Compare The Difference Between Viral Clip And TVC Ads

Compare The Difference Between Viral Clip And TVC Ads

September 13, 2023

Viral clip and TVC ads are very popular marketing choices these days. However, there are probably many people who still do not understand the difference between these two types of videos. To easily distinguish them and easily choose the right type of video, please refer to the following article of Viewfinder Media!

1. The concept of viral clip and TVC

TVC advertising stands for the phrase Television Commercial - Television advertising. TVC is understood as a commercial short film. TVC is produced to introduce the products, services, and brands of a business. These TVC advertisements will be circulated on television systems and mass media with limited broadcasting time.

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Concept of a viral clip and TVC

Viral clips are movies produced with the aim of achieving a huge number of views. This video can be posted on different social networking platforms, emails, blogs, forums, etc. Thanks to its entertainment, relaxation, humorous elements, and depth of script, the video will have a strong influence and a number of interactions.

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2. Distinguish between viral clips and advertising TVC

Currently, viral clip and TVC are very popular types of advertising tools with good performance and virality. However, viewers can easily confuse these two types of videos because they have many common features. Here are some factors that help us distinguish these two types:

2.1. Differences in production costs

Production cost is the first differentiating factor between TVC and viral clip. Many people think that it will be less expensive to produce promotional TVCs because viral videos have no time limit. But this is purely a partial opinion.

For the production of viral clip products, this process takes a lot of time in writing the script, filming, editing, cutting, hiring actors, designing, music... The script of the Viral video is required. depth, there is always a beginning and an end. Therefore, producing viral clips is expensive and creates many problems.

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The difference in production cost between the two types of video

As for the cost of editing TVC ads, although it is lower than viral clips, the cost for you to buy TV shows is quite high. The cost of broadcasting TVC will be calculated according to the length of the footage. The longer the duration of the footage, the more it will cost you.


2.2. The difference in the production process of TVC and viral

In the production process, TVC and viral clip have different points such as:

  • The biggest difference in the production process of viral clips and TVC is in the issue of duration. Because broadcasting TVC on TV programs costs a lot. So the final TVC product requires a short deadline, only a few tens of seconds. In contrast to TVC, the time of viral clips is not limited, from a few minutes up to tens of minutes.
  • The TVC production process must be ingenious and creative so that the finished product not only meets the requirements in terms of content and message conveyed but also in terms of video timing. Viral clips tend to have a plot, requiring a deep and meaningful script. The script must have a harmonious combination of marketing communications and the values ​​of the product/service.
  • Advertising TVC production mainly focuses on dialogues introducing products/services in a straight-to-the-point manner. Requirements clearly state the message that the product/service wants to convey to the customer.
  • The process of producing viral clips requires professionalism, preparation, detailed planning, and more complex and precise filming techniques. In addition, to ensure the final product is attractive to viewers, viral videos also require the participation of directors, props designers, editors, etc.
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The difference between the 2 types of videos about the production process

2.3. Display channel of TVC and viral clip

The display channel is also one of the big differences between viral clips and TVC. Advertising TVCs only appear to be interspersed with television programs or broadcasts during the advertising period within a short amount of time. Viral clips are often posted on the Internet and strongly covered on today's popular social networking platforms.

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Display channel viral and TVC

2.4. The difference between viral clip and TVC in terms of virality

Advertising TVCs can easily convey the message, but the virality of the video is not as good as that of a viral clip. Because TVC viewers can't express their views, feelings as well as share them with friends and relatives. In contrast, when watching viral clips, they can interact in two ways through the form of likes, shares, and comments right under each video. This makes it easier to go viral for the video.

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Viral clips and TVC commercials differ in their virality

In addition, TVC footage is often limited in terms of display time frame, and the channel is also fixed. So the virality of this type of video will be lower than the Viral video. However, TVC advertising has a high reputation and is easy to gain the trust of the public, especially television audiences. Thereby, we can see that the characteristics of the display channel are also a cause of the difference in virality between TVC and viral clip.

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2.5. Interaction with customers

The final difference between viral clip and TVC is the interaction with customers. For advertising TVCs, viewers can only see the TVC appear on the television screen for a few tens of seconds. Despite conveying useful information, viewers can't do anything because other ads will switch continuously.

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Differences in customer interaction between the two types of videos

Meanwhile, viral clips after being posted online, viewers can easily search for and review what they want to see. They can leave their own feedback on each video. A successful viral clip will attract hundreds or even millions of views within days, weeks, or months.

3. What do TVC and viral clips have in common?

Depending on the purpose of transmission of the business, the types of video marketing used will be different. There are many similarities between viral clip and TVC, specifically as follows:

  • The same method of communication with a large number of viewers: Currently, the Internet in general or social networks, in particular, is a place that businesses and brands can use to promote their brands to customers. Video marketing in the form of promotional TVCs and viral videos is the more effective option among the multitude of communication methods.
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Similarities between TVC media videos and viral clips

  • Both are tools to help reach many customers easily: Video is the top priority form of access on search engines today. Along with that, video search traffic is also skyrocketing. Video marketing is gradually becoming the preferred form of information search compared to other forms.
  • The same method of bringing products to consumers on a large scale: Types of marketing videos such as viral videos and TVC advertising have the ability to convey a large number of messages, providing customers with a complete overview of the product. This is an extremely effective solution to bring products to consumers. Therefore, these types of media videos will help businesses easily expand their reach and bring their brands closer to customers.

Above is an article that clarifies the difference between two types of media videos, viral clip and TVC. Hopefully, through this article, you will have a lot of useful knowledge to easily choose the right communication method for your business. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media to get an answer right away!

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