Types Of Promotional Videos Is Effective That Shouldn't Be Ignored

Types Of Promotional Videos Is Effective That Shouldn't Be Ignored

September 13, 2023

Promotional video has long been known as a communication weapon of a business. So what types of promotional videos are there and what are their roles, let's find out with Viewfinder Media in the article below!

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1. Explainer video

When it comes to promotional videos, explainer videos are indispensable. This is an explanatory video and is used to provide users with information about how the product works or the benefits they receive.

Most explainer videos have the goal of increasing conversion rate. Often the video will be emailed to potential customers or embedded in the homepage of the website or embedded in the landing page.

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2. Product review video

These are videos that share experiences from real users when using a certain product, thereby attracting people to buy. This is a form of advertising video that has been very effective and has grown strongly in recent times.

Recent studies have shown that about 57% of users feel more confident when buying a product because they have watched a video review before. This has reflected the authenticity and objectivity of the video, as well as making consumers feel more secure.

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3. Brand video - Brand advertising video

This is one of the most popular types of promotional videos. Brand video is used for businesses to introduce the brand's characteristics, mission, culture and vision. This is seen as an important part of large-scale advertising campaigns.

In each stage, the video brand will have a different role. For example, at the awareness stage, the video will be used to share about the brand's origin to attract attention from viewers. For the conversion stage, the video focuses on the value that the customer will receive and the call to action such as making a purchase or booking an appointment.

4. Promotional video livestream

On important occasions such as openings, promotions or talkshows, businesses often use livestream advertising videos. Because these videos have a very high viewership rate on platforms like facebook, tiktok or on e-commerce platforms. Moreover, these types of advertising videos also bring a number of benefits such as:

  • Can actively change the content to match the needs of customers.
  • Less costly than investing in the production of expensive promotional videos.
  • Increase interaction with potential customers.

5. Video animation

Video animation (graphic video) is one of the forms of advertising video with a moderate cost and short implementation time, but the effect is very good. This type of video will be suitable for small businesses or those with a small budget.

This video is often distributed continuously on the marketing funnel for the purpose of retaining viewers. Video content often focuses on conveying a story or situation to guide viewers.

6. Promotional promotional video

The content of this video is mainly about business promotions and incentives on occasions such as Christmas, New Year, etc. This type of promotional video will often attract a lot of people to buy, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. brand competitiveness.

7. Video blog (Vlog)

Video blogs or vlogs are considered personal diaries in the form of videos. It is videos that convey information about topics such as food, travel, study or culture of a certain country. This is one of the effective forms of advertising video because its transmission is very close and attracts many viewers.

8. Instructional promotional video format

These videos have been around for a long time on different platforms. Its purpose is to share tips, instruct users on how to use a product or how to perform a certain process.

These videos help businesses become more professional in the eyes of customers. In addition, this is also a very good way to introduce the brand naturally and get a lot of sympathy from customers.

9. Newsletter video

News feed videos are commonly used by large businesses among Types of Promotional Videos. Instead of traditional text notifications as before, the use of video newsletters will help users receive information more quickly and effectively.

10. Video frame rate conversion

To get this video, businesses just need to edit, add effects ... to the existing videos. With each different platform will have different frame rates, so you need to know these ratios to get the most suitable video. Refreshing existing videos is a great solution for businesses that already have videos but the attraction is not good.

11. Expert interview

These types of promotional videos will help businesses identify their position in the market and build trust with the target market. Interviewing experts or influencers also helps customers see the true value of the business.

12. Video from available design files

This is a video obtained from taking advantage of available images or design files. Combining these components together will help you get a completely new video that impresses viewers, which can be used to promote in public places such as elevators, supermarkets or on social networks.

13. Video cover, catch the trend

With the rapid development of today's social networks, cover and trending videos always attract a lot of attention from the audience and can easily go viral. Such types of promotional videos are usually not too difficult to implement but require great creativity of the business.

14. Steps required to deploy promotional videos for businesses

To produce an attractive promotional video, businesses certainly need to take effective implementation steps. You can completely refer to the following steps:

14.1. Identify target audience

The target audience is the most important factor in making a successful video. The first thing every business should do when making a video is to determine the right audience the video is aimed at. Identifying the target audience will help businesses easily orient video deployment appropriately.

14.2. Make a deployment scenario

Once the target audience has been identified, the creative team will come up with ideas and develop the script. Script development needs to closely follow the target audience to achieve the highest effectiveness.

14.3. Select posting channel

Once you have a deployment scenario, you need to choose the appropriate posting channel. The communication channel will act as a bridge to bring the business's videos to customers. For each different target audience, different communication channels are often used. Therefore, businesses need to choose carefully for the best communication.

14.4. Plan production and shoot videos

Once the necessary elements have been clearly identified, businesses can proceed with planning and video recording. During filming, the crew needs to stick to the script and have a plan for changes in case unexpected things arise.

14.5. Measure deployment performance

The measurement process is the final process to evaluate the success of a promotional video. Typically, businesses often evaluate success based on the amount of user interaction with that video. Beyond that is the market coverage rate of the business when the video is posted and the level of conversion into revenue from customers for the business.

14. The role of advertising video formats in business

Businesses need to invest more in promotional videos because of several roles as below:

  • Attract the attention of viewers, make viewers interested in the business.
  • Help retain customers.
  • Increase conversion rates by up to 80% on landing pages.
  • Lead users to your sales funnel.
  • Help users make purchasing decisions faster.
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Promotional videos help attract customers

The above article is all information about the types of promotional videos that Viewfinder Media provides you. Hope it is useful to you. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us immediately for the fastest response!

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