How To Make The Company Introduction Video Impressive

How To Make The Company Introduction Video Impressive

September 13, 2023

How to make the company introduction video impressive and attractive? This is one of the most common questions asked by many businesses. Because it is considered an effective communication tool. A quality introductory video will help businesses get closer to customers. At the same time, it also helps to express the identity, culture, and values of the company. So to understand more about this issue, please read with Viewfinder Media to see the article below.

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1. What is a company introduction video?

How to make the company introduction video? Company introduction video is seen as a company profile. This video format contains full information about the company in the clearest way from the company's history, mission, vision, products, culture, services, and development orientations. In fact, the length of a company clip has no length. Besides, in order to create a company introduction video that attracts viewers, you need to define your ideals, goals and style.

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How to make the company introduction video attractive

On the other hand, making a company introduction video will bring many positive aspects to your business such as:

  • Attract more viewers, retain potential customers.
  • Increase brand recognition and credibility.
  • Helping businesses expand more markets and increase cooperation opportunities with large companies and corporations.

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2. How to make the company introduction video

Nowadays, there are many ways to create a quality company intro video. A quality video will greatly affect the company's ability to grow. Because it is a tool to help market products to customers effectively. So how to make the company introduction video? Here are the detailed steps in how to make a professional and impressive company introduction video that we send to you:

2.1 Write a video script

To be able to output a quality and attractive video, the first thing you need to do is write a specific video script. In that video, it includes the content, background music, images, titles, ... From there, we have a plan to get ready for the following stages. This is a really important step, if a video does not prepare the script, it will interrupt the work and you will not know what the next step needs to be.

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Scripting makes it easier for you to make videos more effective

2.2 Take an intro video

After your playwriting part has been approved, the next step is to shoot an introductory video. At this stage you must have a little knowledge of filming. Because the video has quality or not, it requires a videographer with a lot of experience in the profession.

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Record company introduction video

This is the stage that takes a lot of time to make the film. However, with movies that do not require too much, only with passion and determination. You can still use assistive devices to make introductory videos for your business. In addition, to ensure the quality of the video, you should choose the most professional image layout.

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2.3 Write a comment

Writing comments is something that you need to do after finishing filming. A comment with words concise, short, and attractive to the listener. However, you need to keep in mind that writing video comments is different from normal writing.

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Write comments to help viewers understand the message better

Write comments to help viewers understand the message you want to convey. Because the writer must be a person with knowledge and understanding of society to understand the topic of the video. In particular, the commentator needs to follow the cameraman to understand each scene. This is also considered an important document for them to write comments that match the images and videos.

2.4 Speech recording

Recording comments is something you need to do right after you have a comment. The person recording the commentary needs to have a suitable and impressive voice to attract viewers effectively.

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Recording comments helps to increase attraction with viewers

To record, you can use your phone or go into a closed room to record. On the other hand, if you can't meet this criterion, renting a studio is the best way. Because if the recording quality is poor, it will affect the viewer's ability to hear. Thereby reducing the quality of the video.

2.5 Montage

Editing is an important step before exporting videos and images. There are quite a few professional editing software and applications available today. During the video editing process, you should choose the most optimal images and match the comments. Besides, when making a company introduction video, you should use the built-in tools to adjust the video optimally. In addition, you can also use a company introduction template to help viewers better understand the growth rate of your business. Then you add music or some suitable effects. This will make your video more interesting and impressive.

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Film editing is not an easy process

Making a company introduction video is not easy. That's why understanding is really important. To make sure the company introduction video is impressive and attractive, you should show the video to others. This helps you get the most objective assessment. Their evaluation is the basis for you to add and edit until the video reaches the best quality.

3. Necessary elements when making a business introduction video

What are the factors to have when making a company introduction video? A complete business introduction video comes with it: The company's visual message wants to bring to customers, sound quality and vivid and attractive images. Besides, in every video about company introduction, there should be important elements such as:

3.1 Company history

When making a company introduction video, the history of the company must go through the process from its founding to getting awards and brands. This is also a nice effect to build on the current successful results of the business.

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History helps viewers better understand the business

Besides, the representative logo or the finished products are the elements that create the characteristics of the business. Therefore, the representative logo, the products filmed with quality sound and images will help viewers remember and understand in that introductory video.

3.2 Vision, mission

Mission vision is one of the important elements indispensable in the company's introduction video. Because this helps manufacturers know how the needs of consumers. In addition, the image that the introductory video brings will help the company affirm the quality of its products. From there, it helps to bring the trust of customers to bring revenue to the business.

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Mission vision is one of the important factors

3.3 Main products of the enterprise

The main product of the business is one of the factors affecting the service quality assessment of a company. If the company captures the trend of consumer demand, the company will maintain its influence.

An ever-improving and innovative product will attract the attention of consumers. Regularly make promotional videos for the purpose of conveying the message of products and brands closer to customers. This is essential to creating a strong brand.

3.4 Business results achieved

Business results achieved are the awards and achievements that enterprises receive in the process of formation and development. These things help consumers have more confidence in the quality of the products that the business brings.

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Business results are the results that the business achieves

3.5 Future orientation

Making a company introduction video, you need to understand the business volume of the business. Because it makes customers know that the upcoming plans of the business. Thereby helping businesses go into the hearts of the audience in the most profound way. Besides, understanding the needs of the audience and building engaging videos will be the key to resonate with viewers more.

