Suggested 7 Most Famous TVC Shampoo Advertisements Today

Suggested 7 Most Famous TVC Shampoo Advertisements Today

November 24, 2023

TVC shampoo advertising plays an important role in product promotion and market expansion strategy of a business. A creative and impressive TVC not only helps customers understand the products but also increases the likelihood of purchasing. So what unique and impressive shampoo advertising ideas are there? Which unit provides reputable shampoo advertising video production services? Please join Viewfinder Media to find out through the article below!

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1. Collection of impressive TVC shampoo

Here are some of the most impressive shampoo advertising TVC ideas that you can refer to:

1.1. TVC advertising Head & Shoulders shampoo

The first idea we introduce to you is the TVC of the Head & Shoulders brand with the slogan "Better to remove dandruff" made by Viewfinder. Nowadays, customers not only care about products/services, but they also care about the level of influence or trend that product creates. Therefore, Head & Shoulders has launched a campaign in collaboration with Le Cong Vinh to convey the message "Really bravery leads to success".

The context of this TVC shampoo advertisement is a head-bobbing competition called "Black Ball Challenge" between Le Cong Vinh and a foreign guy. At the end of the TVC, Cong Vinh affirmed, "I am confident with my dandruff-free hair. I choose Head & Shoulders to remove dandruff better."

post image

The combination of Le Cong Vinh and Head & Shoulders in TVC

This campaign is aimed at the image of men who are always strong, confident, and brave to overcome all challenges. This is the reason Head & Shoulders chose to combine with Le Cong Vinh. The profound campaign idea and professionally produced TVC increased brand awareness and attracted many consumers, especially men.

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1.2. Rejoice shampoo promotional video

The next TVC shampoo filming idea we want to introduce to you is a product promotional video from the Rejoice brand. Rejoice was launched in 1987 under the P&G group. This product quickly became the first shampoo with a shampoo formula with added conditioner (2 in 1) on the market. Known as an expert in smooth hair care, Rejoice has become a shampoo brand favored by many women.

post image

Advertising TVC of the Rejoice brand

This good advertising idea comes from a brand in Thailand. The script revolves around a young, beautiful Thai actress. Even though she is busy almost all day long, her hair is always shiny and smooth. This TVC advertisement successfully highlights the product's outstanding features. With the combination of vivid sound and eye-catching footage, the TVC quickly attracted many viewers. In addition, TVC also makes customers feel like they want to experience the product right away to own bouncy and smooth hair.

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1.3. TVC advertising Clear shampoo

Clear shampoo is one of the most famous brands of the multinational corporation UNILEVER. In particular, Clear Men product is the world's number 1 best-selling men's shampoo line, specially formulated for the scalp and hair problems of Vietnamese men. Applying 3D technology is a creative shampoo advertising TVC idea and brings many surprising results for UNILEVER.

post image

Clear Men advertising TVC combines 3D technology

Using professional techniques to create a humanized image of a shampoo bottle kicking a ball into the net, combined with colors and an attractive voice. This merger has created special attraction and good effectiveness for advertising videos.

1.4. Sunsilk TVC shampoo

Combining humorous elements with a familiar fairy tale is a great TVC shampoo idea that you should apply. This is an idea that Sunsilk - a British hair care brand owned by UNILEVER, applied and received extremely positive results. The promotional video is inspired by the fairy tale Cinderella, combined with modern creative, and humorous details.

post image

Advertisement for Sunsilk brand shampoo

A prince was impressed with the girl's smooth hair, so he organized a meeting to find someone to test the comb. The two sisters fought over the "secret" of a bottle of Sunsilk conditioner to own smooth, silky hair. His goal is just to have smooth hair like the female lead. It's a really funny advertising script, right? Please refer to it!

