Green screen in video recording and all information about it

Green screen in video recording and all information about it

November 23, 2023

With increasingly developing technology, applying advanced technology in the film industry is extremely necessary. In particular, green screen in video recording is one of the great advances that mark a breakthrough development in filming and photography techniques. In this article, let Viewfinder Media discover all about this interesting filming technique.

1. What is green screen in video recording?

Green screen in video recording, also known as green screen, is an important tool for creating unique images and special effects in movies. This is a cinematic technique that allows us to change or remove the background during video recording, making the color or brightness value transparent. Then you can completely create a different background without needing actual footage.

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What is the concept of green screen in video recording?

Green screen technology has opened up limitless creativity in the world of cinema. From creating shots in various locations to adding special effects, green screen backgrounds have become an indispensable tool especially in news programs, in film production and advertising,...

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2. Benefits of using green screen for video recording

Green screens in video recording offer countless benefits, from creating special effects to the ability to increase efficiency and flexibility in the production process. Here are some key benefits of using a green screen background:

  • Save costs and time: Green screen images allow filmmakers to simulate scenes shot at different locations and times right on set. This contributes significantly to saving preparation and transportation time as well as minimizing costs to rent or maintain an actual shoot.
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Benefits of using green screen for video recording

  • Reduce objective risks: Green screen filming helps film crews minimize risks that may occur during work. In the closed space of the studio, the film crew can comfortably carry out creative projects without being affected by weather, noise, accidents, etc., helping the filming process go smoothly and conveniently. than.
  • Implement fictional ideas: With just a green background, you can completely unleash your own creative ideas. From scenes about science, physics, or creativity in space, under the sea, or restoring historical images that are difficult to shoot with real footage,... you can completely do it. quickly and easily.

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3. How to use green screen in video recording

Whether you are a professional filmmaker or just someone interested in cinematography, green screen in video recording is certainly an extremely interesting topic for you to explore. Here's a guide on how to shoot a very simple green screen video.

3.1. Make a flat green screen

You can use very simple materials such as fabric, paper or a large screen to create a green screen background. If you're using a monitor, look for colors like 'chroma key green' or 'digi green' to make sure the green color matches. For non-reflective materials such as paper and fabric, smooth the surface to remove wrinkles by ironing or steaming.

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The first step to create a video from a green screen is to prepare the necessary tools and make a flat green screen

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3.2. Create plenty of space between the subject and the background

You need to choose backgrounds that are long enough to best display the characters and contexts. Create a curved corner where the wall meets the floor. This helps make the transition from wall to floor smoother, avoiding shadows and hard lines that can cause gradient changes. Besides, you need to light the foreground and background separately. Pay attention to lighting the character at an angle that matches the lighting of the scene where the green screen background will be combined.

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Create multiple subject spaces with background

4. Software to separate green screen video background for editing

The following is a list of some popular software used to separate backgrounds and edit green screens in video recording.

4.1. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects, also known as AE, is a software specializing in special effects and video post-production. This software integrates many features and provides powerful tools to help edit effects, edit images and sounds professionally. With effects, masks, keying and other tools, you can completely get creative to create special products just from a green background. Some of the outstanding features of Adobe After Effects include:

  • Create lively and creative effects.
  • Track 3D movements, control shadows, depth, reflections.
  • Integrates with Adobe Illustrator and other supporting software from Adobe
  • Supports standard border creation, text compression, block and ray tracing operations.
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Software to separate green screen video background and edit Adobe After Effects

To perform green screen video background separation in Adobe After Effects, you can follow these steps:

  • Use multiple layers to preserve subject detail in Adobe After Effects. Multiple “Layers” and “Keyers” will retain blurred subject movements that are not captured by the camera.
  • Import the video you want to separate the background into Adobe After Effects. Select “Effect” -> “Keying” -> “Keylight”. At “Screen color”, select the color absorbent pen image and select the background image you want to delete.
  • With the “Keylight” effect configured, Adobe After Effects will automatically remove the green screen in video recording. However, if you want to erase specific details, use the “Pen” or “Shapes” tool to draw on the area you want to erase. Then, select “Inverter” to delete the object in the drawing.
  • For complex videos, such as when the color on the character matches the color of the green screen background, you can use the “Mocha Plugin” tool to recreate the deleted parts.
  • You should select the "Intermediate result" view mode to clearly see the removal of the green screen background image and be able to check and make necessary adjustments.

