11+ Viral And Attractive Promotional Video Ideas

11+ Viral And Attractive Promotional Video Ideas

September 13, 2023

Promotional video ideas are an important factor in raising brand awareness and bringing products closer to consumers. Follow the following article of Viewfinder Media for more useful information!

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1. The importance of promotional video in business

Currently, promotional video ideas play an extremely important role in the development of businesses. Unique video-making ideas will make users a good impression of your product. Here are some of the prominent roles that promotional video ideas play:

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Video quality advertising to promote

  • Promotional video ideas have a great influence on the consumption of customers. Advertising makes a good impression on customers when it summarizes the information about the product in a concise and unique way.
  • Video ideas appear on many platforms, especially social networking sites. Customers can easily know about the product through communication activities.
  • Promotional videos will be more accessible to customers than posting a lengthy introduction. Therefore, finding unique video ideas is extremely important.
  • Quality promotional videos contribute to enhancing the reputation of the business. This is a way for businesses to gain a position in the hearts of consumers.
  • Choosing to make promotional videos contributes to improving business efficiency. Many consumers will know and choose to buy your products.
  • Making advertising videos can save maximum communication costs. Moreover, this is also a way for users to easily know product information quickly.

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2. Synthesize ideas for making promotional videos that should not be missed

Finding promotional video ideas play an extremely important role in product introduction. In particular, advertising helps customers better understand the uses, characteristics, and origins of newly launched products.

2.1 Tell the story of the business

Instead of giving a familiar story, generalize about the product industry in a traditional way. Telling the story of your own business will contribute to making a good impression on customers. A short advertisement that briefly summarizes the origin of your business, why users should choose your product, etc. will be able to convince customers.

2.2 Product introduction advertisement

Product introduction advertising is an important step in bringing products to consumers. The use of new and unique promotional video ideas makes users a deeper impression of the product. However, the product advertising needs to be true to the actual quality. Avoid flashy advertising, which is far from the product..

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2.3 Ideas for making promotional videos according to the movement

Keeping up with the trend of the times is extremely important for businesses. When using advertising images with popular trends in the market, it helps to attract the attention of customers. This increases customer curiosity about the product. If the ad gets high views, the ability to sell the product is also increased.

2.4 Videos of real customer experiences

Videos of real customer experiences are now becoming an advertising trend. The customer's experience will be more objective for someone who has never used the product. This contributes to improving customer confidence in the quality of the product.

2.5 Advertising promotions

Opening promotions is a way to attract a lot of attention from customers. Consumers often choose to buy products that come with promotions. Promotional video ideas in this form are an opportunity for businesses to be known by many consumers.

2.6 Ideas for making knowledge-sharing videos

Promotional video ideas about sharing professional knowledge are always a hot topic, attracting a lot of attention from customers. A promotional video contains useful knowledge such as suggestions, and tips, ... bringing excitement to viewers. Besides, businesses need to put themselves in the mind of customers to come up with practical ideas for their products.

2.7 Collaboration with celebrities

Celebrities always get a lot of attention and publicity. They can be singers, actors, tiktokers, ... and possess the ability to lead the crowd. Businesses will have a big plus for customers when combining advertising with an influencer. The idea of making promotional videos with celebrities also creates trust with customers with the company's products.

2.8 Video with many impressive effects

Videos with many impressive effects will attract the attention of users. Customers always tend to like to find out new things. If your business has a quality promotional video, modern video editing ideas will bring a sense of curiosity to customers. Finding promotional video ideas with impressive techniques is an important step for customers to find and experience your products.

2.9 Ideas for making 3D promotional videos

The idea of ​​making 3D promotional videos will help your products become beautiful, full of creativity. However, to successfully complete a 3D promotional video, the editor needs to have good graphic knowledge and creative ability. Besides, bringing a meaningful video will contribute to making viewers remember your product.

2.10 Stop motion video ideas

The trend of stop-motion editing is becoming popular. Advertising videos produced in this style will create curiosity, interest, and novelty for viewers. Customers will hardly be able to take their eyes off the quality promotional video you bring. When there is interest, customers will soon find your product.

2.11 Promotional video with funny characters

Funny and interesting promotional videos always receive a lot of attention and positive feedback from viewers. Besides promoting product quality, if your ad brings laughter, it will make viewers remember and be impressed with your product. Therefore, finding and making funny promotional video ideas contributes to increasing interest from the audience.

3. Notes when shooting promotional videos

Finding an impressive promotional video ideas is the first step in promoting a product. This is an opportunity for customers to know and find your product. However, this is an extremely difficult job, it is necessary to constantly be creative and grasp trends for businesses to be able to increase their reach with consumers. Here are some important notes for businesses to have a quality promotional video:

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Quality videos make an impression on customers

  • Choose the right shooting style: The shooting style directly affects the content of the advertisement. This is an important element to create an emotional circuit in the video.
  • Identify the right main subject: Identifying the main subject is the first step in the advertising process. Products need to be prominently displayed to be able to attract the attention of viewers.
  • Determine the video quality: The quality of the promotional video needs to be clear, with harmonious colors. This is the basic element to create a complete promotional video.

The above article is all about promotional video ideas. Hopefully, through that, readers will have more useful knowledge about product promotion and communication. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media directly for a free consultation!


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