TVC advertising cosmetics and all information from A - Z

TVC advertising cosmetics and all information from A - Z

November 24, 2023

Currently, cosmetics are one of the highly competitive business products. Along with that, TVC advertising cosmetics is a marketing option chosen by many businesses in the process of implementing product marketing strategies. These TVC advertisements help businesses easily attract and reach target customers quickly. So are there any benefits to investing in producing cosmetic advertising videos? How many types of TVC advertising are there? Join us to find out through the following article of Viewfinder Media!

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1. Benefits of investing in cosmetic advertising TVC

Investing in TVC advertising products can bring businesses some of the following benefits:

1.1. Promote products and increase brand recognition

The first benefit that TVC advertising cosmetics brings is to help businesses promote products and increase brand recognition. For products that are new or not yet known to many customers. Some promotional images that you post on your fan page will not show all their values and benefits. Therefore, businesses can increase product value and easily reach target customers through TVC with vivid images and many meaningful messages. Besides, this also helps customers remember the name as well as some product information right after watching TVC.

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The first benefit of cosmetic advertising

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1.2. Support sales activities

Most TVC advertising cosmetics will focus on promoting the brand and introducing the business's products in the market. When a TVC promotes a viral business's cosmetics on any social media platform, it will increase the likelihood of selling the product to potential customers. Vivid sound effects and attractive images are factors that directly impact customer interest.

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TVC helps you increase sales revenue

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1.3. Build trust and increase leads

Building trust with customers is an outstanding benefit that cannot be overlooked, helping your brand develop sustainably. TVCs advertising products can highlight and help many customers know the uses of cosmetics. When customers are having a skin care problem, they randomly watch a video introducing the uses of your cosmetics that can help them solve their problem. Customers will definitely save the video to learn more.

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Building trust through TVC advertising

These are your potential future customers. Once customers trust a cosmetic brand, they will tend to trust all other products of the brand.

2. Types of TVC advertising cosmetics

Here are 3 popular types of TVC advertising cosmetics today that you can refer to:

2.1. Advertising cosmetics through business introduction videos

Advertising through demonstrating facilities, technology and professional processes is the first form of TVC advertising cosmetics we introduce to you. This way of advertising will help your Marketing campaign create more goodwill with customers. The combination of sophisticated filming techniques and capturing every stage of production will make customers feel more secure and confident.

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Advertising method through business introduction

Currently, in the cosmetics market there are many establishments producing poor quality cosmetics, and shops selling fake and counterfeit goods are widespread. Therefore, consumers need to know more clearly about brands and whether products are safe or not. Through business introduction videos, customer trust in the product will be built more firmly.

2.2. Product review video

Currently, Content UGC has become an indispensable part of the Content Marketing strategy (content marketing strategy). Especially in the cosmetics industry, consumers always tend to look for real reviews before making purchasing decisions. By building a natural review context and close-up shooting techniques, they will help viewers have a clearer view of the product. From there, customers will trust and be attracted to experience the product.

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Promotes products through video review

Thereby, you can see that video review is an extremely effective form of TVC for product advertising. Businesses can conduct research and invite beauty bloggers to try and give honest reviews of their products. KOLs have extremely powerful influence and are an effective promotional tool for businesses to reach potential customers.

2.3. TVC advertising cosmetics

For cosmetic brands, TVC advertising cosmetic is always the top communication campaign. This form of advertising helps bring high efficiency to businesses and is known by many customers. TVC advertising also helps brands convey clear messages and make an impression on potential customers.

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Production of cosmetic advertising film

Each advertising video is usually only about 15 seconds to 1 minute. But the production process is so elaborate that they can leave a strong impression on viewers right from the first moments. Although the cost of producing TVC advertising is not cheap, it is still popular with many businesses today.

3. Preparation steps for filming cosmetic TVC

Filming a TVC advertising cosmetics is a process that requires careful preparation to ensure the final product achieves the expected effect. Below are the necessary preparation steps that you can refer to:

3.1. Product

Preparing the product is the first step you need to take to serve the cosmetic TVC filming process. You should prepare at least 10 brand cosmetic products for your shots. At the same time, you need to prepare a table of ingredients as well as main uses when preparing the product. These will help the actors and crew better understand the product.

