Top 8 Best Fashion Advertising Video Models

Top 8 Best Fashion Advertising Video Models

November 24, 2023

With endless sources of inspiration, today's fashion advertising video have now become a powerful and unique media. In this article, let's explore with Viewfinder Media the top 8 beautiful and creative fashion advertising videos that have attracted the attention of millions of viewers and contributed to the success of the brand.

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1. 8 unique fashion advertising video from major fashion brands

Creating promotional videos for fashion brands is becoming increasingly important. With the power of mass media, we have witnessed the appearance of countless unique fashion advertising videos from famous brands. Here is a list of 8 of the most outstanding fashion videos that have increased the brand's reputation as well as providing a fresh and inspiring perspective on the world of fashion.

1.1. “The Secret Life of Flowers” by Erdem and H&M

One of the most creative and impressive fashion advertising videos in the fashion world is "The Secret Life of Flowers". This is a work of art in collaboration between Erdem and H&M, aiming to recreate the dreamy, seductive, and feminine beauty of the collaborative collection between these two major fashion brands. Flashy, beautiful scenes and sophisticated acting skills have brought viewers a captivating experience.

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“The Secret Life of Flowers” by Erdem and H&M

With a combination of unique fashion designs combined with eye-catching camera angles, "The Secret Life of Flowers" has proven the collaboration between Erdem and H&M as a new highlight for the fashion world. This video is not only for the purpose of promoting the brand but is also a true work of art, showing the sophistication and enchantment of the fashion world.

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1.2. “Hourglass – Past” comes from Adidas Originals

"Hourglass – Past" is a unique fashion advertising piece from Adidas Originals featuring contemporary artist Daniel Arsham. This film brings back Arsham's special memories of being trapped in a storm as a child, while also portraying the significance of that event and its impact on Arsham's later career.

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Fashion video “Hourglass – Past” comes from Adidas Originals

"Hourglass – Past" creates a balance between Arsham's nervous emotions as the storm approached in his youth and Arsham's peaceful, contemplative nature in the present. More than just a fashion promotional video, this is also a tribute and celebration of the history of Adidas Originals.

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1.3. Fashion video "Gucci and Beyond" by Gucci

"Gucci and Beyond" is a unique advertising film of the Gucci fashion house, inspired by science fiction films of the 60s. The story's context expands the Gucci universe into a strange planet. , which features Gucci-clad aliens, tyrannosaurs, and many other fanciful characters.

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Fashion video "Gucci and Beyond" by Gucci

Throughout the fashion advertising video "Beyond and Beyond", the main color tones will have a retro feel, imbued with Gucci's style. By combining humorous elements with impressive fashion style, the film has become an outstanding media phenomenon, attracting fashion followers around the world.

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1.4. Nike's "Be True" fashion advertising video

"Be True" is an impressive promotional video from the Nike brand, with the special participation of transgender Vogue dancer Leiomy Maldonado. With beautiful footage that celebrates Leiomy's beauty and talent, Nike delivers a clear message of diversity, acceptance, and equality. With a one-minute running time with the theme #Equality, this fashion video has profound meaning for the LGBTQ community, especially on Pride Day - the international day of gender equality.

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Nike's "Be True" fashion advertising video

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1.5. “Music is my Mistress” comes from Kenzo

In 2017, Kenzo returned with a masterpiece of fashion art directed by Kahlil Joseph and starring Tracee Ellis Ross, Jesse Williams, Kelsy Lu, and Ish. Not simply a fashion advertising video, this is also a harmonious combination of music and the beauty of everyday life. Through "Music is my Mistress", Kenzo conveyed the profound message that music is an emotional bridge, helping to connect and promote creativity.

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“Music is my Mistress” by Kenzo brand

1.6. “Movement: Queen Moves” by i-D x New Balance

"Movement: Queen Moves" is a movie made in conjunction with i-D and New Balance. This film gives a realistic perspective on the lives of the girls of New York's Queen Moves dance group and explores the big changes when they enter the arts. The goal of this advertising campaign is not simply to introduce the fashion brand but also to contribute to creating a community to support women in modern society facing feelings of inferiority.

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“Movement: Queen Moves” by i-D x New Balance

1.7. “Bridging the Gap” by Gap

Set in white as the main color, Gap's short film "Bridging the Gap" celebrates the American style: simple, fun, diverse, and optimistic. Under the background music of Boney M and a cast of actors from many different cultures, the film created a fun, vibrant space, showing the beauty of diverse cultures as well as the strength of the community.

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“Bridging the Gap” by Gap brand with simple white tone

1.8. “Elle Fanning’s Fan Fantasy” by Vogue US

Vogue US's “Elle Fanning's Fan Fantasy” marked actress Elle Fanning's first appearance on the magazine's cover. The scenes in the fashion video are uniquely creative, along with the image of Elle Fanning appearing in beautiful outfits that reflect her personal style. The harmonious combination with the music in the video creates a captivating and inspiring space. This fashion promotional video celebrates Elle Fanning's creativity and style, while delivering a message of confidence and individuality in the world of fashion.

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“Elle Fanning’s Fan Fantasy” by Vogue US

2. Viewfinder - High-quality fashion advertising video recording unit

Try to find yourself a reputable partner for your brand and creative promotion journey. Viewfinder Media is proud to be the ideal choice to accompany you on that journey. Established in 2008, Viewfinder Media is a unit specializing in producing top-quality fashion advertising videos and TVCs in Ho Chi Minh City. With more than 15 years of experience, Viewfinder has cooperated and understood customers' needs in the process of brand promotion.

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Viewfinder is proud to be the most reputable and high-quality fashion advertising video recording unit

Coming to Viewfinder Media, you will receive great benefits such as:

  • TVC products advertise quality and creative fashion that keeps up with popular trends.
  • Professional staff, always ready to advise and support customers from idea generation to production and product completion.
  • Modern technology and equipment, are updated according to trends to ensure the best image and sound quality.

The above article by Viewfinder Media has compiled 8 impressive fashion advertising videos and brought the most impressive achievements to brands. Through that, we hope readers will have more ideas and inspiration to be able to create more unique advertising products for themselves, expressing their own unlimited personality.


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