Pre-station For Commercial Filming And Things To Known

Pre-station For Commercial Filming And Things To Known

November 23, 2023

What is pre-station for commercial filming? This is the question that many people wonder about today. In fact, what is the first job that any advertising film producer needs to prepare? At this stage, the film crew must perform meticulously and seriously so that the next work can proceed more smoothly. So what is a filming station? Let's find out with Viewfinder Media in the article below.

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1. What is an advertising filming station?

In the field of advertising filmmaking, the pre-station plays a very important role in determining the success of filming progress. So what is the pre-station for commercial filming? You can also simply understand that the filming station is the job of understanding the context and size of the studio area to decide on. Besides tasks such as coming up with ideas and choosing actors, surveying the film set is the first thing to do.

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Front line in commercial filming

Currently, pre-production is done about 2 weeks or 1 month before filming. How quickly or slowly to prepare the front station depends on the scale and level of the advertisement. In particular, if you do good field work, you will have a good chance of success with a promotional video.

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2. The role of front office filming for commercials

In the filmmaking process, the pre-station for commercial filming plays an important role. Therefore, you need to focus more on pre-filming work. Because if you skip the pre-production process, the business will not only be embarrassed but will also prolong filming time. Accordingly, it affects the final result of the video product. Although this is a very small thing, for professional filming, you need to be more careful with this process.

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The front station plays an important role in the filming

In addition, doing this step well helps the film crew have access to the filming location to effectively realize the script. Besides, going ahead helps you develop new ideas in setting up cameras and scenes in advance. On the other hand, to get more attention you need to contact the cameraman about your ideas. This makes the filming process more convenient.

3. Before filming, what does the front station do?

To create a successful film requires the dedication of many people. In particular, pre-station for commercial filming is an important step because it determines the success of a film. Besides, the job of an advertising filming station is to survey the reality, understand the context, choose the highlight where the camera can be placed, set the scene,...

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Location assistant for efficient filming

Nowadays, pre-station for commercial filming is considered the first step to any process before getting into filming activities. Depending on the scale of the context, advance work is carried out a certain period of time in advance. At the same time, in order for the pre-production process to be completed best, you must need a team of filmmaking staff including positions such as:

  • Location scout: This location is usually the first of the team to begin production. Location scouting helps you find the newest location according to the wishes and requirements of the manufacturer.
  • Location director: This is the person responsible for preparing the legal procedures and documents for filming at a specific location. In addition, this position is also responsible for the cost of using the site. Location Assistant: Is the person in charge of managing the implementation site related to location coordination such as parking for film crew, types of equipment used during filming,...

Through the above article, surely readers have a better understanding of pre-station for commercial filming. From there, we can see that even though it is a very small job to prepare for filming, it is extremely important. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for the most detailed advice.


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