Revealing how to make video intro with a beautiful and impressive opening

Revealing how to make video intro with a beautiful and impressive opening

October 20, 2023

How to make video intro? This is a question that many businesses are wondering today. Because an attractive video helps businesses bring products closer to customers. So how to make an intro to start a video to stand out? To better understand how to make an intro to open a video, please read the following article with Viewfinder Media.

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1. What is Intro video?

What is an intro video? How to make intro video effective? In fact, intro is an abbreviation of the word introduction, which means introduction. Therefore, intro video is understood as the opening short segment that viewers see before the video starts. Introducing a featured video is your opportunity to make a good first impression on viewers, making them interested in watching the video until it ends. However, from a marketing and business perspective, intro videos help differentiate your business from any other video published on the internet.

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Intro video helps attract more viewers

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2. Instructions on how to make intro videos

Nowadays, there are many simple and effective ways to make video intro. Implementing the correct method of creating an intro video will help your brand become more prominent. So how to make an introduction video attract viewers? Below are 2 ways to make a video opening intro that you can refer to.

2.1 Use available templates

Using available templates is one of the simplest and most time-saving ways to make a video intro that you can refer to. Only with available templates can you create attractive and eye-catching videos for yourself. These templates are available a lot on the internet, they help you create your own video intro easily without requiring highly specialized knowledge...

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Use the available intro template to make a video

Besides, make video intro like this also helps you save more time than making a completely new intro. However, to ensure the credibility of the intro video, you should edit the video logo as well as the text in the template. This helps avoid affecting all your passionate content.

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2.2 Do it yourself using software

Making your own using software is also an effective way to make intro video. One of the software you can choose to use is Dissolve, Crop,... Doing it with these software can take you a lot of time but can create a memorable intro video. your personal brand. Normally, most of these editing software have video editing and cutting techniques. Therefore, you can rest assured about the quality of the intro video.

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Make intro videos using software

3. How to make a beautiful opening video intro

Inserting an intro into a video makes the video more professional and makes a strong impression on viewers. This also helps businesses make an impression on customers and easily remember the company's products and brand. So do you know how to make an intro to start a video? Below are some ways to make intro video that you can refer to.

3.1 - How to make intro video to opening is software that you should not ignore when starting to make intro videos. Because this website allows users to use all features completely free of charge. Users only need a few simple login steps to be able to own an impressive and extremely professional video.

post image is software that you should not ignore when starting to make intro video

Here are some steps on how to make video intro using the website that you can discuss:

  • Step 1: At the main website interface, select Creative a new video. Continue selecting Start from Scratch. then select Get started.
  • Step 2:  In this step, many slides appear on the screen. Then you choose any slide you like, then enter information in the Your Text section right on the screen. Finally select Save and Premiere.
  • Step 3: You need to continue repeating this operation continuously until your video intro is completed.
  • Step 4: In this step, select Preview and then select Build my Premiere to preview the intro before exporting the file.

3.2 website is one of the websites that allows users the ability to edit and create outstanding video intros. With the tools that offers, you can easily use it to create quick video intros that only take a few minutes. Besides, you can save your favorite images for future use.

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Wideo is a website that allows users the ability to edit

  • Step 1: First you need to visit the website In the main interface of the screen, you proceed to select the slide you want to use. 
  • Step 2: At this time, the interface to create an intro video will appear at the top of the screen. Select Update to upload the logo, then press the Confirm key.
  • Step 3: Here, you continue to add text at Company Name then select Share, select MP4 mode and perform Download this video to download the video to your device.
  • Step 4: To share the video, select upgrade now to complete.


One of the most effective platforms that help users create online video intros is Here you can comfortably upload and insert the images and sounds you want. The outstanding advantage of this platform is that you can be creative as you like without any limitations. In addition, also provides users with high video quality. At the same time, it also has many formats for you to choose from to suit your wishes.

post image is a platform that helps users create effective online video intros

In contrast to those outstanding advantages, Filxpress has the disadvantage that users may be limited in using some features due to using the free version. On the other hand, when users create online video intros, they will be limited in usage time. At the same time, it also causes difficulties when the old interface has not been updated, affecting the process of creating intro videos for new users.

