Top 7 Unique TVC Cafe Ideas That You Shouldn't Miss

Top 7 Unique TVC Cafe Ideas That You Shouldn't Miss

December 14, 2023

The TVC cafe segments must be familiar to many people. Through the hands of the creator, advertising films become much more attractive and special. Coffee-making stories are presented uniquely through TVC. This makes a strong impression on viewers, thereby bringing in potential customers. So what are those TVC ads? Please join Viewfinder Media to see the article below.

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1. 7 most successful TVC Cafes ever

Nowadays, TVC cafe is gradually becoming popular because it is easy to transmit through promotional videos for businesses. Besides, the stories are told truthfully, allowing viewers to feel the process of creating coffee in the clearest way. Below are some of the most successful coffee advertising TVCs that you can refer to.

1.1 TVC "Ecstatic Fragrant" - Cafe Saigon

One of the famous commercials that you should watch is Saigon Cafe TVC. With the participation of comedian Hoai Linh, the image of an ancient Saigon was most clearly portrayed. This makes viewers feel a poetic and simple Saigon through the flavor of Saigon coffee. Besides, in TVC advertising with only 30 seconds, the manufacturer always emphasizes the phrase "incredibly fragrant, fresh all day". It can be said that TVC advertising Saigon coffee brings a very familiar story but makes viewers fully understand the cultural essence of the taste Saigon coffee brings to users.

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1.2 TVC "20 years of connecting Vietnamese pride" - Highland Coffee

To mark 20 years of operation, Highland Coffee launched a TVC cafe called "20 Years of Connecting Vietnamese Pride". The commercial made millions of Vietnamese people feel the same emotions when the pride of Vietnamese land was evoked once again. In particular, this TVC advertisement reached 15 million views after just one week of launch. The genuine and passionate stories cherished over the past 20 years of the Highland Coffee brand are all conveyed in fun melodies. Besides, the meaningful lyrics also completely conquered the audience within 1 minute of the video.

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1.3 TVC "8 flavors of love" - VinaCafe

If the TVC is "the essence of time", then the TVC cafe "8 flavors of Love" conveys to viewers the message of family love. Besides, with only 36 seconds long TVC "8 flavors of Love" successfully depicts how to create 8 types of coffee beans in the most realistic way. Each type of bean has a different coffee flavor, but in general, they all carry the meaning of love and connection.

1.4 TVC "Strong Coffee for Men" - Nescafe

If VinaCafe gives viewers the feeling of crystallizing coffee beans with time-honored prices, Nescafe chooses a different direction. Nescafe wants to convey the message of giving love. A few years ago, instead of imposing international tastes, today the Nescafe brand has also created its own product line for the Vietnamese market. In addition, Nescafe's Cafe TVC not only summarizes the image of a trip but also builds a beautiful love story. Besides, with the message "Strong Coffee for Men", Nescafe allows viewers to clearly feel the strong and indigenous coffee flavor.

1.5 TVC "Creating difference from originality" - The Coffee House

Through the outstanding TVC cafe "Making a difference with Originality" carried out by a production house behind The Coffee House's creative campaigns. They give viewers a very different view of The Coffee House in terms of how to convey the brand story in a close and vivid way. This is a coffee advertising TVC that is considered a big step forward in transforming the direction of communication. Besides, with a total of 14 filming sets, the TVC advertisement highlights the diversity of people, contexts, equipment, and modern technology.

In addition, thanks to the enthusiastic support of the production team and the original campaign crew, 14 sets of filming were successfully carried out in the largest studio in Saigon. At the same time, the scenes are accurately drawn by art directors in every specific detail. This is to help fit the drawings onto the canvas as best as possible

1.6 TVC "The Essence of Time" - VinaCafe

Instead of talking about the benefits of the brand at length, VinaCafe's TVC advertisement with the campaign "The Essence of Time" opens its heart through the story of time. With a warm voice and extremely realistic images, VinaCafe's TVC makes viewers feel like time has stopped and crystallized in coffee beans through the hands of talented artisans. Besides, through TVC cafe VinaCafe has successfully portrayed the message that only brands possess heritage values that transcend time.

1.7 TVC "Love in Words" - VinaCafe

TVC cafe "Love in Words" is an advertising campaign that is widely recognized as Vinacafe's most successful video. With the highest total number of views viewed during Tet, this TVC advertisement was present in categories such as Most Popular, Most Shared,... It is truly a great successful result with a strategy behind it the methodical method that VinaCafe devotes itself to.

2. Viewfinder - Professional, high-quality TVC Cafe filming unit

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In addition, Viewfinder also impresses with outstanding advantages such as:

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Through the above article, readers have gained some knowledge about TVC cafe. Hopefully, you can create the best quality TVC advertising for yourself. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for a free consultation.


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