What is a production house and what information should not be missed

What is a production house and what information should not be missed

September 13, 2023

You are researching about production house, your business needs to implement video advertising activities but has not found a suitable partner. So let's find out more about this term with Viewfinder Media and take a look at the most prestigious production houses today.

1. What is a production house?

The production house in the media industry is companies that provide creative media activities for marketing activities of a brand, or client companies. The production house's products focus on producing advertising TVCs, corporate films, viral videos,... directly related to video marketing activities.

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Production house explanation

In addition, when looking at the term production house in a broader sense, it is very commonly used to refer to departments, production teams, and studios that are responsible for creating products for various industries such as publications. media, pictures, interactive art, television journalism, online games, websites,...

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2. How production house works

Production house usually operates on 2 main forms. These two activities can be deployed depending on the resources of the unit, along with the actual needs of the clients:

  • The first form: In this form, the production house takes care of all stages of implementation except preparation of funds, budgeting, planning, resource provision and scripts. And after all stages of production are completed, the production house will directly distribute, market and promote products to its customers.
  • The second form: The production house will receive the script from the director (client) and then proceed to produce. After having the finished product, the unit proceeds to hand over the product to the client side to conduct marketing and product promotion.

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3. Types of products in a production house

There are many types of products that a production house can make. But depending on the resources and strengths of each unit, they will specialize in certain types of products. Here are some popular types of production houses.

  • Commercial production house: Specializing in TVC, OOH, online advertising,...
  • Animation production house: Specializing in producing projects related to animation materials such as cartoons, 2D or 3D animated advertisements, animated videos for educational purposes, product introductions, ...
  • Digital media production house: Create digital media-related products including marketing videos, viral videos, event live streams, and outdoor videos,...
  • Event production house: Focusing on producing media events for seminars, exhibitions, public launch events, advertisements, concerts...
  • Film production house: Focusing mainly on film production including movies, television, newspapers, documentaries, short films, media films,....
  • Television production house: Specializing in producing television programs such as sitcoms, talk shows, game shows, reality TV series,...
  • Production house video, music: Mainly providing music video production services for objects such as record companies, bands, singers,...

Note: This is just a classification of production house products in the most general way. During the implementation process, depending on the needs, it is possible to combine many different types into a project.

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4. Popular position in production

There are many positions in a production house. Each position will take on a different role, but in general they all contribute to the success of a project, ensuring the best results for the clients.

4.1 Producer

The producer is a producer, they are involved in the management, coordinating the entire production activities, for example choosing the script, planning the financial, selecting the actors, supervising the production process, and managing the production process. post-production process, ensure progress with a reasonable budget, and may have to implement additional communication activities for the product.

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Producer - The person in charge of an important role in the project

The producer plays a decisive role in the success or failure of the project. They are responsible for connecting members in ensuring all jobs are always running smoothly, and controlling human and financial resources. Directly resolve obstacles as well as problems arising between teams in the production team.

4.2. Executive producer

This position will need to approve financial issues, call for investment for each film production project, TVC. The production manager is the person who will be responsible for the final outcome of the project. The producer and project manager are the ones who make the decisions that the production manager makes.

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Executive producer is the person responsible for financial security for the production of movies, TVC

4.3. Production manager

A production manager is a person who supports and supervises production decisions including staffing, shooting equipment, and daily spending budget...  In addition, the production manager is also responsible for overseeing the production Coordinator ( production coordinator) and reporting the work to the field production team

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The production manager does the work of managing expenses, organizing personnel,... every day for the film crew

4.4 Post production

Post-production is a position that contributes to the finished product for a project. They take care of all the editing, composition, flow of the footage, add the right SFX and put them together into a finished version. This stage requires the person in charge to have concentration, scientific logic, as well as high creativity.

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Post-production - The highest pressure position plays a huge role in the success of a product

4.5 Writer

Writers are the people in charge of creating the script content for the project. A screenwriter's script will create meaning for the entire video, so it requires them to be creative and attractive to viewers. Therefore, this job is very stressful, requiring constant creativity.

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Writer - The one who breathes life into the product

This job plays a very important role in the production of certain promotional videos because in order to shoot a video, a complete script is required. The nature of the work related to writing is the main, so it is only suitable for those who are gifted in literature.

4.6 Director

Directors are those who focus on conveying the content through the implementation of the right shots. They play a major role in the idea of ​​shooting, controlling the filming process for the entire project.

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Director - The person behind the success of the beautiful scenes

A production assistant usually has general responsibility or is in charge of small jobs required by the producer. Basic duties may include being in charge of radios, checking the scene, making tables, etc. Production assistants don't have to be film school majors but many before becoming a director. The show starts from this position.

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The production assistant is the person involved in supporting all the work of the production

4.8. First assistant director - 1st AD

The 1st Assistant Director (1st AD) is the companion of the production manager and director. The main task of 1st AD is to ensure that the film is shot on schedule as well as to create a favorable working environment for the crew. 1st AD is the person who runs the work on the set, informing the team leaders about their work, and guiding the actors to the scene, and the current progress,...

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The first assistant director not only ran the work on set but also handled the logistics of running the set

5. Viewfinder Media - Vietnam's most prestigious production house today

Currently, choosing a reputable production house for long-term cooperation is a difficult problem for many businesses. In addition to the factors of service and product quality, the cooperation between the two sides needs to be suitable in terms of working style, culture,... Viewfinder Media is the unit that we would like to suggest to you to join. survey.

5.1 Viewfinder Media

Viewfinder is a company specializing in video production, advertising and scene design based in Ho Chi Minh City. With over 15 years of experience, Viewfinder is proud to be one of the leading production houses in the field. The unit has successfully participated in and implemented more than 1200 TVC filming projects and is a reliable partner of many famous businesses across the country, including Yamaha, Vietnam Airlines, KIA, and the Vietnamese women's soccer team. Male,...

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Viewfinder is one of the leading production houses in Vietnam trusted by many businesses

Viewfinder is satisfied by many businesses and trusted by many brands for the following reasons:

  • At Viewfinder, there is a talented team with more than 60 professional personnel and extensive experience in various large and small TVC projects. Thanks to that, we clearly understand what customers want and how to convey that message, thereby creating creative and different production ideas.
  • We also have a network of collaborators in many different locations, so there are many beautiful shooting scenes. A diverse database of historical brands and commercials, extensive footage and images ensures the ultimate in HD picture quality and sound.
  • Viewfinder provides TVC recording services at competitive prices and gives detailed and clear quotes in line with customers' criteria. A professional equipment system ensures the quality of each film. We also have a network of collaborators in many beautiful and famous locations, helping to develop unique advertising film ideas and circuits at an economical cost.
  • Viewfinder is one of the members of AOI and Think Tank, so it has a working relationship with rental houses, celebs, artists, collective agencies with strong related departments, and production houses both at home and abroad with a team of in-house directors. and post house.
  • Thanks to strong financial resources backed by AOI and BIDV, Viewfinder can be proactive in the production process without being affected by payment procedures, ensuring the project's production schedule.

Thus, you have just overviewed all information related to the production house, as well as the video production units that are considered the most prestigious in Vietnam. Hopefully, with the useful information that Viewfinder Media provides, it will help you find the most suitable working partner. Do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you have any questions.

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Founded in 2008, we specialize in producing TV shows, ad videos, TV commercials, and other types of content. We have continuously improved our services to become one of the top production houses in Vietnam. We offer our clients the perfect service and deliver the most effective creativity.

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