What is a thumbnail? Meaning and tips for creating attractive thumbnails

What is a thumbnail? Meaning and tips for creating attractive thumbnails

October 19, 2023

What is a thumbnail? This is the keyword phrase that many people are most interested in today. Because it is still a strange name for many people. However, designing thumbnail images plays an important role in deciding whether viewers will click on your content. To understand more about how to take thumbnail photos. Please join Viewfinder Media to see the article below.

1. What is a thumbnail?

What is a thumbnail? A thumbnail image translated means miniature image. This term is used to refer to the processing of images from a certain size into an illustration as a representative image. From there, it helps users to visualize what the article or video wants to say when looking at it.

post image

Thumbnail images are miniature images

On the other hand, you can also understand that YouTube thumbnails help viewers save space effectively. Thanks to that, viewers can easily see many images at the same time. On the internet, thumbnails play a role in helping users view images without having to download the full image size.

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2. Characteristics of thumbnail images

Through the above concept, surely you already know what a thumbnail is, right? However, it has common characteristics such as:

  • Thumbnail images are designed as JPEG and PNG images
  • Size is adjusted to suit each platform.
  • The image content does reveal some issues that you found when viewing the main content.
  • Image content arouses curiosity and interest in viewers
post image

The thumbnail has many outstanding features

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3. What is the meaning of thumbnail images?

Besides the outstanding features and uses it brings, some people still wonder what the meaning of a thumbnail is? In fact, a thumbnail is more than just a thumbnail image. They have a special role for users, notably: Google, YouTube or other social networking platforms.

post image

Thumbnail makes users attractive and wants to click to see it immediately.

In addition, it not only represents a video, but the thumbnail also has the meaning of creating attraction and curiosity. This makes users attracted and want to click to see immediately. At the same time, thumbnails also effectively highlight your content among rows and rows of other options.

4. Thumbnail images on social platforms

What is a thumbnail? Or what is a thumbnail image? These are all keywords that have been searched a lot in recent years. With its widely used function on social networks, thumbnails are chosen by many companies to use. Below are some popular social networking platforms that you can refer to

4.1 Thumbnails on Youtube

What is a yoube thumbnail? In fact, YouTube is just one of the most widely used social networking platforms today. Youtube provides viewers with millions of videos with diverse content updated continuously every day. Therefore, you can easily see thumbnail images right on the video's home page.

post image

You can easily see thumbnail images right on the video's home page

4.2 Thumbnails on blogs and websites

With its diverse features, thumbail is very popular and widely used on blogs and websites. It helps each article on a website or blog present effective content coverage. In particular, each article on the website uses a descriptive image as the representative image. Therefore, you only need to look at the thumbnail to visualize the message inside the article.

post image

Thumbnail helps each article on a website or blog show effective content coverage

4.3 Thumbnails on e-commerce sites

Nowadays, thumbnail images are used quite commonly on e-commerce sites with the purpose of increasing customer attraction. Thanks to the lively and eye-catching design style, users can easily access the products. As well as effectively improving user experience products.

post image

Thumbnail images are used quite commonly on e-commerce sites

4.4 Thumbnails on GIFs

The thumbnail section on GIFs is considered much simpler compared to the video thumbnail section. As we know, GIFs are short, repeating thumbnail videos. When the user clicks, the loop will operate continuously as a short animation.

post image

Thumbnail helps make short videos more vivid

4.5 Thumbnails on Google

Google is one of the platforms that uses thumbnails very commonly. Users can easily see it when searching for any information on this platform. To verify, you can search on Google for any keyword you want. Now you will see the thumbnail image you want.

post image

Google is one of the popular platforms that uses thumbnails

5. Benefits of using thumbnails

With many outstanding features, and attractive and unique image designs, thumbnails are chosen by many advertising companies. So what is the benefit of using thumbnail images?

5.1 Save space

Through the characteristics of thumbnails, we know that thumbnail images help save space optimally. It helps images reduce size significantly compared to the original image file. Therefore, users can easily see all the original images and videos. At the same time, users do not have to spend too much time selecting content.

post image

Thumbnail helps images reduce size  significantly compared to the original image file

5.2 Optimize page load time

One of the biggest advantages when you use thumbnails is that it helps you effectively optimize the size of the file compared to the original image. Besides, thanks to using thumbnail images, web pages load faster than using original images. Thanks to that, through thumbnails users can easily decide what they want to see.

post image

Thumbnail helps you optimize the file size compared to the original image effectively

5.3 User-friendly

Using thumbnails makes the content expressed much more attractive and vivid. Because compared to content expressed in words, using thumbnail images will impress viewers more. Thumbnail images will help the human brain grasp more quickly. That's why users can easily recognize the message.

post image

Using thumbnails helps the content to be presented attractively

5.4 Increase interaction

Thumbnail images will often stimulate users' curiosity. From there, it makes them decide to click quickly. On the other hand, Thumbnail design is often very impressive and important, it contributes to radically increasing website content interaction.

post image

Thumbnail images will often stimulate users' curiosity

6. The secret to creating impressive thumbnail images

What's the secret to creating thumbnail images? As explained above, thumbnail is one of the tools to decide whether the user will click the button to view or not. Therefore, designing an attractive thumbnail is not easy. So how to create thumbnail images to increase customer attraction? Below are a few suggestions on how to design vibrant thumbnails that you can refer to.

6.1 Reasonable color combination

Thumbnail backgrounds often attract more viewers because of their thumbnail design style and vibrant colors. However, you should not put too many colors in one frame. Because it will make your photo much more flashy and unsightly. Therefore, to make impressive and attractive thumbnails, you should use professional graphic editing tools. This helps keep the colors of the thumbnail images in sync with each other.

post image

Thumbnails help distribute colors properly

To avoid boredom with using images, using animation will make your video more attractive and lively. Moving scenes help viewers stimulate interest easily. Therefore, the more miniature-sized animations, the better.

6.3 Connect with viewers

Connecting the viewer with the human face in the thumbnail makes the photo impressive. In particular, it makes thumbnail images stand out on any device. Emotions added to the face will help arouse viewers' curiosity. It makes them want to see what creates the emotions expressed in the thumbnail in the clearest way.

post image

Eye-catching images make viewers feel excited

6.4 Insert additional Text

Using text helps thumbnail images convey content closer to viewers easily. In addition, the text also helps the image provide context for the video. This is very important to help increase viewer attraction. Fonts also need to be appropriately edited so that viewers can read them on all devices.

post image

Fonts are edited appropriately so that viewers can read them

6.5 Design your own thumbnail for your brand

As we know, business models when branding each of their videos will be posted on social networks with integrated thumbnail images. Depending on the content, color, context, etc., viewers can understand exactly the message the business wants to convey.

post image

Thumbnail helps connect brands very well

After reading the above article, you probably have your answer: What is a thumbnail? As technology develops, receiving information via the Internet becomes easier. Therefore, using thumbnail images helps the public get closer to the business's products. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for the fastest answer.

What is a thumbnail

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