What is color grading? Everything about color grading in filmmaking

What is color grading? Everything about color grading in filmmaking

October 19, 2023

What is color grading? In fact, this is considered an application that plays an important role in the success of a movie. To find a color suitable for the context of the film or photo you want to convey, color grading is needed. So to be able to answer the question, readers are invited to join Viewfinder Media to immediately learn about the article below.

1. What is color grading?

What is color grading? Surely this is one of the most searched keywords today. Color grading is a type of method responsible for adjusting colors to suit the state of the film. Through that, it helps viewers understand how the movie takes place.

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Color grading plays an important role in film production

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2. What is the effect of color grading?

What is the effect of color grading? During the production process, color grading plays a key role in helping the film or image convey emotions easily. Besides, being able to find the right color set for the story's context is also one of the very important tasks.

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Thanks to color grading, the film can be transmitted more easily

In particular, the famous animation studio Pixar is one of the famous color editing masters who always completes the plot and content of the film properly. All the film projects he worked on in the past were completed meticulously. This helps ensure that the colors used for the film's visuals will support the storyline. Therefore, it helps viewers more easily understand the plot.

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3. Distinguish between color grading and color correction

What is color grading? What is the difference between color grading and color correction? These are questions that make many people wonder today. Although these two types use the same equipment and software, there is still a profound difference between color grading and color correction.

Software type
Color correction
It includes tasks related to polishing and color aligning images
Color grading
- They can be used when filming with many different cameras. From there, it helps the scenes fit together and be consistent with each other - This is color adjustment work with a certain intention. This helps the image have a unique color that stands out. From there it can convey emotions to viewers more easily
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Color grading and color correction help make the movie more vivid

4. Color grading in cinema

Color grading in cinema is often performed by an individual or team of highly qualified staff. This filming process is intended to create professional colors for the film's setting. Most of the time, when filming a movie, most of the color correction factors will be given by the director of photography and the film's photography director.

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Color Grading in cinema makes film colors more impressive

However, in some special cases, if the film is produced in a flexible way. At this point, color grading can be changed based on variables throughout filming until the final edit. In addition, the essence of color grading in cinema is the color of the film's image. It is considered an important means to convey the most complete emotional circuit of the film.

Besides, during screening in theaters or on TV, color grading can create unwanted side effects. The reason is that cinemas or TVs often use HDR format. Overuse of color correction software makes movie scenes dark and difficult to see on the screen.

5. Color grading in photography

In photography, what is color grading? Color grading in photography is considered a function that helps take black-and-white photos. The use of these two basic color tones in the current digital age makes the film stand out as a purely artistic choice. Therefore, it makes black-and-white photos depend on the category of color grading. Because then the structural elements and photo composition become much more important.

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Color Grading in photography highlights purity with two basic colors

6. Software commonly used for color correction

During the editing process, the software that best supports color grading is Blackmagic Design's Davinci Resolve. This is considered one of the software worth experiencing with features that help complete the color palette fully and accurately. At the same time, visual effects are continuously updated with extremely diverse editing features.

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Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve software is often used to support color grading

In particular, you can install it on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms at no cost. On the other hand, with photography alone, you also have many tools you can choose from. You can use available integrated software for social networking applications such as Instagram, and Snapseed,...

Through the above article, you have surely answered the question "What is color grading?". It is what makes the movie successful. Hopefully, this article can help you better understand the color grading feature in film production. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for quick answers.


What is color grading

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