11 Steps to Making Reportage Video for Business

11 Steps to Making Reportage Video for Business

October 20, 2023

Making reportage video is becoming an important part of businesses' marketing strategies. This is a way to showcase your business, products, services, and events visually. Through the article below, Viewfinder Media will provide you with detailed information on how to do reportage!

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1. What is a reportage video?

Before learning about how to make a reportage, we need to know what a reportage video is? Reportage, also known as report, is a short film genre with a length of 5-10 minutes. Making reportage video will help businesses provide viewers with an overall and intuitive view of the company, products, production processes, technology, and forms of business activities. Unlike a business self-introduction video, a reportage is like a type of journalism so it will bring the most objective perspective.

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What is making reportage video?

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2. The role of video reports for businesses

Filming a business reportage is one of the most effective marketing communications tools and has long-term use value. Below are some roles of making reportage video:

  • Make an impression on customers, help them understand more about the business.
  • Increase the ability to reach customers by sharing videos to the media. 
  • Each business will have a different style of making reportage video, thereby creating makes a difference. 
  • Reportage videos will share the most honest information about the business's activities, so it will help businesses create trust with customers.
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Video reportage brings many benefits to businesses.

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3. How to make a business reportage video

So how to be making reportage video? To make a professional report, you must go through the following basic 11-step process:

3.1. Step 1: Determine the purpose of making the film

Every business has its own purpose of making reportage video. Some companies do it to introduce businesses, some do it to promote products or recruit staff... Only when you determine the exact goal you are aiming for can you proceed with the next steps. going well.

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The purpose is to help businesses orient themselves on how to make a reportage film

3.2. Step 2: Determine the audience for the transmission

When you understand clearly what the main purpose of a video report is, you can easily localize the audience that the report is aimed at. You need to pay attention to the characteristics of this target group such as age, gender, social status or job to build a script and choose the appropriate shooting angle.

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Each reportage video is aimed at a different audience group

3.3. Step 3: Come up with ideas for the video

Ideas are the deciding factor in the success or failure of making reportage video. A unique idea can impress people's minds and help position a brand in the hearts of customers. However, the ideas given need to be suitable for the business, avoid making the content too macro and away from reality.

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The idea that creates the success of the video

3.4. Step 4: Determine the message to convey

A good reportage video is one that does not use words or lengthy captions but the audience still understands the message conveyed. If you make a report and have to run subtitles to explain the meaning below, that video has completely failed. Therefore, simplify the content so that everyone, including those who do not use your product, can understand it.

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When filming a report, the message must be conveyed clearly and concisely

3.5. Step 5: Develop detailed script content

To making reportage video that has a full message but is not superficial or fragmentary, the stage of creating a script is very important. You should build detailed dialogue and specific storyboards that the crew can grasp and execute easily. At the same time, the script should be close, customer-oriented, and have deep meaningful content.

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 Reportage script

3.6. Step 6: Determine estimated costs

Cost is the top consideration when making reportage video. Budget estimates will help the company clearly plan implementation steps, avoiding the phenomenon of not having enough implementation costs after coming up with an idea. For example, to be able to perform difficult scenes, hire actors, and invest in techniques and effects will cost more.

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Calculate costs before recording

3.7. Step 7: Choose a filming location

The locations for filming reportage video are very diverse, it can be an indoor studio, or it can also be outdoors. Choosing a location to film a report will help you carefully prepare equipment, utensils... or calculate in advance options for renting a studio or asking for permission to film in a public location.

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An outdoor shoot

3.8. Step 8: Determine the image and sound layout

If we talk about content and what will be ingrained in thoughts, then images will be what immediately affects the senses. A video with beautiful, eye-catching images will make people interested in watching it and only then will you be able to convey the content to them. In addition, the image and sound of the video must also be synchronized because no one wants to watch a video with "one sound and another picture".

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Tight images and sounds will create seamless

3.9. Step 9: Prepare props and context

Every time you are making reportage video, there will be specific requirements for props and context. Having props and sets ready will help filming go smoothly, without interruption due to lack of equipment. In addition, this also helps you know which items are heavy and bulky for timely transportation.

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Set up props when shooting outdoors

3.10. Step 10: Perform post-production

Post-production is the stage of filtering the essence, cutting out unnecessary and cumbersome scenes. Good post-production will turn a reportage video into a sparkling, realistic, lively one, and especially it can also resolve "problems" during filming. Post-production is complicated, so invest some time to get your video polished.

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Complicated post-production process

3.11. Step 11: Choose the appropriate media channel for the video

Media channels are also factors that affect the effectiveness of making reportage video. Choosing a communication channel will depend on the content and audience the business is targeting. For example, if the video is aimed at young people, you should choose the Facebook or Tik Tok platform. On the contrary, if the video is aimed at middle-aged or elderly people, advertising on television channels will be more suitable. Posting on the right media channel and at the right time will help the video report spread strongly.

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Report shown on television channel

4. Notes for making beautiful and attractive reportage videos

Making reportage video for a business is not easy but it is a process that requires a lot of effort and money, so no one wants the results to not be as successful as expected. Here are some tips to help make reportage videos more attractive:

  • Develop a clear point of view: Avoid going off topic when filming. 
  • Don't just talk about the business: Making reportage videos is not only for advertising but also to help customers feel closer to the business.
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Tips to make reportage videos more attractive

  • Create a difference: Attract and help customers distinguish themselves from other businesses. 
  • Choose the appropriate duration: Not many people have the patience to watch a very long reportage video, so choose a longer video instead. just enough with full information and content. 
  • Choosing a production unit: Find out carefully and specifically the information about the production unit.

As you can see, the benefits of making reportage video are huge. Hopefully with the content shared in the article above, you will have more knowledge to make reportage for your business. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for quick support.


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