What is a storyboard? Revealing how to write an impressive script

What is a storyboard? Revealing how to write an impressive script

October 19, 2023

storyboarding is considered a very important part of video-making and advertising film production. So what is a storyboard and how to best create it? Let's follow Viewfinder Media in the article below!

1. What is a storyboard?

First of all, let's find out what is a storyboard. A storyboard, also known as a technical script, is a type of literary script that film production teams use to explain and implement the technical techniques that need to be applied during production.

Storyboards are often presented in detailed board form to show every aspect of filmmaking. Usually, each movie will consist of many segments, and each segment is divided into many scenes with different shots. Therefore, having a storyboard will help the director and those participating in the shooting better understand the film's script.

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Let's learn about the concept of a storyboard

In any genre of film such as movies, short films or TVC commercials,... having a storyboard is very important. The more complete and detailed a script is, the easier it will be to deploy and be more useful for recording.

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2. Types of storyboards

The director is usually the one who concretizes each scene from the original script and each director will have a different way of doing it. So what are the main types of storyboards, let's find out in the section below:

2.1. Traditional scenario

Traditional scripts are often divided into several columns. In particular, each column will have a different technical job such as recording time, sound, etc. Traditional scripts are often used by professional filmmakers. Therefore, it is often difficult for non-experts to apply this method.

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Professional filmmakers often use traditional scripts

2.2. Screen selection scenario

The level selection script or Master Script is often used to show details for each level. While on set, the director will decide on detailed full-length, mid-range, and close-up scenes.

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The Master Script describes the scenes in detail

2.3. Technical storyboard

What is the concept of a technical scenario? It is defined as a form of script that presents in great detail the method and technical treatment of each scene. This will be of great help to the film crew's post-production workers.

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The technical script documents the technique of each shot

2.4. Script with images

When learning about the main types of storyboards, of course, it is impossible not to mention the visual script (Storyboard). This is the most common type of storyboard in creating promotional videos. The scenes will be presented with sketches along with some brief information.

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Image script

3. Content needed to have a complete script

Having a complete script is extremely important in every film crew. So what is needed to create a storyboard? Read below for more information.

3.1. Context/segment

In this section, the script content creator will need to clearly state the filming locations. This creates favorable conditions for producers to capture each scene in each video. From there, create a good foundation for the filming and editing process.

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Knowing the shooting context helps the filming process go smoothly

3.2. Location and recording time

Location and timing are very important for a complete scenario. Knowing clearly whether the shooting location is indoor or outdoor, and whether the filming time is day or night will help the preparation stage be more proactive and thorough.

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Location and shooting time play an important role in the storyboard

3.3. Scene size and perspective

Have you ever wondered what the role of scene size and perspective is in storyboarding:

  • Scene size: Clearly determining scene sizes (wide - medium - close-up) will help the film crew see the changes in scenes in the film as well as describe in detail the rhythms of the work.
  • Viewing angle: Clearly determining the viewing angle such as bottom-up, top-down, vertical, or horizontal,... will affect how viewers see and feel about the video.
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Different perspectives will make viewers feel differently about the video

3.4. Camera angle/machine movement

In this section, details such as camera location, camera height, camera rotation movements, which lens to use, etc. should be recorded in detail. This will help the post-production process and the scene be more refined so that the filming process will also go smoothly.

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It is necessary to record details about camera angles as well as camera movements

3.5. Time

What is the duration of a storyboard? This is the duration of the scene when it is broadcast, not the duration when it is recorded. Music and dialogue are also factors that affect the exact determination of the duration of the video.

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There are many scenes that have a short broadcast time but a very long recording time

3.6. Tools

These are objects that appear in the frame, they can move and are used by characters in the video. Props play an important role in creating appropriate effects for the scene, helping to achieve the goal of conveying the message and art.

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Props play an important role in the filming process

3.7. Content and dialogue

The actors will have a way of posing or expressing, etc. that matches the content of the scene thanks to the details describing the objects, events as well as all the events and actions that will take place in the scene. there. The character's dialogue also needs to be connected to the emotional state when speaking.

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The content and dialogue will help the actors have the right emotions when recording

3.8. Sound

What is sound in creating a storyboard? These are the sounds that will appear in the scene such as music or character dialogue, etc. Clearly noting the details of the sound will help make the filming process easier.

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It is necessary to record details about the sounds that will appear in the scene

3.9. Note

This section is used to record information in addition to the sections presented above. The director can also note additional details that arise during the filming in this section.

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Notes are used to note down details that arise

4. How to write an engaging storyboard

Owning a storyboard brings many benefits to the filmmaking process. What are the elements that make a storyboard attractive:

  • Scene title: Scene title is usually given to describe the core content of the scene.
  • Scene description: Details about the location, time, and environment of a scene. There needs to be a suitable description to create a vivid image for the reader.
  • Scene transitions: Use arrows or special symbols to indicate scene transitions.
  • Scene numbering: Numbering according to the order in which they occur according to the script.
  • Character introduction: Introduce the appearance, personality, and psychology of each character present in the scene.
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There needs to be an introduction to the character who will appear in the scene

  • Dialogue: Pay attention to the expression, tone, and language of each character.
  • Action: Describe the character's actions as well as the scene's progression in logical order.
  • Technical notes: Details about technical elements such as lighting, sound, camera angles, and effects.
  • Additional notes: Add necessary additional notes such as acting instructions, and special notes.
  • Check and edit: Reread and edit to ensure the script is accurate, understandable, and clear.

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