The process of making TVC advertising according to international standards at Viewfinder

The process of making TVC advertising according to international standards at Viewfinder

September 13, 2023

What is the process of making TVC advertising? Nowadays, reaching the audience through advertising is one of the effective methods of spreading the product. However, it requires businesses to invest in TVC forms of television advertising. So what is TVC? To answer that question, please read with Viewfinder Media to find out the following article right away.

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1. Receive customer information

The process of making TVC is one of the most complicated ones. Because this is a job that requires smooth coordination between the consulting unit, the customer, and the production unit. The customer will be the one to send the Viewfinder brief summary of the needs, including:

Receive information requested from customers

  • Target
  • Audience audience
  • Key message
  • Brand Guide

Besides, Viewfinder can also accept some requests from customers about talents/celebs, directors, locations, and post-house.

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Receiving information from customers

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2. Pre-period

After receiving information from customers, the process of making TVC advertising will be carried out in the next step, which is the pre-production stage. This is an extremely important step because the idea will determine the quality of the ad. At this stage, what you need is the script and the layout of the TVC script.

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So what are the steps to do TVC in this period? Viewfinder will conduct research and brainstorm to develop creative ideas for TVC. On the other hand, Viewfinder will offer some ways to handle or use a storyboard to describe the image chart of TVC.

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3. Planning and logistics of TVC making process

To ensure that the TVC process does not cost too much, every step is carefully planned and logistically prepared. In this step, the producers will conduct research to find the best scenes and angles.

3.1 Find the place, the context

Choosing the location and context is very important and necessary in the process of making TVC advertising. Choosing the right context will help the advertising product have eye-catching footage and attract viewers.

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The beautiful background makes the promotional footage more attractive

3.2 Casting suitable actors

Besides choosing the right location and context, you also need to organize a casting session. This helps businesses find the right face for their brand.

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Casting to choose the right actor

In addition, to increase product recognition closer to consumers. Big brands often choose the most famous faces in showbiz, or the most popular tiktok idols today.

3.3 Team organization

In order for the process of making TVC to take place smoothly, the organization of the team is also extremely important and necessary. At this stage, everyone is required to be productive and focused. Because if any team is neglected, it will greatly affect the quality of the promotional video.

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A good team will determine the quality of the promotional video produced

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4. Production stage of TVC making process

The production stage is one of the important steps in the TVC-making process. This is the process of shooting the camera and the short or long implementation time depends on each project. Usually, each project lasts about 1 to 2 days.

At this point, Viewfinder will start filming the TVC ad process according to the approved schedule and storyboard. This process includes:

  • Record the footage
  • Director, actor
  • Light and sound management
  • Coordinating production factors to implement the concept

In particular, this process requires teams to coordinate smoothly. Because if the logistics or planning is not good, to a lack of experience, the TVC process will not guarantee the cost, time, and ideas that were created from the beginning.

4.1 Director

The director is the person responsible for the art of the commercials. They are responsible for helping the actor complete the role in the best way. In addition, a director is a person who needs to have creativity, meticulousness, and good understanding. These are the three essential elements of a director. Unlike the drama genre, advertising directing is often very difficult. Because they are not only limited in terms of time but also require the message transmitted to the viewer.

post image

The director who makes the footage perfect

4.2 Production organization

The production organization, also known as the producer, is the person responsible for coordinating the process of making TVC. They are the ones responsible for coordinating concepts, production, and post-production during commercial filming. In addition, the production organization is also experienced in organizing the film crew to coordinate well.

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Production organizations are those who have a coordinating role in the TVC-making process

4.3 Fine arts

A quality promotional film is indispensable for the art team. They are the creative takers that contribute to the creation of diverse and engaging footage. In addition to creating the right context, the art team is also the person who helps the actor with the hairstyle and costumes that are suitable for the scene and extremely beautiful.

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The art team makes TVC footage more vivid

4.4 Sound and light

Sound and light are the factors that create attractive and vivid movies. During the filming of the advertisement, it is inevitable that influencing factors such as weather, and time, ... Therefore, thanks to the lighting and sound department, the script will be completed on time. pre-planned.

post image

The sound and light nest make the scene more attractive

4.5 Rotary crew

The crew is the part that helps ensure the beautiful and quality TVC frame. The shooting team includes directing, filming, Flycam, and Steadicam. The same expression and background, but thanks to the crew, the shooting angles are captured in a realistic way. From there, bring unique and special footage.

post image

The shooting team helps bring many new and high-quality movies

5. Post-processing in the process of making TVC ads

Post-processing in the process of making TVC advertising is very necessary. Post-processing helps the promotional footage to be the best before production goes out. So what is the process of doing TVC in post-production?

5.1 Editing movies offline

From individual scenes, the editing process will help the process of making TVC  complete quickly and completely. This process helps to bring the previous footage together.

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Editing is the process of stringing together discrete clips into a complete video

5.2 Techniques

The special effects software must be familiar to many people, especially in the process of making TVC. Nowadays, visual effects become quite popular. They make the footage more impressive with effects such as fire, explosion, smoke, ...

post image

Techniques make the footage more eye-catching and attractive

5.3 Audio processing

In the TVC making process, sound processing is an indispensable step. The sound processing stage helps to synchronize the sound with the image, creating a promotional video that attracts viewers. The audio processing process requires professional and careful workers to help advertising products meet the needs of customers.

post image

Audio processing helps to synchronize sound with picture

5.4 Visual Effects

Visual effects are used frequently in the TVC-making process. It helps the footage to have eye-catching and attractive images. Besides, it also helps to convey messages more easily and effectively.

post image

Vivid 3D visual effects

6. Acceptance and handover

After completing the steps, Viewfinder will now be responsible for delivering the final product file to the customer as required. These files are often accompanied by necessary legal documents such as actor rights, advertising license contracts, etc. During this acceptance and handover process, communication between Viewfinder and Customers is extremely important. This helps the TVC production process to be successful.

post image

This is the process that makes the movie successful

7. Experience in making impressive TVCs

To be able to create quality promotional videos, it must rely on many factors. In fact, creating a promotional clip will be difficult and risky in the process. So what should be done to minimize those risks? What is your experience in implementing the impressive TVC process?

7.1 Attractive in terms of ideas

Advertising is one of those jobs that require a lot of creativity. New ideas and breakthroughs will be the key to bringing business products closer to the public.

post image

Come up with ideas to make the footage more unique

7.2 Apply new shooting techniques

Today, with the development of modern industry. There are many technical software applications born, aim to bring vivid and unique images to viewers. On the other hand, those shooting techniques also bring unique and attractive 3D movies.

post image

Shooting techniques bring unique and attractive footage

7.3 Collaboration with famous actors

In order to increase the attraction of advertising viewers, besides modern visual techniques, cooperation with famous actors is essential. This cooperation helps the company's products to be widely distributed, increasing the interest and purchase of products by many people.

post image

Cooperating with famous actors to bring products closer to customers

7.4 Communication creates curiosity

One of the purposes of advertising is to create curiosity for the audience. This is the key to making users more attracted to the promoted product, as well as bringing revenue efficiency for many companies. On the other hand, thanks to TVC promotion, customers will be attracted by strong messages that affect viewers' psychology.

post image

TVC ads help bring curiosity to viewers

Above are some suggestions on the process of making TVC. that you can refer to. Thereby, Viewfinder Media hopes that you have given yourself some useful knowledge when doing advertising. If you want to cooperate in the project of filming tv, an advertising video, please contact us immediately for the most detailed advice.


the process of making TVC.

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