Revealing 5 Ways to Use Music in TVC Advertising

Revealing 5 Ways to Use Music in TVC Advertising

November 24, 2023

Music in TVC advertising is essential that producers cannot ignore. Because in addition to image content, sound is one of the decisive factors in the success of advertising products. On the other hand, music can also bring many benefits to help consumers accept a business's brand more easily. So what is music for TVC advertising? Let's find out with Viewfinder Media in the article below.

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1. What is music in TVC advertising?

Music in TVC advertising is a type of visual advertisement that introduces commercial products or certain events broadcast on television. Usually TVC advertising is inserted by producers before, in the middle and at the end of the main content of a certain TV program. These types of TVC ads often have a very wide spread, especially inserting music into TVC ads also helps viewers pay attention and make it easier to remember.

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Music in TVC advertising attracts

That's why music is integrated into commercials by producers. Depending on the content of the TVC advertisement you want to convey, the sound will have different nuances. This is suitable for the promotional purposes of businesses. In addition, music can also help improve the effectiveness of commercials closer to viewers. From there, it helps increase the popularity of a business's products with customers.

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2. The importance of music in TVC advertising

For a long time, music has been one of the important and indispensable elements for any advertising TVC product. Through music, viewers can easily absorb without getting bored. In addition, choosing music for TVC advertising also helps businesses a lot such as:

2.1 Increase emotions for viewers

Choosing appropriate music for TVC advertising is a bridge between the listener and the content the TVC advertising wants to convey. This helps TVC become more interesting so viewers don't get bored and forgetful. The more attractive the music in TVC advertising is, the more it attracts more target customers. Besides, advertising combined with highly entertaining music is not only creative content but also the message you want to spread through the media.

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Appropriate music helps users feel more excited when watching

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2.2 Increase brand recall and recognition

Besides attractive content, music in TVC advertising also helps businesses effectively increase brand recognition. Because a unique music promotional film will make a stronger impression on listeners than just content and images. In addition, using songs with impressive melodies inserted into TVC advertisements also helps the audience know the product easily and remember it longer.

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Insert music into promotional videos to make users more excited

2.3 Make a difference and spread strongly

Using songs with vibrant melodies and memorable but equally meaningful lyrics is the trend of producing promotional videos for many businesses today. Songs specially composed for TVC advertisements have a very strong impact on viewers' feelings. It impresses viewers not only with its funny lyrics but also with a very meaningful message.

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Using songs with vibrant melodies is the trend of producing promotional videos

2.4 Make advertising videos more attractive

Nowadays, brands increasingly want to win the hearts of customers through music in TVC advertising. Therefore, you not only invest in images but also need to take care of each song. Because music is an important factor that naturally creates brand appeal. Integrating sound into music for TVC advertising properly will make the audience enjoy every second that the advertisement wants to convey the message.

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Attractive content combined with music helps increase viewers' motivation

2.5 Entertaining

Music advertisements bring viewers high entertainment when watching TVC. Music in advertising helps the audience feel excited and easily remember the content that the TVC wants to convey. Besides, the more attractive the TVC advertising with music content is, the more potential audiences it will attract.

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Music helps ads increase entertainment effectiveness

3. How to create interesting music for TVC advertising

To increase the attraction of advertising viewers, businesses need to pay more attention not only to content but also to music. Because using music in TVC advertising brings many benefits to help consumers accept the product more easily.

3.1 Combine sound with image

Combining sound and image in TVC advertising is extremely necessary. In particular, in addition to the melody, the lyrics are also very important. Because if a business wants to convey a TVC advertisement with optimistic content but the lyrics are sad, it is not suitable. In particular, to make advertising audio attractive, you should put yourself in the viewer's position to feel whether the music is really suitable or not.

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Combining sound and image in ads

3.2 Sound emphasis on important scenes

In fact, very little music in TVC advertising often makes an impression right from the first moments. Therefore, you need to pay attention to important moments to insert melodies that create a strong impression on viewers. For passages that need to emphasize visual content, you should choose a gentle stage if it is appropriate.

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Depending on the content, you should choose the appropriate sound

3.3 Music in TVC needs to be unified

This is extremely basic when a business wants to put music in an advertising film. To create consistency, you can choose the image first and then choose the appropriate melody later. For a cheerful image, you should combine fast-paced songs. On the contrary, for sad scenes, songs with gentle rhythms will be more suitable.

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Need to unify music in TVC advertising

3.4 Collaboration with artists

Collaborating with artists is something that has become quite popular in current TVC commercials. This is where businesses will pay musicians to create exclusive songs for TVC advertising. Therefore, booking artists that match the advertising content is also very important. Thanks to cooperation with artists, when a piece of music is played, viewers will immediately recognize which brand it is from.

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Thanks to the collaboration with the artist, viewers will immediately recognize which brand this is from.

3.5 Change lyrics based on available music

Changing lyrics on existing music has become a popular form of inserting music in TVC advertising today. By using existing songs that are familiar to the public, you only need to change the lyrics to suit the advertising message. This is considered an easy and effective brand marketing method that you should refer to.

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Changing the lyrics on the background music helps viewers more easily remember the product.

4. Top reputable advertising TVC filming service today

Nowadays, produce music in TVC advertising services are increasingly popular. Therefore, many businesses do not know which reputable and quality TVC advertising filming unit to choose. Therefore, we would like to introduce to readers the reputable advertising production unit Viewfinder Media. With more than 15 years of experience in the field of advertising video production, Viewfinder Media always brings absolute customer satisfaction.

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Viewfinder Media is a quality advertising TVC production company. 

Besides, Viewfinder also has the following extremely outstanding advantages:

  • Is a successful unit with more than 1,200 TVC filming projects
  • Viewfinder Media is a trusted partner of many famous businesses such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietnam women's football team, KIA,...
  • Our staff is experienced, dedicated and extremely creative, to bring the best quality products to customers.
  • Always meet all customer needs in the most standard way.
  • Viewfinder provides services at competitive prices on products. Along with that,  professional and quality equipment.

Above is some information about how to use music in TVC advertising that you can refer to. Hopefully through the above article, you have chosen a reputable and quality advertising filming unit. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for detailed advice.


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