10 Attractive TVC Beer Advertising Videos You Should Not Miss

10 Attractive TVC Beer Advertising Videos You Should Not Miss

November 23, 2023

Nowadays, any business requires investment in producing advertising TVCs with meaningful information. Of course, the same goes for beer, the idea of TVC beer is fundamental because it helps build brand image and increase effectiveness in interacting with target customers. So what interesting TVC ideas are there to advertise beer products? Which unit specializes in providing reputable and professional advertising video production services? Please join us to learn through the following article on Viewfinder Media!

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1. Best TVC beer advertising ideas

Below are some good and unique beer advertising TVC ideas from many different famous brands that you can refer to:

1.1. TVC advertising Heineken beer

The first idea that we cannot miss is the TVC "Celebrating 150 years of the world's famous beer" from Heineken. The TVC idea of this campaign comes from the fact that Heineken has been called by the wrong name in many interesting ways and is enjoyed in unique ways all over the world. However, what these fun and confusing moments all have in common are the wonderful moments created by a glass of Heineken beer.

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TVC celebrates the 150th anniversary of Heineken beer

Along with the message "150 years jubilant - The world's great party", TVC with vivid sound and many unique images. This helped Heineken mark an important anniversary milestone and affirmed Heineken's position in the beer industry. Furthermore, through this TVC beer, Heineken also wants to convey to customers the longevity, quality, and class of Heineken beer products in the international market.

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1.2. Larue beer promotional video

The next meaningful beer advertising idea that you can refer to is the TVC introducing Larue's "new shirt colors". On the occasion of Tet Quy Mao 2023, Larue beer - one of the long-standing beer products - has come up with the idea of taking on a new look. This is done through the campaign carrying the message "New look, celebrate Tet with love". Combined with surveying customer opinions, Larue has launched a new look for the Larue and Larue Special beer lines.

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Promotional video to welcome Tet 2023 of beer brand

Besides product quality, Larue Beer is constantly innovating to improve customer experience. This campaign hopes to promote strong growth and create a connection between Larue beer and consumers. In addition, TVC beer Larue Tet 2023 will focus on encouraging people to change their positive attitudes and accept and cherish precious moments with loved ones during Tet.

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1.3. TVC advertising Saigon beer

Through many years of development, SABECO has built a leading corporation in Vietnam. Along with that, SABECO has been continuously supporting Vietnamese sports through its leading brand Bia Saigon. This is considered part of the enterprise's sustainable development strategy. Currently, Bia Saigon is the exclusive partner in the beer industry for the men's and women's football teams from July 2022. Continuing a meaningful strategy, TVC's "Breaking Limits Together" is a part of Saigon Beer's next marketing campaign. This is a TVC produced by Viewfinder in collaboration with the Vietnam Football Federation and Bia Saigon.

post image

A meaningful and profound message from TVC beer Saigon

With a duration of 30 seconds, the TVC successfully conveyed the entire message "Millions of fans always stand side by side with the Vietnam Women's Team". The purpose of this campaign is to call for support and show football fans' love for the National women's team. Not only that, this TVC advertising beer also aims to affirm that no matter what the result, female athletes have made our country Vietnam proud and admired. Please refer to this advertising idea!

1.4. TVC beer 333

One of the famous products contributing to SABECO's success today is 333 beer. This is the first canned beer brand in the domestic market, launched in October 1985. Beer 333 is not only popular domestically but is also the first domestic beer brand to be exported to 18 countries such as Japan, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.

An outstanding TVC beer 333 that we cannot ignore is the TVC "3 quintessence 1 legend". The idea of this promotional video is to guide customers on how to fully enjoy the taste of 333 beers. However, it is not as simple as that, SABECO, along with the professional production of the Viewfinder unit, has delicately integrated important quintessence through the steps of enjoying beer.

post image

Outstanding 333 beer promotional video

Specifically, first, you take a deep breath to immerse yourself in the passionate scent of Hallertau flowers from Germany. Take a refreshing sip so you can immerse yourself in a delicate, gentle beer full of French flavor. In the end, you will feel proud of the talent of 50 Vietnamese beer brewers over the past hundred years. Through profound dialogue, extremely vivid images, and sounds, TVC successfully conveyed the message "3 quintessence 1 legend" in an impressive way and attracted more customers. This is truly an extremely profound beer advertising idea that you should consider!

1.5. Sapporo beer promotional video

One TVC beer idea that we would like to suggest to you is a promotional video of Sapporo beer. This is a premium beer brand from Japan with more than 140 years of experience. With premium quality and characteristic smooth taste, Sapporo Premium Beer products are extremely famous around the world. Sapporo always strives in all aspects to grow stronger and more popular.

post image

Promotional video with artistic instructions on how to pour beer

During this process, an outstanding communication strategy of Sapporo is the TVC's "Enjoy every moment". With the message "3-step standard, smooth standard", this promotional video wants to convey to customers that pouring beer properly is also a unique art. With 3 standard steps of pouring beer with TVC Sapporo Premium Beer performed by the Viewfinder team, we will fully enjoy every moment.