4.2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro (Pr) is also a professional video editing software, providing green screen video background separation feature. In addition, Premiere Pro also provides tools for color correction, cropping, and adding effects to fine-tune the final result. Adobe Premiere Pro offers the following outstanding features:

  • Process and edit image files, videos, typography,...
  • Arrange and cut videos, add filters, effects, effects,... to increase the appeal of the video
  • Live audio processing
  • Export videos in a variety of formats, including DVD, videotape recordings, and other popular video formats.
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Software to separate green screen video background for editing Adobe Premiere Pro

To key the blue background on Adobe Premiere, you can follow these basic steps:

  • Step 1: Localize the object: Select footage, Panel Effect Controls will appear. Click "Opacity" and select "Free draw bezier", then use your mouse to circle the object you want to separate from the green screen. Note, you should set "Mask Feather" at 450 to create a smoother intersection area.
  • Step 2: Use the Effect feature to Key the font: Continue to select Footage, the Effect Videos section will appear in the Effect Control Panel. Find and select "Keying" with "Ultra Key". If the quality of the footage is good, a quick way to key the font is to go to "Settings" and select "Aggressive", and use the color filter tool under "Key Color". Then, use the mouse to touch the green dots on the screen to remove the green screen from the video.

4.3. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a free domain editing software. However, this is considered extremely powerful software for video and color post-production. It also has a green screen extraction tool for video recording, allowing you to create countless new scenes. Outstanding features of DaVinci Resolve include:

  • Automatically match colors intelligently
  • Adjust primary and secondary colors
  • LUT support
  • HSL Curves
  • Real-time noise reduction
  • Multi-user collaboration (Studio version only)
  • Automatic face recognition (Studio version only)
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DaVinci Resolve green screen video background separation software

Performing green screen video background separation using DaVinci Resolve software is also extremely simple. In standard lighting conditions, you only need 1 click on the “Delta Keyer” button in “DaVinci Resolve”. At this time, the software's artificial intelligence will help you analyze images and judge contexts intelligently and accurately.

4.4. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a professional video editing software for the macOS operating system. The application provides a full range of powerful editing tools, including the ability to separate green screen backgrounds in video recording. Outstanding features of Final Cut Pro X include:

  • Edit motion graphics, video audio.
  • Supports editing of 360-degree video footage.
  • Advanced color grading, Prores RAW and HDR support.
  • Add 2D and 3D titles and create subtitles in a variety of formats.
  • Multi-touch editing feature.
  • Work directly with powerful third-party applications without leaving the software.
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Green screen video background separation software Final Cut Pro X

How to do green background key in Final Cut Pro X software:

  • Place video green screens above the background video. When you adjust the blue background to transparent, you will see the background video below.
  • Click to select a video with a green screen. Then select “Effect” -> “Keying” -> Double click on the “Keyer” effect to apply to the videos.
  • If the video has a subject that is not mixed with green, the subject will be completely separated.
  • But if not, the whole subject is also deleted. However, you can completely adjust it by going to the “Video Inspector” area -> “Keyer” effect -> “Refine Key” function -> selecting “Sample Color” to adjust the background color selection.
  • You can scan and select many different parts to choose the most suitable color value. This will help the green background be separated best and you have completed the steps to remove the green background.

The contributions of green screen in video recording cannot be denied as a creative and popular special effects tool in the film industry. With the combination of skills and green screen knowledge that Viewfinder Media provides, hopefully you can create high-quality videos with unique and impressive effects.


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