Professional, Viral, High Quality TVC Filming Service

Professional, Viral, High Quality TVC Filming Service

September 13, 2023

TVC filming service product advertising filming is one of the services that is no longer a new concept for businesses today. Filming TVC is an extremely effective way of communication and marketing that is widely used. In the article below, let's find out more about this service with Viewfinder Media!

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1. Learn about product advertising TVC

TVC advertising (short for Television Commercials) is a form of advertising products and events by video marketing products to all audiences on the media. TVC advertising is often arranged in the middle or after television programs, or on screens at supermarkets, commercial centers,

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What is advertising tvc shooting service?

Product advertising TVC is a way of telling stories related to products through a character's story, or using techniques to introduce products. The better, attractive and creative TVC advertises the product, the easier it is to make an impression on customers. Therefore, businesses need to consider choosing a reputable and quality production house.

TVC advertising is currently considered one of the most effective advertising tools. It helps brands to successfully promote their brands and products to reach customers easily. Therefore, the TVC filming service is increasingly being invested by many businesses.

2. The role and outstanding advantages of the TVC recording service

Filming for product advertising is a combination of many unique sound effects, professionally oriented ideas, and constant creativity and breakthroughs. The value of product images when shown through the perspective of filming TVC products makes a huge difference and impression. Brand communication is a difficult problem, but TVC filming service to advertise products has always been the most sought-after form of advertising by customers in recent years.

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TVC advertising is an effective assistant to help businesses get closer to target customers

Viewers are fed up with stereotyped introductions, or conventional images of products. But they are willing to take the time to watch a promotional video with well-invested images and content. Because of the limited time, a professional advertising TVC must fully exploit each moment to maximize the properties of the product, helping to inspire the main idea. Filming TVC to advertise products will be an effective and effective support weapon for marketing, creating brand value and helping sales to reach customers quickly.

The TVC filming services product is chosen by many businesses because it has specific advantages as follows:

  • Introduce, advertise brand image, and develop a strategy for business.
  • Invest in quality images, videos, and content that are close to consumers, attract viewers, and help increase product and brand recognition.
  • Taking advantage of social media channels such as facebook, tiktok, youtube with a large number of users, it is easier to spread strongly TVC videos, reach customers quickly, and bring efficiency to customers. enterprise.
  • Currently, TVC advertises products mainly from 30 seconds to 2 minutes because customers tend to watch short videos. Therefore, TVC production units and businesses need to balance their time and arrange appropriate content so that customers can clearly understand the message conveyed in that short time.

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3. The process of completing a professional advertising TVC

The following is the production process of a completed Viewfinder advertising TVC:

3.1. Receive customer requests

The client will need to provide information and a summary of needs, including goals, audience, key messages, brand guidelines, projected budget, genre, and TVC broadcast duration. and some specific requirements about the director, actors, filming location, etc. From this information, Viewfinder can better understand what customers are looking for and help implement ideas better. .

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The first step in the TVC recording service is to receive information and requests from customers

3.2. Ideation and script (Pre-production)

Based on the information provided by the customer, Viewfinder conducted a meeting to research and develop creative ideas and provide suitable solutions for TVC. Viewfinder will provide a treatment, resolution, or storyboard to describe the TVC's visual chart, including footage, transitions, and key scenes. This is one of the important steps in the TVC filming services.

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Focus on creating the right ideas and scripts

3.3. Agree to sign the contract (Demonstrate ideas, quote)

The next step is to demonstrate creative ideas and explain them to customers. Customers evaluate demonstration ideas and choose the concept that best fits the brand's goals. After presenting the creative idea and the customer agrees, Viewfinder will conduct a quote according to the script and agree to sign a contract to film advertising.

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The customer who approves the script will sign the contract

3.4. Planning the stage of production organization

After the idea is approved by the customer and the contract is successfully signed, Viewfinder will carry out planning and logistical preparation for the filming process. Specifically, this includes finding filming locations, obtaining permits, arranging actors and shooting crews, and scheduling filming. This process is very important because it affects the quality and budget of TVC and requires the coordination of many stakeholders such as customers, Viewfinder, actors,...

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Planning the logistics is an important step in the tvc shooting service to get the best footage

3.5. Pre-production

Viewfinder proceeded to film TVC according to the approved script and schedule. This process includes recording footage, directing actors, managing sound, and lighting, and coordinating production elements for execution. To perform the best commercial filming, the logistics need to be carefully prepared to ensure the time, cost as well as the original orientation, because during filming there are many sub-sections and small jobs.