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The first step in preparing to film a TVC

3.2. Scenario ideas

Preparing script ideas for cosmetics advertising TVC is the next step you need to take. A clear and detailed TVC script helps you determine advertising goals, to convey the main message and create an impression on the audience. In addition, it also helps you and the production crew manage filming time more effectively.

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Scenario design for TVC

3.3. Calculate costs

Next, budgeting in advance is an indispensable step when producing TVC advertising cosmetics. This step helps businesses be more proactive in making decisions about paying for personnel, hiring production units and purchasing equipment. If the business does not estimate and limit production costs based on existing budget sources. Businesses will have many difficulties controlling the payment amount and may even have it increase a lot compared to the original cost.

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The importance of calculating the cost of filming TVC

3.4. Choose a reputable filming unit

Whether a TVC advertising a product is successful or viral depends greatly on the level of professionalism of the production unit. Therefore, researching and choosing a reputable TVC filming unit is extremely important. You should evaluate TVC production companies based on factors such as projects they have carried out, working attitude, experience, etc. Thereby, you will easily find a promotional video production unit. Reputable and quality cosmetic products.

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Choose a reputable unit to cooperate in producing TVC

3.5. Marketing campaign

Normally, a business's Marketing campaign will have an advertising TVC. When you prepare a detailed plan for a media campaign, TVC will easily go viral and reach more potential customers. However, in reality there are still many businesses that produce TVC advertising cosmetics but do not come up with ideas for promotional strategies. This can easily lead to advertising videos failing and not achieving good results. Therefore, setting up an advertising campaign is an important step that businesses should not skip.

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Plan your advertising campaign

4. Viewfinder Media - A reputable cosmetic advertising TVC production agency

With more than 15 years of experience, Viewfinder Media is confident to be one of the leading reputable TVC advertising cosmetics production units in Ho Chi Minh City. Because I have spent many years implementing cosmetics promotion projects on many different scales. So Viewfinder can clearly understand market trends as well as customer needs.

Along with that, Viewfinder is a gathering place for many young creative, dynamic and enthusiastic employees. Therefore, Viewfinder can meet all customer requirements. Whether it is a large or small project, Viewfinder's staff is always dedicated and devoted. This is to provide customers with impressive and attractive promotional videos.

Besides professionalism and creativity, equipment and machinery at Viewfinder are extremely rich and diverse. The company always uses advanced technology and modern production methods to ensure TVCs go viral and receive positive interaction from the audience. All TVC products are strictly controlled to ensure quality before being delivered to customers. Therefore, Viewfinder is a place where you can feel secure when implementing your Marketing strategy.

ReplaceReasons to choose Viewfinder Media as your TVC production partner for Select an Image 

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Reasons to choose Viewfinder Media as your TVC production partner for cosmetics advertising

Below are some cosmetic advertising projects that Viewfinder Media has implemented:

  • Biore UV: Biore UV is a sunscreen product under the Biore brand - a famous Japanese cosmetic brand. Aim to transmit conveying the message "Lightweight sunscreen, moisturizing every day", TVC focuses on presenting the outstanding uses and benefits of sunscreen products. That is successfully demonstrated through Viewfinder's use of bright colors, script combination and attractive visual effects.
  • Nivea Micellair: This TVC was launched in 2019 to introduce the Nivea Micellair makeup remover product and its outstanding advantages. Viewfinder demonstrates the product's effectiveness and ease of use through beautiful images and engaging footage. Furthermore, TVC also effectively conveys the message "Deeply clean, breathing skin, bright and fresh skin". This helps viewers increase product awareness and increase customer trust.
  • Biore New Generation: Bioré UV makeup sunscreen milk is a new generation skin care product under the Bioré brand. Through outstanding scripts and images, TVC fully demonstrated the outstanding uses of the product such as oil control ability, maximum UV protection, skin protection from UVA and UVB rays,...

Above is information about the benefits, types of TVC and agency specializing in producing reputable TVC advertising cosmetics. Hopefully you have gained more useful knowledge about this type of Marketing through the article. If you need any support, don't hesitate to contact Viewfinder Media right away!


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