1.5. DOVE shampoo promotional video

Dove is a leading shampoo brand in the world with the ability to nourish and soften hair. Dove was founded in 1957, trusted by millions of people around the world. The brand's marketing strategy ideas always highlight different beauties through many meaningful messages. One of Dove's TVC shampoo ideas is to focus on the outstanding recovery benefits of shampoo. This is shown through the context of girls having headaches because they want beautiful hairstyles, but their hair is damaged after curling or dyeing.

post image

Dove shampoo advertisement

1.6. TVC advertising Pantene shampoo

Pantene is a brand specializing in providing hair care products owned by Procter & Gamble. One of Pantene's TVC ideas is to integrate the message the brand wants to convey by building a profound, touching story. The story is about a deaf and mute girl who has a passion for the violin. She was often ridiculed by her friends, and there was a time when she wanted to give up.

However, after finding the place where she was passionate about this subject, she accidentally met the man with an endless passion for violin in the past. She understands that playing music is not simply a technical act. It is also a deep emotional state from the bottom of the soul, bringing emotional vibrations to the listener.

post image

Pantene's shampoo TVC with a meaningful message

That's why, in the end, she stepped onto the stage, holding an intact violin in her hand. This performance conveyed a strong emotion to viewers. Pantene's advertising campaign message is "You can shine". With a unique script, professional scenes, and actors' acting, this combination successfully conveys this meaningful message. This TVC advertising shampoo was voted by many viewers as one of the best and most touching advertisements.

1.7. Video of Sao Thai Duong shampoo

The last shampoo advertising idea that we want to introduce to you is the TVC of Sao Thai Duong shampoo with the message "If you are smooth and healthy, you must choose Thai Duong". This advertising campaign was launched in 2022 and has achieved much success. This campaign helps Sao Thai Duong increase brand awareness and improve sales.

The brand's products have been on the market for quite a long time and are distributed both domestically and internationally. However, Thai Duong shampoo lines are not widely known, especially among young people. To solve this challenge, Sao Thai Duong decided to launch this communication campaign. The purpose is to rejuvenate the brand and reach out more easily to young customer groups.

post image

TVC advertising the Sao Thai Duong brand

Part of the campaign is a TVC with the participation of 3 KOLs including musician Bui Cong Nam, Ms. Cano, and Ngoc Phuoc. The film depicts images of women reeling from a series of stressful life problems. They don't have time to take care of themselves. Through cheerful, catchy melodies combined with entertaining images, TVC has successfully helped Sao Thai Duong connect closer with the young customer segment.

2. Leading shampoo TVC filming unit in Vietnam

When talking about a reputable shampoo advertising TVC filming unit, we cannot ignore the name Viewfinder Media. This is a leading professional company in Ho Chi Minh City in the field of producing TVC television advertising for a variety of products, especially shampoo. With more than 15 years of experience, Viewfinder always grasps market trends and is committed to creating highly effective TVCs for businesses.

Possessing a team of experienced and talented staff, Viewfinder is always ready to support customers from the ideation stage to the production and completion of TVC. In addition, Viewfinder always understands that television advertising is an important tool for businesses to reach and attract customers. Therefore, the company team always creates creative, unique ideas that are consistent with the product's goals and messages.

post image

Viewfinder Media's professionalism and reputation are satisfied and trusted by many partners

Along with that, Viewfinder's machinery and equipment are always updated with the most advanced and modern technology trends. This is to ensure the product has the best image and sound quality. Therefore, Viewfinder is always confidently committed to providing high-quality TVCs to meet customers' marketing goals.

Viewfinder is not only considered a trusted partner of many famous businesses nationwide. The company also successfully deployed more than 1,200 TVC filming projects and cooperated with many different large and small businesses. With a commitment to quality and professionalism, you will not be disappointed when choosing Viewfinder Media to become a reliable partner to produce shampoo promotional videos for your business.

Above is a collection of impressive TVC shampoo ideas from many famous brands today. Hopefully, you have gained more useful information to build ideas for your promotional videos through the article. If you need assistance with any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media right away!


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