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Proceed to shoot the scene after the logistical preparations are done

3.6. Post-production

The next step in the complete TVC shooting service is post-production. Recorded footage is passed on to the post-production team with editors, sound designers, and visual effects artists. The work to complete TVC includes assembling footage, inserting sound effects, background music, image color correction, and dubbing. This editing process takes a lot of time to meet the previously agreed customer requirements and criteria.

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Post-production takes a long time to perfect TVC

3.7. Completion and acceptance

After the TVC is edited, Viewfinder performs a demonstration of the TVC for customers to see and give comments. If the customer needs to change anything, we will proceed to fix the final TVC version until the customer is satisfied and approved.

Once the TVC is finalized and approved, Viewfinder sends the final calibrated product file to the customer in the required format. These files are attached with necessary legal documents such as license contracts, and actor rights.

4. Quotation for professional TVC production

After learning about the production process in the TVC shooting service, the TVC production quote is also something that many businesses are interested in. Depending on the type of service, at Viewfinder, the budget for a complete TVC is on average more than 500 million. Of course, to give this price, we also consider depending on many decisive factors such as duration, project size, casting actors, ... and some detailed requirements. For that price, customers will receive detailed movie scripts, professional cinematographers and actors, HD quality, backgrounds, backgrounds, ...

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The price quoted depends on many different factors

TVC filming services are divided into 2 main areas: advertising TVC shooting and product introduction filming. Although the price and performance of these two services are different, they both bring benefits to effective communication for businesses and products. Depending on the type of product, service, actual needs, target customers, or sales method, businesses need to consider carefully when choosing one of those two services. Viewfinder is always ready to provide free consultations on our services so that you can make the right choice for your investment budget.

5. Some notes to keep in mind when providing TVC recording services

TVC advertising is an undeniably effective way of marketing communication for businesses. However, in order for TVC to be calibrated and easy to create sympathy for viewers, businesses also need to pay attention to a few things before choosing a TVC recording service:

5.1 Clearly show the product message

Product message is one of the most important things to keep in mind when shooting professional TVC commercials. Each promotional video has its own message. These can be short, concise sayings or slogans. The message in advertising needs to hit the right psychology of customers and be easy to remember, thereby influencing their thinking and buying behavior.

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Convey memorable messages with customers

These impressive and meaningful messages will help customers easily imprint on their minds as well as businesses can convey information easily. In addition, businesses and manufacturers must also be able to present the message in a way that is suitable for the target audience. It also has to go to partners and investors.

5.2. Capture the interest of the target audience

Potential customers, main media objects, partners, investors are the target audience that an advertising TVC needs to target. Therefore, in the advertising TVC shooting service, the producer needs to pay attention to the presentation and content so that it fits and attracts the attention of the target audience. Specifically, for potential customers who are young people, TVC needs to have fast rhythms and bright colors.

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TVC content needs to be creative and different to attract viewers

5.3. Consistent with corporate values

Each company and business will have different values and no matter how different the content, it needs to be consistent with the values of the organization. Because consumers watch advertising videos, they cannot remember the brand and products of the business immediately. This is to avoid confusing customers with other brands. Repeating the organization's values in the video will help the brand and product be more widely recognized.

5.4. Ensure friendliness and closeness

A successful advertising TVC is to ensure the closeness and sympathy with the viewers through the story. Elements such as images and sounds must show the psychology and circumstances of customers, helping them to feel that your products are what they are looking for and meet their purchasing criteria. To do this, the TVC production team needs to understand the product well and put themselves in the position of what the customer really wants to create a differentiating touch point.

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The scene, the sound is close, friendly to the viewer

5.5. Show authenticity and accuracy

The next note that businesses as well as TVC shooting service manufacturers need to pay attention to is accuracy and honesty. In TVC advertising, just inaccurate or misleading information will cause customers to lose trust in the business's reputation, and may even lead to lawsuits. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure maximum truthful information to transmit content to customers.

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Information in TVC needs to be truthful

5.6. Make a new difference

To make a difference with competing companies, the comparative effect is the lever that proves the superiority and effectiveness of the product. Comparisons are used a lot in advertising to help increase the persuasion of the product. This comparison can come from two products with the same function, before and after using the product. Filming a professional product advertising TVC is similar to a review clip but with more sophistication and aesthetics.

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The idea of TVC makes a difference, helping to increase persuasion with customers

5.7. Various forms of communication

Currently, professional product advertisements are popularized not only by news channels or LCD screens, but also by social media channels. These social networking channels contribute to viral promotional videos much faster and are also one of the effective tools to help businesses reach customers more easily.

