Filming techniques | Detailed instructions from basic to advanced

Filming techniques | Detailed instructions from basic to advanced

December 10, 2023

If you have a passion for videography and want to capture the perfect footage but don't know how to do it. Let's learn about filming techniques with Viewfinder Media in the article below!

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1. The importance of cinematography

Films born from filming are always likened to a vivid memory to store special moments. Filming techniques has always played an important role in the production of perfect footage.

  • With good recording techniques, the script will be conveyed in the most complete way.
  • When filming well, the time spent editing in post-production can be reduced. However, post-production cannot save unsatisfactory footage or broken footage.
  • Mastering the shooting techniques is the first thing to do when starting the video production process.
post image

Video and video recording techniques play a very important role in the production process

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2. Current top-notch filming techniques

Knowing the basic shooting techniques will help you get the most realistic and attractive images. Here are some filming techniques you need to know:

  • Feature shot: This shot is often used to emphasize and reveal important product details or to highlight subtle movements. This shooting technique also works well when you want to convey details that are hard to see in outer space.
  • Focus point shifting: With this technique, the lens will be used to focus from one subject or area to another subject or area. This makes it easy for the viewer's attention to be diverted. For example, if you want to bring a particular character into an ongoing scene with a lot of commotion, you can change the focus point from the original position to this character. As a result, viewers will notice this character immediately.
  • Pan: Pan is where you move the camera in one direction but zoom in another in post-production. This is an interesting technique used to convey a feeling of shock or surprise in special situations.
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Need to know filming techniques to get the best videos

  • Motion tracking: This is a shooting technique that follows the movement of the subject. You can completely rotate from all sides of the subject. In addition, this technique is also very suitable when recording journey videos.
  • Point of View (POV): It is telling a story through someone's eyes. It is used a lot when you want to let the subject voice their voice while recording and narrate the events they have seen.

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3. Basic scene sizes in cinematography

Here are the basic shot sizes in cinematography that anyone who wants to improve their cinematography should know.

3.1. Overview

Shooting a panorama will help you get the entire scene, including the entire body and movement of the person or thing. The angle of view when shooting a panorama will be closer than when shooting a perspective.

post image

Panoramic angle

3.2. Wide mid-ground

It's a frame someone took from more than half the knee. When shooting a wide medium scene, the details are not so small as when shooting a panorama or perspective. This is a basic filming technique often used when shooting reportage or filming.

post image

Wide mid-angle shot

3.3. Wide close-up

This filming technique is often used when you want to clearly see the face of a character or object. The angle of rotation will be taken from the character's chest. This technique is often used during interviews.

post image

Wide close-up angle

3.4. Specific description

Shooting specifications is similar to close-up shooting, but the frame will be adjusted closer, to focus on details such as eyes, nose, mouth, ... to describe that character.

post image

The specified shooting angle is close compared to the wide close-up angle

3.5. Double scene

This filming technique is often used when you want two subjects to appear in the frame. Double shot is often used when you want to capture the emotional reactions of the characters.

post image

Double shots are often used to capture a character's emotional reaction

3.6. Perspectives

Shooting perspective will produce footage with a wide frame, the characters appearing in this frame are often very small or even invisible. You'll often see perspective footage appearing at the beginning of movies or at the start of an event.

post image

Perspective angle

4. Basic camera operations and filming specifications

Having a firm grasp of movie shooting filming techniques and operations will help you get the most realistic and perfect footage.

4.1. Standard machine operation

Common camera operations include: zooming, panning or rotating from bottom to top, ... When the machine operations are done well, it will avoid causing discomfort to the viewer.

post image

Standard camera operation for more perfect footage

4.2. Choose the right movie format when shooting

Currently, SD and HD are two popular video recording formats. Besides, there are also some client formats such as QVGA (320 x 240) or VGA (640 x 480),... To have good quality videos, we should choose a high resolution format like VGA or SD and above.

  • SD: SD NTSC and SD PAL.
  • HD: HD 720p and HD 1080p (NTSC: 30 frames/1s, PAL 25 frames/1s).
post image

High resolution format for better quality video

4.3. Aperture setting

Aperture setting is also a filming technique that needs attention. Aperture (F-Stop Low) is an important factor in adjusting the depth of a scene. Having the right aperture will help you get footage with the depth you want. Aperture is measured in stops of F, the smallest number is usually how narrow the scene is and is when the most light from the camera comes in.

post image

Aperture setting is very important when shooting movies

4.4. Choose the right lens

Choosing the right lens is also important when you want the perfect shot. Because each different lens type will have a different focal length, thereby producing different footage.

post image

Different lenses produce different images

4.5. Distance and aspect ratio

The direction of the video will be affected by the distance between the camera and the background. Moving the camera closer to the subject and the subject away from the background results in movies with a blurred background.

post image

Need to specify the distance when taking photos

Movie screens typically shoot 24 frames per second, so if you want to get action-packed shots, you'll need to tweak it first from the camera before taking the shot.

4.6. Color control

The filming technique that you need to know is color control. Color grading is the best way to improve your craft.

post image

Good color control will enhance your craft

5. Notes on filming techniques to create beautiful frames

Film is always an art form that requires a lot of gray matter in ideas, technical ingenuity. Knowing a few notes in filming techniques will help you get the right footage.

5.1. There is a specific filming script

Having a script ready when shooting will help you have more complete footage, making filming easier and more time-saving. In addition, this also makes it easier for you to handle unexpected problems.

post image

Having a script will save a lot of filming time

5.2. Sound

Sound is a very important factor to evaluate a movie. It will be annoying if you watch a video with HD quality but the sound is very poor. Therefore, videographers should invest in a good microphone to get the most realistic and vivid sound.

post image

Need to invest in a microphone for the filming process

5.3. Light

In addition to sound, light also plays an equally important role in making the footage more professional and perfect. Therefore, you always have to pay attention to adjusting the light accordingly during filming.

post image

Light always plays an important role when shooting

5.4. Background

Using a messy, unorganized background will make viewers uncomfortable when watching your footage. A very simple way for you to get a beautiful background is to use a large sheet of paper or canvas.

post image

Should arrange the background reasonably and balance

5.5. Limit shaking during recording

The filming technique that you need to pay attention to next is to avoid shaking. To keep the camera steady, you can use a tripod to stabilize it. In addition, when holding the camcorder, you should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the camera firmly in your hand, or you can leave the camera on a flat place to ensure that the footage does not shake.

post image

You can use a tripod to keep the frame steady

5.6. Grasp the 3-part layout

The ⅓ rule is the most basic rule in cinematography and one of the most important cinematographic techniques. Simply put, you have a grid with a size of 3x3, then you should place the subject along straight lines or at intersections.

post image

Need to know the 3 part layout

5.7. If combining a phone, use it properly

To have beautiful videos when using your phone, there are a few techniques you can keep in mind:

  • Use your phone's rear camera for better image quality.
  • Should record videos in landscape mode, only shoot vertically when there is a special intention.
  • Turn on grid mode when rotating to apply the ⅓ layout.
post image

There are a few things you need to know when shooting with your phone

5.8. Use multiple angles

Another filming technique you should know about is the combination of angles. For example, combine low angle, high angle and horizontal angle and then combine these angles to create a complete video.

post image

Combine multiple shooting angles to make videos more diverse

The above article is all information about the filming technique that Viewfinder Media provides you. Hope they are useful to you. If you have any questions or needs, please contact them for the fastest response.


Filming Techniques

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