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Future orientation is the key to business success

4. Forms of company introduction video

Currently, there are many ways to make company introduction videos with different forms.. To create a professional company introduction video. You must be someone with creative ideas that are aligned with the company's goals. Here are some forms of company introduction videos that you can refer to.

4.1 Video introducing company culture

Using videos to introduce company culture aims to help viewers know what products your business has, why the business chooses this business product,... A quality video will help let more people know a lot about the company. From there they can bring products closer to consumers.

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Company culture helps customers receive the deepest sympathy

4.2 Brand story

Building promotional videos with brand stories is one of the quick and effective forms of promotion for many businesses. In the form of storytelling, the company's messages will be spread in the fastest way. This helps customers to remember the brand and create a strong relationship with customers.

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This promotes effective viewer interaction

This is also a form of marketing that easily impresses consumers, promotes interaction and sharing based on their psychology. Besides, when there is empathy from customers through stories, consumers will have more reasons to choose the company's products.

4.3 Recruitment video

One of the most effective forms of recruitment today is video recruitment. This makes it easier for the company to recruit talent. At the same time, this also helps affirm the professionalism and creates a good corporate image in the eyes of employees.

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Thanks to recruitment videos, businesses recruit talent effectively

With just a 3-5 minute video, businesses can reach thousands of people. This is also one of the forms of advertising to help businesses save maximum costs. In addition, not only candidates and partners also rely on that video to understand more about your company.

4.4 Inspirational story

Inspirational videos will be an effective way for a brand communication campaign. On the other hand, this type of marketing also brings many sources of motivation and inspiration to viewers. That motivates them to act and change, bringing humanity and value to the community. Those videos can be stories about family, friendship, friends,...

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Inspirational videos bring effectiveness to corporate product promotion campaigns

4.5 Factory introduction video

Currently, the industry is becoming quite popular and growing. That's why the videos introducing businesses, especially industrial parks and factories, are getting higher and higher.

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Home video is an effective form of marketing

Filming and taking pictures of the factory is one of the effective forms of marketing. With only a 3- to 10-minute introductory video, it will also help viewers better understand how the product works. Thereby bringing more value and trust of customers about the product.

4.6 Videos based on customer stories

Introductory videos based on customer stories are an idea to help viewers feel more about the business. Because customer reviews will help viewers feel the true benefits of the product. This is a way to help increase consumer confidence in the business.

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Customer stories help viewers gain more confidence in the product

5. Notes when making impressive company introduction videos

How to make the company introduction video more effective? This is certainly a question that worries many businesses. Currently, there are many ways to make an attractive company introduction video that businesses can refer to. However, to create a quality video, you need to note one of the following things.

5.1 Make your goals clear

To create a quality business introduction video, you need to clearly state your goal through the video. An introductory video that makes viewers bored, does not bring benefits to viewers, also becomes meaningless. You need to clearly define the company's goals.

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Clearly express the goal you want to convey

Most of the introductory videos are aimed at persuading and increasing user awareness. It allows consumers to better understand the brand and decide if it really solves their problems.

5.2 Quality assurance

You need to make sure that the introductory video needs to have important elements. A rambling introductory video will make viewers feel useless and depressed. To ensure that your video is of high quality, you need to:

  • Limit making noise when filming
  • Pay attention to adjust the light intensity accordingly.
  • Keeping the camera steady,...
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Need to ensure the quality of the video

5.3 Short and to the point content

Typically, viewers often determine whether to watch your business video or not, often based on two main factors: the length of the video and the thumbnail. So if you want your intro video to be impactful, make it as short and on-topic as possible.

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Short and to the point content

Besides, your videos are two to four minutes long to maintain their attention. Make sure that important material comes first in the first few minutes of your presentation. Because of this, the audience can understand and remember information more easily.

5.4 Call to action

A call-to-action makes your company introduction video more engaging. Besides, to make the video persuasive, put a clear call to action at the end of the movie. This also helps to make the message that you want to bring to the customer in the most clear way.

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The call to action helps the message to be expressed clearly.

5.5 Turn off autoplay

Nowadays, most people work in a multitasking manner. Autoplay will make it more annoying for viewers when they can't distinguish which tab the video originated from. Instead of driving people to watch your video, give visitors the option to view the content of that video page. If they are interested in what you have to offer, they will stay and press the play button to watch the video.

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Turning off autoplay brings comfort to viewers

6. Company introduction video editing software

How to make the company introduction video more impressive? Besides the video maker, there must be creativity. You also need editing software to create quality videos. Here are some software that you can refer to:

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Software is the tool to help you create perfect videos

  • Lightworks: This is one of the impressive and professional video editing software that you cannot ignore. Over the years, this software is still the choice of many people. Besides, lightworks also has outstanding features such as transition effects, easy title adjustment, color change, ...
  • HitFilm Express: It is one of the professional, easy-to-use video software that many people love to use. In particular, this software has many unique and beautiful transition effects. This is also a good software to apply for anyone who has a hobby of making movies.
  • Movie Market Online: One of the benefits of this software is that it can be done online. Users can comfortably edit quickly and easily. With outstanding and outstanding features, this software is rated by users as the best editing software today.

How to make the company introduction video simple, right? We hope that with just the above-suggested information, you have gained the knowledge to make videos professionally and effectively. If you need answers, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for free advice and answers.


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