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Various forms of TVC advertising, help to spread strong messages

The promotional TVC videos are usually short in duration and shown only for a certain period of time, so it is not easy to build trust with customers right away. To create professional clips, in one or two minutes of advertising to ensure more attractiveness, updating trends and creating ideas is essential.

5.8. Choose a professional execution unit

The final note is to consider choosing a professional TVC recording service provider. When searching for the right unit, you can browse through their previously manufactured products and find out relevant information. Besides, the cost considerations are suitable for the company's investment to choose the unit.

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Businesses need to consider the criteria to choose the right cooperation unit

6. Viewfinder Media - Professional TVC advertising service provider

Viewfinder Company specializes in producing videos, advertising films, designing and setting shooting scenes, receiving video editing from available materials, and video shoots in Ho Chi Minh. Established in 2008 with more than 15 years of experience, Viewfinder is one of the leading production houses in the field of advertising film production. We have successfully implemented 1200 TVC filming projects and are a reliable partner of many famous enterprises nationwide in big advertising projects such as Yamaha, Vietnam Airlines, KIA, Vietnam women's football team, ...

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With more than 15 years of experience, Viewfinder is one of the leading advertising TVC production companies in the country

At Viewfinder, the products are made with quality assurance from preparation to editing techniques. Over the years, the Viewfinder team has constantly improved its service and grown day by day to become one of the leading TVC manufacturers in Vietnam. Viewfinder not only provides customers with the perfect TVC recording service but also strives to bring effective creativity, creating brand value for customers. Here are the reasons why Viewfinder is chosen by many brands as follows:

  • The production process is synchronized, creating a different and outstanding quality. Creative scripting, professional shooting, and impressive graphic post-production. From there, convey the message, and reach the target customers more effectively.
  • Viewfinder has human resources, a strong production team with about 60 talented people with high expertise, creating creative ideas, having many years of experience working with many brands, knowledge about products, diversified services, and working on large TVC projects.
  • The database of customers, brands, historical advertisements, footage, and images ensures HD picture quality and standardization in images and sound.
  • The cost of TVC recording service at Viewfinder is the most competitive in the market. We will give a detailed, clear, and suitable price according to the customer's criteria.
  • The equipment system is intensively invested, professional pre-and post-production, ensuring quality in each film.
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Modern equipment and careful and professional production preparation and organization

  • Besides, Viewfinder also has a network of collaborators in many places with beautiful and famous shooting scenes. The location data is diverse, enabling brands to develop creative movie ideas, and unique and diverse advertising film circuits at an economical cost.
  • The network of connection and cooperation for supporting companies, freelancers, KOLs, artists, relevant agencies, and organizations.. is sustainable, creating favorable conditions to control production projects on schedule. level, on target, without creating obstacles... within the planned budget.
  • The unit is part of AOI, Think Tank ... so we have a system to work with production houses not only in Vietnam but also internationally, so we have a team of directors in-house, as well as being able to work. with post houses with modern technology.
  • With strong financial resources backed by AOI as well as BIDV, the unit can be proactive in many movie tasks without being affected by payment procedures that affect the project's cash flow.

7. Frequently asked questions about TVC filming services

7.1 What is the duration of a TVC advertisement?

Currently, the viewing trend of customers is short videos. The duration of a TVC advertisement on television will usually be 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 45 seconds. As for TVC bumper ads, the duration is 6 seconds. Therefore, when producing TVC, businesses need to balance time and arrange appropriate content to be able to convey the entire message in that short time.

7.2. Is filming a TVC difficult?

Because the duration of a TVC advertisement is less than 1 minute, conveying the content and spirit of the product to customers is not easy. The shorter the time, the more the scriptwriter must take advantage of and exploit the information to include, making it reasonable while still expressing the business's ideas.

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Filming an advertising TVC is not easy

7.3. How to choose a cooperative unit to film TVC?

Choosing a reputable unit to cooperate in filming TVC is also something that businesses worry about. You should find out the year of experience and the advertising TVC video products that the unit has made. Meet face-to-face at the office to get a further assessment of the scale and whether the working environment is professional or not. Another thing to note is that you need to consider if the unit quotes a price that is too cheap, this can easily affect the quality of the TVC.

The above article is all information about professional TVC filming service that Viewfinder Media would like to send to you for your reference. In order to get the most satisfactory and standard TVC, the most important thing is that you need to find a unit or manufacturer to accompany you. If you have any questions or need a TVC production quote, please contact us immediately for the fastest and most detailed answers!

TVC filming service

Founded in 2008, we specialize in producing TV shows, ad videos, TV commercials, and other types of content. We have continuously improved our services to become one of the top production houses in Vietnam. We offer our clients the perfect service and deliver the most effective creativity.

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