Producing 2D Promotional Videos Of Professional Animation

Producing 2D Promotional Videos Of Professional Animation

September 13, 2023

Today, 2D Animation video is widely used in marketing in a new and interesting way. Products of the process of producing 2D promotional videos have helped businesses attract customers and bring many unexpected effects. So what are the benefits of this type of video Marketing, the channels often used and how many steps are in the production process? Please refer to the following article of Viewfinder Media for the most complete answer!

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1. What is a 2D promotional video?

2D promotional video is a type of video that conveys a message or describes a business's product or service through the use of the movement of graphic characters. Videos are usually within 2 to 3 minutes in length, using tools to create seamless and fluid movement of the characters. 2D advertising videos have brought businesses many unexpected effects.

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2D promotional videos are very popular nowadays

The elements required in the producing 2D promotional videos that production houses apply include:

  • Create familiar elements, must touch the emotions of the viewer in the first seconds. In other words, it makes viewers feel their own image in it.
  • Ensure attractive visual elements, vivid effects, and sound in line with current trends.
  • Uniform color, voice, language elements throughout the video.
  • The content of the story must be logical and fluent. The message that the business wants to convey needs to be cleverly integrated.
  • The duration is not too long but must convey the right and enough message to the audience.

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2. Benefits of producing 2D promotional videos for businesses

Currently, 2D animation video is known as a shortcut to help businesses reach customers effectively. Here are 4 benefits that make this type of promotional video unbeatable in marketing campaigns:

2.1. Effective message delivery

One of the unique advantages that 2D Animation offers is its ability to convey its message. In fact, the information transmitted in the form of video will be accessed and processed by our brains faster. Through vivid images and sounds, producing 2D promotional videos helps viewers increase their memory and have a deeper impression. Not only that, creating brand awareness will be easier through this form of communication.

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2D promotional videos effectively increase brand awareness

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2.2. Cost optimization

The producing 2D promotional videos will not have to pay for the cost of finding the context, choosing the right actors, as well as some other pre-production costs. Because this type of video uses the scenes and characters created by the graphics engine. Marketing costs are always an issue that businesses consider and adjust in the most optimal way. This is no longer a concern with the appearance of 2D Animation video because it is not only produced at low cost but also delivers quality products.

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2D advertising videos help businesses save a lot of money

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2.3. High ability to go viral and attract viewers

The viral potential of 2D animation videos is appreciated thanks to the unlimited creativity and unique products created. The characters in the video are created with friendliness and cuteness, so they are accepted and loved by customers. In addition, with vivid colors, funny images and sound combinations, 2D movies always give viewers an extremely interesting experience.

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The virality and attraction of 2D promotional videos

2.4. Save time

Another benefit when businesses choose to producing 2D promotional videos is to save a lot of time. In addition to saving costs, businesses will not have to plan casting, find suitable actors as well as think about designing scenes. Therefore, the 2D Animation film format will help businesses accelerate progress, save time and receive new products with just a few steps.

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Don't waste time finding the right actors when using 2D commercials

3. Producing 2D promotional videos process

The production process of 2D video, tvc advertising is usually done through 6 steps, including:

3.1. Step 1: Brief and brainstorm ideas for the video

Briefing and brainstorming is the first step in the 2D video production process. Based on the brief, you have to start researching the product, the brand. This is to determine the target audience and requirements of the final product that the customer wants. From there, proceed to develop ideas and plan to write scripts for 2D animation videos.

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The first step in the production of a 2D promotional video

3.2. Step 2: Write the script and storyboard

From the client's brief and initial key idea, we move on to the scripting phase. Including full detailed content, building images of characters, sounds, backgrounds, stories, ... After completing the script, we proceed to draw the storyboard. This is an important stage in the producing 2D promotional videos process.

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Draw storyboard after completing the video script

3.3. Step 3: Style the video

Once the storyboard is complete, styling the video is the next step in the producing 2D promotional videos process. In this step, you need to clearly define the style, character colors, context and brand personality to apply throughout the entire video. Analyzing these factors will help you shape the style and culture of the business you are aiming for. From there, you can come up with a number of different designs and choose a style that suits your 2D promotional video.

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Build a style that applies the entire video to create unity

3.4. Step 4: Record - Voice talent

A 2D animation video is always formed by two components: image and sound. Poor quality sound will make the video not attractive to viewers even though the image is beautiful and quality. In this step, based on the script, you will begin to try many different voices to choose the right voice and properly represent the character's personality in the script.

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Choose the right voice to ensure video quality

3.5. Step 5: Create motion animation

This is the most important step in the process of producing 2D promotional videos. Rely on a 2D graphic design to create animations to turn it into an engaging 2D animation video. These movements "breath" into the video and create attraction, leaving a deep impression on viewers. Not only that, it also makes the video more vivid, real and flexible.

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The most important step in the production of 2D promotional videos

3.6. Step 6: Edit and perfect the video

After completing the above steps, in order to complete the production of 2D promotional videos, the editing stage must not be skipped. You will review the video to find errors and fix them. For example, the dialogue is wrong, the sound does not match the image, the after-scenes, etc. to produce the best work.

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The final step in 2D animation video production

4. Difference between 2D and 3D promotional videos

2D promotional video
3D promotional video
The cost of producing 2D promotional videos is relatively low.
Production costs range from large to extremely large.
Fast production time.
It takes a long time to produce 3D videos.
Market demand
Less demand for 2D video.
Large 3D advertising video market demand.
The movement of the character is created by a succession of pictures drawn with different poses.
Combined with computer graphics, images are created vividly with 3 dimensions including length, width and depth.
The attractiveness and attractiveness of viewers are less than 3D.
High attractiveness, easy to create communication effects.
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Compare the difference between 2D promotional video and 3D promotional video

5. Notes when producing 2D promotional videos businesses need to know

Some notes that you need to know for the production of 2D promotional videos to be highly effective:

  • Identify target customers to come up with ideas suitable for each customer group.
  • Select meaningful messages to attract the target customer group of marketing campaigns.
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Identify target customers to choose the message to convey

  • You can choose to use sound and motion effects that match the content and story the business wants to convey.
  • You should estimate the maximum duration of a 2D Video Animation.
  • Should balance the budget and make a specific plan before deploying to make the video highly effective.

6. Channels that often use 2D animation videos

2D animation videos are commonly used in a number of locations such as:

  • Use at events and seminars: The use of video will increase the attention and interest of listeners, instead of reading a dry or difficult speech.
  • Use at stores, showrooms or fairs: Through animated videos, customers can fully grasp information about services, products and how to use them. 2D promotional videos in this case will play the same role as a marketing staff.
  • Used to post on websites, social networks: The effectiveness of posting promotional videos on social networks has been verified by many businesses. This is a very popular and popular way of advertising today.
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Some channels often upload 2D promotional videos

The above article includes information about what 2D video is, the producing 2D promotional videos process and important notes when building a video. Hopefully, the article has helped you better understand the interesting things in today's popular Animation Marketing videos. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media right away!

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