12 Mistakes in Advertising Video Production to Pay Attention to

12 Mistakes in Advertising Video Production to Pay Attention to

November 24, 2023

In fact, there are many mistakes in advertising video production that can cause great losses to businesses. Producing an advertising film is inherently not an easy task, but achieving effective communication is even more difficult. So during video production, what mistakes do most businesses often make? Let's find out in detail with Viewfinder Media through the following article!

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1. Information overload - Mistakes in advertising video production

One mistake when producing promotional videos that needs to be mentioned first is cramming too much information into the video. Knowing that businesses often want their promotional videos to convey complete information about the product, brand and specific meaningful message. But, this is also the cause of information overload in advertising films. Not only did the business not achieve the goals expected by the business, it was even counterproductive. This mistake causes viewers to be overwhelmed and unable to determine the message that the commercial wants to convey.

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A common mistake in advertising video production is to squeeze in too much information

Besides, an advertising video usually only lasts about 30 - 45 seconds. Inserting too much information into such a short video only makes the video inconsistent and complicated. Therefore, you need to select information carefully before using it. Please remember this important note during the production of advertising films!

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2. There is no backup plan

The one of common mistakes in advertising video production is not setting up a backup plan. You should remember that there are always problems that will appear unexpectedly that you cannot predict. Because problems and errors are inevitable during the production of advertising films. If you don't carefully check everything and build a backup plan before starting, you can have serious consequences.

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Enterprises need to build a backup plan

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3. Unreasonable budget investment

Cost is an important factor that any business needs to consider carefully before investing in any media project. Especially making advertising films because this is a project that the business budget needs to pay is not small. However, investing too much will cause the business to suffer a heavy loss. On the other hand, if a business invests too little, this will affect the quality of the advertising video when completed.

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Consider investing your budget appropriately

Both of these cases bring more or less damage to the business. This is one of the serious mistakes in advertising video production that businesses often encounter. Because of this, balancing costs to suit the project scale and business budget is extremely important.

4. Following a stereotype of old TVCs

Businesses constantly refreshing marketing messages and forms is an extremely necessary action in the brand promotion process. Because consumer tastes and needs are constantly changing. However, in reality, many businesses continue to mass-produce old-fashioned videos in the hope of achieving the same communication effect.

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Depending too much on the old motif will make customers feel bored

They cannot break away from previously successful advertising motifs. One thing they need to understand is that old content not only cannot bring a new success. Furthermore, it also makes customers feel bored, uninterested and quickly forgotten. Therefore, businesses need to constantly update trends and change motifs flexibly to avoid mistakes in making this promotional video.

5. No call to action - Mistake in advertising video production

The next common mistake is advertising videos without a call to action. Currently, many businesses still make this one of mistakes in advertising video production. For an advertising TVC, consistently creative and attractive content is the most important factor. Innovation and creativity help businesses attract curiosity and create a strong impression on audiences. However, that's not all!

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Not having a call to action is a fairly common mistake.

Businesses should combine them with additional calls to encourage customers to buy immediately. This calling action will help businesses ensure maximum media promotion effectiveness. In addition, businesses need to cleverly incorporate calls into promotional videos. This depends a lot on the experience and creativity of the production unit with which the business cooperates.

6. Not properly preparing filming equipment

What do you think about "Yesterday I was in such a hurry that I forgot to bring the charger" or "Yesterday afternoon I took out the battery to charge the flashlight, so I forgot to bring it today"? That's right, the story of "going plowing without bringing buffaloes and hoes" is no longer strange to many businesses and film producers. The lack of care in checking the quantity and quality of equipment before the recording day is one of common mistakes in advertising video production that no crew wants to go through.

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Errors in preparation severely affected the production process of

Equipment and tools for filming are an extremely important photo element. Not only that, missing any equipment can delay filming plans and cannot be resolved quickly. Therefore, to avoid increased costs added to the production budget, you need to fully prepare and check equipment before the recording date.

7. Video and marketing strategy are not consistent

Although this is not a common mistake in advertising video production, businesses should also take note. A typical TVC advertisement will be associated with a communication message and the business's marketing plan. TVC advertising needs to ensure a close connection with the marketing strategy proposed by the business. To achieve this goal, film producers and businesses need to have detailed discussions to easily agree on plans and promotional strategies.

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Ensure that promotional video content and marketing strategy are consistent.

This helps the promotional video product to be consistent with the content of the strategy. Limit the case where the strategy is one way, while the content and message of the advertising film is another. Therefore, businesses need to provide sufficient information and make manufacturers clearly understand a number of factors. Such as information about promoted products, target customers, insights, what message you want to convey, ...

8. Ignoring license types - Mistakes in advertising video production

Ignoring licenses is a mistake when producing general promotional videos that many teams and businesses encounter today. This mistake can cause businesses and production teams to be fined or strictly prohibited from doing business if they persist. Besides, if you do not plan in advance, getting a license will not be easy. Therefore, you should proactively prepare well for licensing procedures during the advertising video production process.

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Permit procedures should not be completed before recording.

9. Not paying attention to storyboards

In the field of advertising, a storyboard is considered a narrative that concretizes the manufacturer's idea. Storyboards don't need to be drawn too carefully or have complicated colors. But, it must be extremely precise in the organization of each frame: full, middle, close-up and detailed description. Normally, storyboards are made directly by the illustrator and director to ensure consistency in cameras and scenes.

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Mistaken when skipping the storyboard design step.

In advertising projects with limited budgets and resources, this work is often overlooked to minimize costs. However, if the crew skips this step for high-cost projects, you will definitely get into trouble and have constant difficulties when filming. Therefore, not paying attention to storyboards is also one of the mistakes in advertising video production.

10. The best video is not the most quality

Having read this far, many of you will probably wonder: "Why is the best not the most quality?". Many people believe that a successful promotional video must have the appearance of famous actors, invest in modern equipment, choose the most beautiful background, etc. With such investment, the promotional video Your ad fails to impress, fails to connect with your target audience, or fails to convey the correct message. These investments will all become useless and cause a lot of damage to your business and filmmaking crew.

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Wrong judgment about the best and best video is also a mistake

The best promotional video is not always the best because each promotional video will have a different purpose and target different audiences. Your promotional video needs to reflect the message clearly and make a deep impression on customers for it to be the best. Please pay careful attention to these things to limit mistakes in advertising video production!

11. Post-production can handle it all

Post-production is the final step responsible for editing and improving the video after filming is completed. Although this process can improve the quality and add effects to the video. But, it cannot completely "save" your product when the pre-production and filming stages are of poor quality. Post-production has an important role to play, but you can't take it for granted handle it all. This is also a mistake when producing advertising videos that you need to pay attention to.

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Post-production is only part of advertising video production

12. Choosing an inappropriate production unit

Businesses choosing the wrong production unit is the final mistake in producing advertising videos that we want to mention. When a business cooperates with the wrong unit, the advertising video may not attract the audience, cannot convey the correct message and values of the business,... Choosing the right advertising production unit will help advertising videos ensure quality and communication effectiveness. When choosing a production unit to combine, businesses need to carefully research objective factors such as experience, reputation, customer reviews, product quality level,...

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Research to choose a suitable production unit

The above article has shared with you 12 common mistakes in advertising video production that many businesses have made. We hope that you have gained more useful information to support the process of building a communication strategy. If you need support or answers to any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media right away!

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