1.6. TVC advertising Budweiser beer

Behind the brilliant success of Budweiser - a leading beer brand in the world, breakthrough marketing strategies are indispensable. One of Budweiser's outstanding campaigns is the TVC "Be A King" with the insight: "When you dare to endure the darkness, the day to wear the crown will come. Like Budweiser's King beer brewed overnight for a smooth, smooth taste. Through this campaign, Budweiser wants to convey encouragement and encourage people not to be discouraged, to cherish their passion, and then achieve success.

post image

TVC Be A King has the participation of singer Hoang Thuy Linh and the cooperation in producing TVC advertising with Viewfinder

More special is the presence of singer Hoang Thuy Linh in the TVC. She has strongly overcome ups and downs throughout her journey of pursuing her passion for art, without being discouraged or losing her bravery. The TVC advertises beer with subtle moving angles and strong, intense sounds, combined with Budweiser's familiar alternating red and black tones. This commercial film successfully touched the hearts of millions of viewers and quickly achieved "huge" views.

1.7. Video Tiger beer TVC

Another unique idea that cannot be ignored is the TVC of Tiger Beer in collaboration with designer Nguyen Cong Tri in 2023. "Asian bravery, globally renowned" is the message that both want to convey. general public. Young talents in all fields want to assert themselves to the world.

post image

Beer promotional video in collaboration with famous fashion designer

With vivid scenes and effects produced by Viewfinder, TVC hopes to inspire Vietnamese talents, encouraging them to explore the fierce power within themselves. Strong and resilient to conquer all world arenas. After more than 1 month, this meaningful campaign has attracted more than 380,600 discussions on social networking platforms.

1.8. TVC beer Huda

Advertising combining beer with tourism is a very interesting idea. This idea has been extremely well concretized by the Huda beer brand, through TVC beer with the message "Open the lid of Huda, experience the Central region". Up to now, the image of Huda beer has always accompanied journeys to experience the Central region. From wild natural scenes to sparkling city lights.

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Huda's idea of combining tourism and beer

We can say that Huda is not just a beer, but it is also a part of the memory of the sunny and windy Central region with its kind-hearted people. Through TVC with the beautiful natural scenery of the Central region, Huda beer conveys that they wish to accompany the people here in interesting life experiences.

1.9. TVC advertising Hanoi beer

TVC beer of Hanoi on the occasion of the Lunar New Year is also an idea that you should consider. The TVC shows a reunion scene of family members on loving spring days. Although the TVC does not use too many special effects, it is still highly appreciated thanks to the scoring narration. With meaningful, gentle, and profound narration, Hanoi beer helps convey the message completely to viewers. Since then, the effectiveness of the communication campaign has been improved and attracted more customers.

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Advertising Hanoi beer on the occasion of the Lunar New Year

1.10. Ruby beer promotional video

The last idea we want to introduce to you is a Ruby beer promotional video. This is a beer advertising TVC combined with the use of images of famous artists to promote the product. In this advertising campaign, the Ruby beer brand chose to accompany famous male singer Dam Vinh Hung. This TVC is highly appreciated for its scene design, transition effects, and actors' acting. These factors have contributed to the effectiveness of Ruby Beer's communication campaign.

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Good advertising idea for Ruby beer

2. Beer advertising TVC production service at Viewfinder Media

Established in 2008, Viewfinder Media is a leading reputable TVC production unit in Ho Chi Minh City. Viewfinder provides customers with TVC beer filming services, video production, set design, and construction. Besides, they also edit videos from available documents and conduct video recordings in Ho Chi Minh.

With more than 15 years of experience in the advertising and content creation industry, Viewfinder always grasps customer needs in the brand promotion process. Viewfinder owns a team of professional staff, always ready to advise and support customers from ideation to production and completion of TVC. Additionally, the company's technology and equipment are always updated with the most modern trends to ensure the best image and sound quality. Therefore, Viewfinder is always confidently committed to providing high-quality, unique TVCs that meet customers' marketing goals.

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Partnering with Viewfinder Media is an ideal choice

Not only that, ViewFinder is also considered a trusted partner of many famous businesses nationwide. The company has successfully implemented more than 1,200 TVC filming projects in cooperation with many large and small businesses. With these outstanding advantages, please consider cooperating with Viewfinder Media, if you are looking for a reliable and professional partner to produce TVCs!

Above is information about 10 excellent and popular TVC beer advertising ideas that you can refer to. Hopefully, you have gained useful knowledge and accumulated many good advertising ideas through the article. If you need help with any problem, don't hesitate to get in touch with Viewfinder Media!


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