What is an Executive Producer? 7 skills required for this position

What is an Executive Producer? 7 skills required for this position

October 14, 2023

What is an Executive Producer? This is known as a key position in the film production industry. They are responsible for managing and operating film projects. What skills do you need to become an executive producer? Let's follow the article below from Viewfinder Media to know more useful information!

1. Executive producer là gì?

What is an Executive Producer? This concept is known as a producer. This is one of the important positions in the field of film and television. They are responsible for the financial aspects of film, music, etc. projects. An executive producer needs to ensure financial matters in order to be able to implement and operate a project from start to finish.

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The production director has an important role

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2. The main job of an Executive Producer

What is an Executive Producer? What are the main responsibilities of a producer? This job requires a lot of skills and experience. The main responsibility of an executive producer is to manage the overall project and ensure its success. Their duties include financial management, creative leadership, and ensuring strategic and budgetary compliance.

2.1 In pre-production

Pre-production is the first phase of the project implementation process. In this phase, the executive producers ensure the completion of the following tasks:

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Need to plan the project

  • Finding financial resources to implement the project: After answering the question "What is an Executive Producer?", the producer needs to find financial resources. This is the most important task of the executive producer in the pre-production stage. They need to find enough financial resources to ensure that the project can be implemented.
  • Planning and production schedule: Need to coordinate with relevant parties to develop a detailed production plan and schedule, ensuring that the project is implemented on schedule and within budget.
  • Recruitment and human resources management: Need to recruit and manage key members of the film crew, including director, screenwriter, producer, actor, etc.

In this stage, the tasks of Executive Producers are lighter than in the pre-production stage. However, they need to ensure the brand throughout the project. In particular, the producer must not let the image or brand value be affected. In addition, they need to supervise the work to ensure the project is completed on time.

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The director needs to supervise throughout the project

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2.3 In post-production

An Executive Producer is the person who directly checks and evaluates the product. Through this, they need to rely on their professional knowledge and work experience to provide feedback and suggestions for the project to be completed. In particular, thanks to the contributions of the executive producer, the project has the potential to be highly effective when launched to the public.

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Need to check and evaluate at the end of the project

3. What skills are required for an Executive Producer?

What is an Executive Producer? This is an important position in a project. The success or failure of a project depends largely on the executive producer. Therefore, they need to possess professional knowledge and optimal work management skills.

3.1 In-depth understanding of the production field

The Executive Producer needs to have a solid understanding of all aspects of production. The project executive producer needs to be familiar with all stages from idea development, script selection, casting, film management, to the editing and post-production stage. A comprehensive understanding helps them make strategic and effective decisions easily.

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Directors need to have specialized knowledge

3.2 Leadership and management skills

What are the leadership and management skills of an Executive Producer? These are two essential factors for a production manager. They need to lay out the work and delegate tasks in a smart way. In addition, the project manager needs to create a positive and creative work environment to help employees complete the project successfully.

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Leadership plays an important role

3.3 Have a wide relationship

Having wide relationships is one of the important skills in any field. This is not just about knowing a lot of people but also about being able to build and maintain positive relationships. This has great significance in the entertainment industry today.

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Build positive relationships

3.4 Good communication skills

Communication skills are an important element in the role of an Executive Producer. Success in the entertainment industry not only comes from creating quality products but also depends largely on their ability to communicate. Communication maintains positive relationships. This helps manage projects well, resolve conflicts, and create consensus within the work team.

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Communication skills are essential

3.5 Planning and organizing skills

What are the planning and organizational skills of an Executive Producer? This is a basic factor to ensure an entertainment project goes smoothly, effectively and achieves the goals set out from the beginning. This is especially important in the entertainment industry and is considered the golden key to success.

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A detailed plan for the project needs to be provided

3.6 Good foreign language skills

Nowadays, in any field or profession, foreign language ability occupies an extremely important position. Good foreign language communication helps maintain effective relationships in the entertainment industry. Especially in the international context, this is considered a leading role for Executive Producers to successfully make projects reach international levels.

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Foreign language ability is necessary

3.7 Solve problems flexibly

The ability to solve problems flexibly is one of the most important skills. Especially in the entertainment industry, responding quickly and flexibly to challenges is essential. The entertainment work environment is complex, but if the executive producer's ability to improvise quickly, all problems can be solved.

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Need to be flexible in solving problems

4. Distinguish between Executive Producer and Producer

Executive producer and producer are two concepts that are quite close to people in the entertainment field. Both have important roles in the production of entertainment products. However, in life, not everyone understands and knows these two jobs.

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Executive producer and producer both have important roles

  • Producer: Producer is just a producer. These are the people primarily responsible for managing and implementing the project from start to finish. They are responsible for planning and managing budgets during work.
  • Executive producer: This is the production director. They are responsible for building a grand strategy for the project. Besides, they participate in deciding on major expenditures and are responsible for promoting the project.

5. How to become a professional Executive Producer?

What is an Executive Producer? How to become a professional Executive Producer? You need to possess knowledge, skills and passion. In addition, you need to learn in-depth about project and budget management, build a network of relationships, and accumulate practical experience. Besides, developing communication skills and learning foreign languages plays an extremely important role. In particular, building a personal brand helps you soon achieve your goal of becoming a successful manufacturer.

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Need to constantly hone skills

The above article is all the information to help you answer the question "What is an Executive Producer?" Hopefully through that, readers will have more knowledge about the skills to become a professional Executive Producer. If you have any questions that need answering, please contact Viewfinder Media's website for free consultation!


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