What is Voice Off? 4 Commonly Used Types of Voice Off

What is Voice Off? 4 Commonly Used Types of Voice Off

October 20, 2023

What is voice off? In the entertainment production industry, this is a quite familiar term. Voice off is used in media such as movies, advertisements, video clips,... Follow Viewfinder Media's following article to learn more useful information!

1. What is voice off?

What is voice off? This is the term for recorded voices used to dub videos, movies, and advertisements. This helps videos better convey content to viewers.

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Voice off voice description

Voice off is used to give information, explain, or highlight part of the content. This helps increase audience understanding, providing useful information within a scene. This technique allows for flexibility in the manufacturing process. Besides, users can easily edit their voice without the speaker's presence.

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2. What is the difference between voice off and off screen

Voice off and off screen are both artistic techniques to create effects for the story. However, these two techniques have fundamental differences in concept, presentation, time and purpose of use.

Voice off
Off screen
Dialogues are voiced for characters in movies and commercials.
A character's dialogue that does not appear on the screen.
How to express
Use the reading voice to express the character's thoughts and feelings.
Use the character's voice to describe and explain more about the context that is taking place.
Can happen at any point in the movie.
Usually occurs in the same scene as the characters appearing on screen.
To express the character's thoughts and feelings without having to show them directly on the screen.
To create a surprising, humorous effect or to add information to a scene.
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Voice off needs to express emotions

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3. Types of voice off are commonly used in filming

What is voice off? This is a common technique in filming. However, depending on the situation and purpose of use, manufacturers use specific techniques accordingly. Here are some popular types.

3.1 Commercial voice off

This technique is often used to create a strong impression and attract customers' attention. This is an important factor in advertisements and video marketing. Using commercial voice off effectively can help convey messages and information effectively.

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Voice commercial product advertising

3.2 Voice off automatic notification

This is the voice used in automated notifications. Some common examples are system announcements, customer service announcements, etc. Voice off automatic announcements are often recorded by professional voice actors. They are people with clear, easy-to-listen voices.

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Automatic customer service notification 

3.3 Voice off narration recording

This is the voice used to tell or guide the story. Voice off narration recordings are often recorded by professional voice actors with inspiring, engaging voices.

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Narration audio for videos

Voice off narration is an important element in stories, films, videos, etc. Using this technique effectively helps convey information to the listener in an attractive and engaging way. In particular, this is an opportunity for the producer to create a good impression in the hearts of listeners.

3.4 Voice off dubbing foreign movies

Voice off dubbing foreign films is the voice used to dub characters in foreign films. This is an important element in foreign films broadcast in Vietnam. Using this technique effectively can help Vietnamese audiences understand the film's content completely and attractively.

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Dubbing foreign movies

4. Benefits of using voice off

Currently, in the field of video and film production, voice off plays an extremely important role. This is a technique that uses pre-recorded, edited voices to achieve the highest efficiency. Here are some outstanding benefits of this technique:

4.1 Helps improve video quality

Using voice off brings many benefits in film production. One of the uses of this technique is to improve video quality. This is an important benefit that helps viewers experience quality images and sound.

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The procedure goes through many factors

4.2 Create professionalism for videos

Voice off can be used to create artistic effects for entertainment products such as movies, television, etc. This makes the video more professional and impressive. Thereby, manufacturers improve viewer experience and increase spending ability to share and interact.

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Create professional videos

5. Steps to have a professional voice off reading voice

What is voice off? How to have a good voice in video and film production? Here are some important steps to make your voice off professional:

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How to own quality voice off

  • Voice recording: Place microphones and noise canceling devices in the recording room to ensure the clearest and highest quality voice. Keep a suitable distance between your mouth and the microphone to capture a good voice.
  • Modify audio: Use audio editing tools such as cutting, splicing, compression, and noise processing. Thereby adjusting the recorded sound appropriately, helping to create the best viewer experience.
  • Sync voice with video: Synchronize voice with video so that dialogue is delivered at the right time and accurately with the content of the video. This helps create a professional video and communicate the message effectively.

Through the above article, I hope readers can answer the question "What is voice off?" This is considered a modern dubbing technique, necessary in the film and video editing process. If you have any questions that need answering, please contact Viewfinder Media for free consultation!


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