6 most unique and successful Vinamilk advertising TVCs

6 most unique and successful Vinamilk advertising TVCs

November 24, 2023

Vinamilk, one of the leading dairy brands in Vietnam, has constantly improved and innovated to create extremely successful Vinamilk advertising TVCs. In this article, let's listen to the story of Vinamilk's creativity in the field of advertising with Viewfinder Media through 6 advertising TVCs that are considered the most unique and successful.

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1. Elements to create Vinamilk's TVC advertising viral

In the increasingly developing media industry, creating a viral advertising TVC has become the goal of many brands. Below are some factors that contribute to the virality of Vinamilk advertising TVCs .

1.1. Creative ideas

Vinamilk has laid the foundation for its advertising TVCs with creative and unique ideas. Realizing that most of its customers are young people, Vinamilk has released many TVCs with unique and fun images and messages. By approaching new aspects and being closer to the audience, Vinamilk has created emotional stories that impress viewers.

post image

Creative ideas are one of the factors that create success for Vinamilk advertising TVCs

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1.2. Icon image

The clever use of symbolic images of healthy cows has created recognition for Vinamilk TVC. The unique and fun images of cows not only become Vinamilk's brand symbol but also captivate and bring laughter to viewers. In addition, footage of beautiful nature on vast grasslands to images of delicious glasses of milk are also features that viewers think of when talking about Vinamilk's TVC.

post image

The clever use of symbolic images of cows has increased the recognition of Vinamilk  advertising TVCs

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1.3. Advertising method

Advertising methods play an important role in bringing success to Vinamilk advertising TVCs. Instead of using images of influential figures. Vinamilk has focused on developing its brand image and building its own style. Through symbols of green lawns, vast prairies, cozy cow farms and delicious glasses of milk. This approach brings friendliness and closeness to children, while shaping a unique and successful advertising brand.

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The advertising method is also a factor that brings success in Vinamilk's promotional videos

1.4. Attractive sound

One of the factors that increases the virality of Vinamilk advertising TVCs is sound. Vinamilk chose fun melodies and music, creating a unique and attractive music space. Attractive sound along with creative images and ideas were deeply imprinted in the audience's minds, creating strong interaction and leaving a mark in the audience's hearts.

post image

Vinamilk TVC's fun, attractive music has helped create a strong impression in the minds of viewers

2. Vinamilk's TVC advertising campaigns

Vinamilk is one of the few brands that is not only successful in product quality but also creates a deep impression in customers' minds about the brand's image through TVCs. Let's take a look at some of Vinamilk's most impressive and successful TVC advertising campaigns.

2.1. The laughing cow fell off the chair 

When mentioning Vinamilk's most successful advertising video campaigns, it is impossible not to mention the promotional video "The laughing cow fell off the chair". This campaign focuses on creating an image of adorable and humorous cows, viewing them as a close friend to children. The funny situations and bustling laughter of the dairy cow included in the TVC created a feeling of excitement and brought joy to many audiences.

post image

Vinamilk's TVC advertising campaign "The laughing cow fell off the chair"

2.2. Vinamilk 100% fresh milk

Vinamilk's "100% fresh milk" promotional video opens with a unique image of cows walking together combined with a vibrant musical melody. With animation effects creating a scene full of life, the TVC left a strong impression in the hearts of viewers. Through unique images and repetition of messages, the advertisement was extremely successful and engraved deeply into the minds of users with the image of 100% pure and natural Vinamilk milk.

post image

Vinamilk's TVC campaign "Vinamilk 100% fresh milk"

2.3. Who wears glasses, who wears padded shoes?

The fun style and fun, memorable melody have helped this Vinamilk advertising TVC receive excitement from many generations of children. Advertising content creates excitement attracts attention through images of fun, funny 3D cows in green fields, demonstrating the product's main uses: improving eyes and body shape. “Who wears glasses, who wears padded shoes?” Although it is a short song, it makes an impression and enters the minds of viewers. Anyone who listens can recognize this as a Vinamilk TVC clip.

post image

TVC Vinamilk “Who wears glasses, who wears padded shoes?”

2.4. Vinamilk 40 years

"Rising Tall Vietnam" is Vinamilk advertising TVCs marking the milestone of its 40th anniversary of operation. Not following the fun and attractive style like previous times, this advertising campaign attracts the audience in a very rustic, very unique way. Meaningful stories about Vinamilk's journey to help children in difficult circumstances and bringing customers to explore the journey from South to North are the factors that have brought success to this campaign.

post image

"Rising Tall Vietnam" is Vinamilk's TVC with many meanings for the 40-year milestone of the journey

Using time-lapse panoramic filming technique, Vinamilk's TVC shows the majesty of Vietnam's mountains. Along with that is the beauty of Vietnamese people through smiles and images of hard work, all aiming for a brighter and higher future. Not only through images, the lyrics in the fox video are also carefully crafted to convey emotions and national pride.

2.5. A 3-zero health gift from nature

This is an advertising TVC introducing Vinamilk's new product line. TVC content focuses on health factors for the entire family through the message "3-zero health gift from nature". The combination of realistic actors and images of funny 3D cows makes Vinamilk advertising TVCs more attractive, creating a closeness and connection with the product.

post image

TVC Vinamilk "3-zero health gift from nature"

2.6. SuSu IQ yogurt

Vinamilk's Susu milk advertisement brings an extremely fun experience. The scene in the TVC uses the image of a colorful playground with adorable and innocent children. The character of the cat in Boots is designed in a lively and adorable way, creating more appeal for the promotional video. The story is built when the children participate in the challenge of finding objects with the cat in Boots and succeed. Thereby, TVC emphasizes the outstanding uses of the product, helping babies have bright eyes and increasing their sensitivity.

post image

TVC advertises "SuSu IQ Yogurt" of Vinamilk

3. Viewfinder Media Company specializes in producing TVC advertising

With more than 15 years of fighting in the market, Viewfinder Media is confident to be one of the leading companies in Vietnam specializing in producing advertising TVCs and many other media projects. With many years of experience implementing advertising projects on a large and small scale, Viewfinder understands the trends and needs of the market and customers better than ever.

post image

Viewfinder Media Company - a unit specializing in producing professional, reputable TVC advertising

A young, creative, dynamic and passionate staff is one of Viewfinder's advantages to achieve its current success. The company constantly learns and improves its skills as well as diverse and abundant machinery and equipment. Viewfinder is ready to invest in applying advanced technologies and modern production methods to ensure the most professional and quality products. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that Viewfinder is the leading trusted partner of many large and small brands in a variety of fields to create the most professional and impressive Marketing campaigns.

The above article by Viewfinder Media has helped you discover Vinamilk advertising TVCs campaigns. Not simply product advertising videos, these TVCs are also a unique combination of funny cow images and catchy sounds as well as conveying many meaningful messages imprinted in the minds of viewers.


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