5 Impressive and Different Tet Advertising Film Ideas

5 Impressive and Different Tet Advertising Film Ideas

November 24, 2023

Producing promotional videos has become one of the popular media marketing trends, especially during Tet. TVCs with unique and meaningful Tet advertising film ideas act as an important key to attracting and stimulating consumer behavior from customers. So are there any suggestions for ideas for producing Tet promotional videos? Where is a reputable video production service provider? Let's find out with Viewfinder Media through the article below!

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1. Suggestions for unique Tet advertising film ideas

Tet advertising film ideas often focus on cultural values and positive messages, hope and wishes through the story. New and meaningful ideas contribute significantly to success, creating an impression and increasing awareness of a business's brand and products. Here are some suggestions for unique advertising ideas during Tet:

1.1. Combine creative content with celebrities

The first of Tet advertising film ideas that you can refer to is a flexible combination of creative content and KOLs. Through this combination, advertising film campaigns can help businesses reach target customers easily. Furthermore, the brand's brand and products can be widely spread and create trust.

Currently, this is one of the most popular and popular trend ideas in the field of advertising. KOLs are people who have great influence in attracting and creating trust for a large number of followers. You should carefully research and select celebrities that match the concept and image related to the characteristics of the brand and product.

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Advertising campaign combined with KOLs

A typical example is the media campaign "Laugh freely during Tet" that MIRINDA combined with the couple Anh Tu - Dieu Nhi during Tet 2023. This campaign aims to direct people to bursts of laughter and make people laugh. Highlights moments of happy reunion during Vietnamese Tet. This campaign not only achieved positive effects in communication but also helped MIRINDA boost product sales.

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1.2. Music touches emotions

Tet advertising film ideas using emotional music will show the advertiser's harmony with current trends. Through musical works, they help brands easily evoke strong and profound emotions in listeners. Films with images and music recreating good memories and happy families during Tet will create a bond and emotion with the audience. This is the core factor that brings success to a business's advertising campaign.

On the YouTube platform, the common point of 4 of the 10 hottest videos each Tet holiday is that they all have a great combination of joyful, meaningful melodies and profound content. Therefore, besides valuable insights and profound messages, music will be an important catalyst to help brands easily create a connection with the audience. We can say that music is a solid bridge to the hearts of consumers. This is also the goal that any brand is aiming for.

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Using music to easily touch customer emotions

For example, the communication campaign "Go to return", this can be considered one of the most successful and memorable campaigns of the Biti's brand. The brand has focused on developing song content and images through young people's desire to go to experience, go to find themselves and go to return to their beloved families. Over 7 seasons of "Going to Return", these profound ideas have helped Biti's Hunter be extremely successful in attracting customers and becoming the top choice of Vietnamese youth.

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1.3. Long advertisement

Long-term advertising is the next idea you can apply. Many people believe that long-term advertising can be counterproductive to viewers. However, Tet is the right time for audiences to spend time enjoying long-term advertisements. As long as these films are truly valuable and bring deep emotions to the audience.

Long-term advertisements with short film ideas are usually films longer than 30 seconds. Brands can easily convey their messages in more detail and create connections with viewers. This is also an idea that not only stimulates audience emotions but also helps honor traditional cultural values during Tet. If the brand executes carefully and invests in content, acting and production, long-term advertising will create a strong impact on the audience.

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Promoting products with long-term video ideas

For example, Coca-Cola's advertising video campaign with the message "Even though Tet changes, the magic is still here" during the Year of the Cat 2023. The promotional video impressively recreates a 2-decade journey. From the simple Tet seasons of the 1990s to the Tet holiday away from the epidemic season and ending with the cozy Tet of the present. With a meaningful message packed into 60 seconds, Coca-Cola has succeeded in attracting the attention of a large audience. Furthermore, Coca-Cola products have become an indispensable drink in every family reunion meal.

1.4. Bringing traditional Tet images

What do you think about including traditional Tet images in promotional films? This is also the next Tet advertising film ideas that we want to suggest to you. No matter which idea you choose, creating a Tet atmosphere for promotional videos is indispensable.

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Ideas for creating promotional videos for Tet

Images such as families gathering to cook banh chung, decorating or cleaning the house, and members preparing meals together. They are images of humanity and are popular in promotional videos during spring. Omo and Knorr ads are no exception. Although the brand simply uses familiar images, it conveys meaningful and new values to viewers.

1.5. Entertainment factor

Combined with elements of humor and fun is the final new product advertising idea that we want to introduce to you. With this idea, audiences can relax on spring days after a year of hard work. Viewers will enjoy the fun and highly entertaining advertisements during Tet.

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Combining funny details in the Tet commercial film

For example, MoMo's advertising campaign with the profound message "Tet near and far, come home together". MoMo has joined the humorous and cheerful atmosphere of the TVC series Tet Quy Mao with the parents' journey of kidnapping children back to their "home". Through funny details, MoMo successfully conveyed the message "home is not a place, home is where the closest people gather" to the audience.

2. Where to deploy Tet advertising film ideas?

Referring to the unit that produces and develops quality and reputable Tet advertising film ideas in the city. Ho Chi Minh, Viewfinder Media is a name that we cannot help but mention. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of advertising video production, Viewfinder is committed to creating quality, novel, meaningful products that do not overlap with any current ideas. By possessing a professional and creative human resource, Viewfinder can meet all business requirements.

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Viewfinder is very professional in producing TVC advertising Tet

Furthermore, Viewfinder's working process is very methodical from idea generation, script writing to film editing and production. We are always committed to providing highly effective footage, helping businesses reach target customers easily. With the above advantages, Viewfinder Media will definitely be a reliable partner and bring added value to businesses' Tet advertising work.

Above is information about some unique Tet advertising film ideas and reputable video production units. Hopefully you have gained more useful information for promoting your brand and products through the article. If you need any support, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately!


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