3.4 How to make video intro on capcut

Capcut is a free and extremely popular video editing application among young people today. It is popular because of its ease of use. Just with the free version, you can create your own extremely impressive and attractive movies for viewers. Below is how to make an impressive Capcut intro that you can refer to.

post image

Capcut is an extremely convenient free video editing application

Below is an impressive way to make an intro on Capcut that you can refer to: 

  • Step 1: In the main interface of the Capcut application, a number of templates will appear. Here, you choose the video templates you like.
  • Step 2: After choosing the template you like, you proceed to edit the template by replacing videos and photos from your photo device.
  • Step 3: You proceed to download the effect, edit the text and then export without watermark to remove the Capcut logo

3.5 Camtasia studio

Camtasia studio is software that helps users record screens or edit videos with high quality computers. In particular, this software was founded and released by TechSmith. With the advantage of helping users easily edit videos in a complete and simple way. That is why this application is highly appreciated by many people. You can freely insert text, edit videos, and add effects quickly and effectively. Especially with the free intro video creation software, it possesses many features such as taking a screenshot of your desktop, inserting copyright, cutting and editing videos at will.

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Camtasia studio is software that helps users record screens or edit videos using computer

3.6 website

Introcave.con is software that helps users edit images and videos online effectively. It gives users many opportunities to freely choose because there are thousands of outstanding templates. This helps users reduce time spent looking for ideas. Instead, you can completely focus on editing your product to perfection.

post image

Introcave.con has many opportunities to freely choose from because there are thousands of outstanding templates

In particular, this website also has a limitation: users need to register an account and pay for professional logo templates. Besides, the loading speed of this website is a bit slow. Therefore, it makes users feel uncomfortable when having to use this software.

3.7 Instructions for making video intros with

Make video intro will be more effective when you use the website. This software is not only used to store basic videos, but it is also applied to 3D videos. Besides, with beautiful graphic design style, vivid and new effects. It will certainly bring you vivid and new footage.

post image is a platform that helps users edit images and videos online effectively.

3.8 Kinemaster

Kine master is one of the video editing and intro creation applications chosen by many people. With many powerful features integrated, users can create impressive intro videos on social networks.

post image

Kine master is one of the professional editing applications

Below is how to make an intro video with the Kine master application right on social networks that you can refer to:

  • Step 1: On the main screen interface, click on the plus sign. Continue to choose the video ratio according to your needs.
  • Step 2: Continue to select media, then select an existing video to make an intro.
  • Step 3: In this step, you proceed to select layers and media. Continue, you choose the photo to be the background for the video. After you have finished editing the photo, you proceed to clean it up to make it suitable for the video.
  • Step 4: Click to select the photo, followed by Animation. Finally, the unfold mode.
  • Step 5: After completing the above steps, proceed to export and share the video.

3.9 Make intro videos using Canva

Canva is a professional photo and video editing application that is preferred by many people. With Canva, you can unleash your creativity with thousands of different designs, images, and fonts. However, the drawback of this tool is that you have to pay if you want to use advanced features. So do you know how to make an intro for a video using Canva? If not, please join us in following the steps below:

post image

Canva is the most popular application used by many people today. 

So do you know how to make a video intro using Canva? If not, please join us in following the steps below:

  • Step 1: First, you need to immediately access Canva and search for Intro YouTube on the search bar.
  • Step 2: At this point, different intro samples will appear on the screen. You will choose the intro template you want and then edit it.
  • Step 3: Finally, you download or share immediately on social networks. So you have yourself a unique and impressive movie.

4. 3 Notes when making intro for videos

Through the ways of make intro video, we see that it plays a very important role in conveying messages and attracting a large number of viewers. However, you also need to be careful when editing to create the most impressive footage.

4.1 Duration

A starting video intro only needs a duration of about 3 - 7 seconds. However, there are also some large advertising videos whose duration is usually up to about 20 - 30 seconds. Such intro video editing is appropriate. Because usually, video intros are too long, causing viewers to wait a long time without seeing the main content. Therefore, the above time period is appropriate to create a more comfortable and exciting feeling for viewers.

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The appropriate duration for a video intro is 5 - 7s

4.2 Idea and purpose of the video

Besides choosing the appropriate length for the video, preparing the idea and purpose of the message the video wants to convey is also very important. Because intro videos play a role in introducing and bringing products closer to the public. That's why you need to determine what the purpose of the video is to come up with appropriate ideas.

post image

The more unique the idea for a video intro, the more viewers it will attract.

An intro video that attracts and impresses viewers right from the first seconds of broadcast is extremely necessary. Choosing catchy and suitable background music certainly makes it easy for consumers to remember and memorize. From there, viewers will be impressed and remember the brand product immediately.

The above article is detailed information on how to make video intro that you can refer to. Intro videos play an important role in creating extremely impressive introductory videos. If you are in need of unique video intros, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for free consultation.


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