customers. A meaningful message helps customers remember the information that the business wants to convey. These can be slogans or messages that are simple, easy to understand, but very attractive and have a deep meaning. They will be of great help to the business's marketing communication plan. Furthermore, a business's TVC advertising can easily make a special impression on customers.

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The first element that creates a successful TVC

7.2. Create friendliness and closeness with the audience

A TVC advertisement that brings familiarity and closeness will quickly touch the emotions of viewers. This factor will help businesses make a strong impression on the media audience. It is very difficult to build trust and create memories within a few seconds of broadcasting. However, if you build a script that is familiar to viewers, making them see themselves in it. Then your TVC advertising has achieved some success!

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Incorporate friendliness and intimacy into TVC

7.3. Focus on customers and target audience

No matter how wonderfully produced it is, that impressive advertising TVC is not suitable for your business's potential customers. Well, your TVC is also not effective. Customers' lifestyles, preferences, and consumption behaviors are a rich source of data for marketing campaigns. Therefore, the content and method of presentation in TVC must be appropriate to attract customers' attention.

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Build scripts and forms suitable for target customers

7.4. Diversity and creativity

The next important factor you need to consider is diversity and creativity. TVC is increasingly widely spread on many media channels such as television, social networks, and websites. They are even growing on online platforms that are growing at a rapid pace. Currently, businesses use TVC advertising to create an impression and attract audience attention. However, to achieve good results with this marketing direction, businesses' advertising TVCs must continuously create, innovate and diversify their content.

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Ensure diversity and creativity in TVC

7.5. Honest and accurate information

Honesty is a measure of customer trust in a business. Trust does not come naturally, and gaining customer trust is extremely difficult. Although TVC advertising is a form of promotional communication, it is best not to over-exaggerate the content.

post image

The last important element to create an excellent promotional video

Along with that, the message in the video needs to be consistent, honest and follow the business philosophy of the business. Videos that can touch viewers' emotions and create credibility will certainly be well received. On the contrary, even if the technique is excellent but the content is not true, you will receive countless negative reactions from viewers.

8. Some good TVC ads that Viewfinder Media has done

Are you looking for a reputable unit for your business that can create impressive TVC advertising? Then you can't ignore Viewfinder Media - A company specializing in producing top quality TVC products in Ho Chi Minh City. Let's take a look at some of the projects that Viewfinder Media has implemented!

8.1. Let's shine

The first TVC advertising project we want to introduce to you is Let' shine. Director Le Huy Anh said, Initially starting from emotions with the 2003 SEA Games, director Le Huy Anh came up with the idea and combined with Viewfinder Media to produce the MV "Let's shine" during the 31st SEA Games season. Through the use of familiar images such as golden rice fields and rolling mountains, the MV successfully depicts the full natural landscape and people of Vietnam.

"The sweat, tears and pain endured in the past are the fulcrum for us to shine in the present and the future." This is the profound and meaningful message conveyed through this MV.

8.2. Vietnam is beautiful

Following part 1, TVC "Beautiful Vietnam" part 2 was released by Nippon Paint in conjunction with Viewfinder Media in 2019. The purpose of this meaningful media campaign is to transmit positive energy to everyone. together overcome the difficulties and challenges of the pandemic and move towards better things. Along with poetic images and meaningful messages, this TVC advertisement quickly made an impression and attracted the audience's attention after only 4 weeks of launch.

Viewfinder cleverly depicts profound images vividly in the video. For example, the image of an artist attached to the art of opera, the rustic image of Vietnamese people rich in energy and love. With technical strengths and professional filming experience, Viewfinder has contributed significantly to bringing great success to the TVC "Beautiful Vietnam" part 2.

8.3. YAMAHA Exciter Couple Touring

In the period after Lunar New Year 2021, many TVC advertising received a lot of positive reception from both audiences and experts. The most prominent among them is the TVC "YAMAHA Exciter Couple Touring 2021" with the impressive slogan "My quality, our journey". Through this traveling TVC, Viewfinder hopes that everyone will always have good spirit and good health to fight through the pandemic together and wait together for the day of returning to windy, sunny, and victorious roads. happy.

Above is information about TVC advertising includes concepts, popular TVC types and elements that make a good product. Hopefully you have gained more useful knowledge in the process of promoting your business through the article. If you need help with any problem, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately!


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