Indispensable Professional Filming Equipment

Indispensable Professional Filming Equipment

September 13, 2023

Currently, the work of creating content on TikTok and YouTube is growing. Therefore, different filming equipment to serve the work is also very interesting. Let's find out with Viewfinder Media about these devices in the article below!

1. Camera - Professional filming equipment

When it comes to filming equipment, cameras are indispensable in this list. Owning a good camera will help you have vivid, sharp and realistic videos. There are several factors you need to consider when choosing a camera:

  • Image quality: It is necessary to carefully consider the image quality as well as the color and resolution to suit your needs.
  • Flip screen: This will help you easily control, change the viewing angle as well as save time when recording.
  • Size: If your recording content needs to be done in many places and has to be moved a lot, give preference to small sized cameras.
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Consider carefully before making a decision to buy a camera

  • Recording mic slot: Having a slot will make using an external mic more convenient in case you have to shoot at a distance or there is noise.
  • Anti-vibration mode: It is necessary to choose a machine with a good anti-vibration mode to avoid vibrations that cause discomfort to the viewer.

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2. Anti-vibration gimbal

In the equipment that supports filming, the gimbal is a very important tool. It helps to stabilize the camera, as well as prevent shake during shooting scenes that require a lot of movement. In addition, it also helps to move the camera easily and conveniently.

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The gimbal has the effect of reducing shake in scenes that require a lot of movement

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3. Micro

Microphone is also one of the necessary video recording equipment. Microphones are very important even though cameras are already available. It helps to capture sound better, effectively removing noise from the outside environment.

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Microphone for better sound capture

4. Slider video equipment - dolly

Slider and Dolly are slider-type movie devices used to move the camera gently during movie recording. They help create scenes with smooth and beautiful motion.

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This is a support device for beautiful moving scenes

Slider and Dolly are often used by professional filmmakers to achieve precise camera angles without having to hold the camera. This helps reduce vibration and keeps the camera angle stable throughout the shoot.

5. Camera Lens

The lens is an extremely important device in the filming process. When you want to shoot wide angles you can use a wide angle lens, for detailed shots you can use a lens with a long focal length.

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There are many different types of lenses to suit different uses

Besides, the lens also has an optimized external design that makes focusing smooth and fast, good support for professional videographers or vloggers.

6. Lights

Lighting is an important element to create an image or video that impresses viewers. Whether you're shooting stills or video, lighting plays an important role in shaping the scene, ensuring lighting, and creating effects. This is one of the essential filming equipment.

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Light plays an important role in images

Lighting is divided into different types depending on capacity, brightness, color… With different lighting setups, we can create different visual effects even when using the same lamp.

7. Boom Crane - Video Recorder

In the filming equipment, the crane boom also plays a very necessary role. It is a professional filming device that supports filming from above, allowing shooting from all-round to close-up very effectively.

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Boom crane supports recording from above

The crane boom creates smooth movements from the ground to ideal heights, allowing shooting from narrow spaces to wide spaces, delivering unique, true-to-life images.

8. Tripod Holder

The Tripod is a kind of tripod with three legs, which is intended to prevent vibration and avoid blurring or blurred images when shooting. In addition, it also helps users not get tired when holding the camcorder for a long time.

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The tripod helps keep the camera in place

Tripods have the advantage of being very sturdy and adjustable in height, which is very useful with large cameras. For many film crews, Tripod is one of the indispensable filming equipment.

9. Boom mic for recording

Boom mic recording is one of the useful filming devices when recording in the field. At this time, the cameraman will combine the use of a directional mic to record the scene with the boom so that the mic is located at an out-of-frame position but still ensures sound quality. Boom mic is designed with a flexible length from 1m-3.5m, to easily adjust to the needs of use.

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Boom mic is essential when recording the scene

10. Monitor

Monitor is a separate monitor in the group of important and professional filming equipment. Videographers often monitor for the following reasons:

  • Large screen: Monitor screens are usually larger in size, helping to display a clearer image. This is especially useful in moving shots when the director can't keep up with the camera immediately.
  • Anti-glare: In poor lighting conditions, the camera screen can make it difficult to view images. However, monitors are designed with better visibility, allowing users to view images more clearly.
  • High resolution: Another advantage of monitors is their high resolution, which helps users see details clearly.
post image

Monitor makes it easy to observe

  • Observation from angles: Monitor supports observation in some cases where the viewing angle is too narrow or difficult to see.
  • Check highlights: Monitor provides the ability to display both highlights and shadows, helping users adjust the color and details of the image accurately.

11. Other filming equipment

In addition to the above popular video recording devices, there are many other devices that support the filming process well, such as:

  • Cage: Is an accessory for the camera, designed to hug each machine detail. Cage is made from aluminum alloy, light and sturdy, with many twist holes that allow additional accessories such as lights, removable microphones and other connections.
  • Bracket: A type of clamp used in mounting equipment to a suitable surface, often used for a lot of photography and video recording.
  • Articulating arm: These are accessory clasps that can be easily rotated in different directions.
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The Articulating arm helps connect the camcorder to accessories

  • Cold shoe mount: In the 70s, the top of the camera was often attached to a "U" shaped device called a "cold shoe" or "accessory shoe". It is used to connect the camera to other auxiliary devices.
  • Hot shoe: A cold shoe with additional metal contacts to reduce the inconvenience of connecting wires.
  • Dummy battery (virtual battery): is a fake battery that does not have a physical battery cell to power the device, but it is used as a "charging cable" to transmit power from the charger to the camera or camera.

Hopefully, with the above article, Viewfinder Media has provided readers with the most useful information about filming equipment. If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to contact us!

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