Revealing  Professional Film Crews Positions

Revealing Professional Film Crews Positions

October 19, 2023

The film crews positions will take on and be responsible for a variety of tasks. Whether the script is complex or simple, any film project requires a smooth combination of all parts. So what positions will there be in a professional filmmaking crew? Let's find out through the following article on Viewfinder Media!

1. Positions in the film crew

Below is a list of members of the film crew:

1.1. Script writer

A content editor, also known as a screenwriter, is a position within a film crew responsible for creating the script for a film. Screenwriters use creativity to think of ideas and write scripts and storylines. Screenwriters and their scripts are the top conditions for creating good work. Therefore, it is not obvious that the screenwriter is at the top of the list of positions in this film crew.

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Script editor of a movie

The script may need editing during filming, so a screenwriter's work doesn't stop at the production process. They are also responsible for changing, adding, or cutting details to fit the overall vision of the film. A screenwriter's inspiration can appear unexpectedly from a name, a story, a piece of news, an article,...

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1.2. Director

The director or director is considered the "wizard" of the film. The director is responsible for controlling content, sound, footage, lighting management, and timing,... to create artistic and aesthetic value for the film. In addition, they also perform important steps such as selecting shots and arranging other elements to create a complete work. In the field of cinema, the director position plays an important role in creating a film with impressive content and form that attracts the audience.

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The director plays an important role in the film production process

In the past, directors often had to do many jobs such as directing acting and performing post-production. However, to professionalize each step in the filmmaking process, we have seen titles such as director of photography, sound director and acting director added to the list of positions in the crew. movie.

1.3. Responsible for production (Producer)

Producer - The producer in the film industry is the most basic role in every part of the filmmaking process. Each member of the film crew plays an important role in the production process. But the producer's role is to coordinate the entire operation, ensuring effective coordination between departments. From the preparation stage, pre-production to post-production, the producer participates and monitors the progress of the entire production team.

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Productor flim

This is one of the positions in the film crew that can take on many different jobs. Such as building production plans, scheduling filming, ensuring financial resources, shaping projects, recruiting teams,...

1.4. Camera operator - Positions in the film crew

Camera operator is the person responsible for operating the camera and recording the actors' acting segments. This process will take place under the direction of the director or director of photography (DOP). The job of a videographer includes configuring, adjusting, and testing the camera, choosing the shooting angle, adjusting the frame, monitoring the progress of the scene, and adjusting the focus to ensure the image is captured. Record quality.

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Cameraman in the film crew

However, in this case, the cameraman takes on the role of a director of photography. They will work and discuss with the director to agree on filming ideas and appropriate camera angles. Camera Operator is also one of the positions in the film crew that determines the success of the work.

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1.5. Script supervisor

A studio secretary is someone who possesses a clear understanding of how the technical departments operate during the film production process. The job of the studio secretary is to record details about lenses, focal lengths, length, sound, lighting, shot composition and number of shots during the filmmaking process.

In addition, the studio secretary must monitor the filming process, noting any differences between the scene and the script. They must also pay attention to the movement of actors, props and other details, ensuring continuity between each scene and each segment in the film.

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Studio secretary, also known as Script supervisor

A studio secretary's ability to concentrate and remember is essential. Because in addition to taking notes, they also have to remember the scenes, the actors' positions and the movement of props during scene changes. The studio secretary also holds an extremely important role compared to positions in the film crew.

1.6. Assistant director (Assistant director/AD)

The assistant director plays an important role as a "powerful arm" for the director during the film production process. They accompany the director and support the director's work throughout the production process. One of the important tasks of an assistant director is to create an effective working environment for the entire team on set.

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Assistant director/AD of a film crew

In addition, the assistant director also acts as an intermediary connecting positions in the film crew. They are responsible for reporting daily shooting schedules along with rest schedules for departments, assigning tasks, preparing details for scenes and organizing scenes in a convenient way,...

1.7. Editor - Positions in the film crew

Editor is the person who compiles all the unedited footage after the film crew closes the camera. Combined with notes from the studio secretary, the editor can arrange the exact sequence of scenes in a reasonable way. After that, the editor will proceed to combine, edit, and add necessary effects to create a complete movie. This is the duty of the editor in positions in the film crew.

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Editor synthesizes the footage into a finished movie

1.8. Production assistant

Production assistant (also known as production assistant) is a job where the number of tasks performed depends on the needs of the studio at any given time. The responsibility of a production assistant is to assist the producer with operational tasks on set. Such as notifying actors to prepare for work, checking for problems before filming, and providing documents to the crew if necessary, etc.

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Production assistant in the film crew

In addition, they also take care of paperwork at the office, photocopying documents, picking up lunch, etc. Production assistant is one of the positions in a film crew that requires dedication to work because they always have to be the first to arrive and the last to leave the crew.

1.9. Electric Group (Electrical)

Gaffer - The head of the electrical team is responsible for designing and implementing lighting placement plans that have been established for the filming process. An experienced gaffer can fully coordinate the lighting and placement of lights and clearly understand the types of lights to use, the required light intensity, and what color gel, etc. To achieve the required light. what the director and DP want to achieve.

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The role of the electric team in the film crew

The electrical team also includes lighting technicians, who are responsible for placing and controlling lighting equipment. The role of the electrical team in filming is to ensure proper lighting, no ripples, increase image quality, and other important factors related to electricity in the artistic production of the film. Therefore, the electric team is very important in the list of positions in the film crew.

1.10. Grip nest

The Grip crew is one of the crew positions responsible for working alongside the electrical crew to arrange and position lights most effectively for each scene. They are also in charge of moving equipment on set, adjusting the set so the camera can be positioned, and assembling the dolly.

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Grip team's mission

The head of the Grip team is the person who works with the DP in setting up the studio to achieve the highest efficiency. This person is often referred to as Key Grip. With many DPs having a good Key Grip, the DP hardly has to worry much about their work.

1.11. Field sound team

The field sound team is responsible for synchronous recording directly at the filming scene. Therefore, the field sound team cannot be ignored when mentioning the list of positions in the film crew. Usually, in small film crews, this team will consist of two members, including field sound mixing and boom control.

The field sound mixer is the head of the field sound team and is responsible for recording all sounds during filming. Meanwhile, the boom operator is responsible for installing and moving the microphone during recording.

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The sound team in the film crew

In addition, the field sound team also has a quite flexible support technician. This person often helps wrap the cable for the boom operator during filming. Depending on the complexity of the scene, the producer may decide to hire an additional person to support the on-set sound team or not.

1.12. Fine arts group

The art team is the last position in the list of positions in the film crew. The art team in filmmaking is a group of people responsible for designing and implementing the visual elements in a film. Usually divided into many small teams such as art design team, set design artists, sketch artists, set decoration team, landscape team,...

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The art team contributes to creating vivid filming scenes

The work of the art team includes building and shaping sets and other visual elements. Aim to create a graphical world that is intuitive and consistent with the film's story.

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Viewfinder Media and professional production team

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The article above includes information about film crew positions that you can refer to. Hopefully, you have gained more useful knowledge about film production. If you need support with any issue, don't hesitate to contact Viewfinder Media right away!


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