Learn Everything About Set Design In Filming

Learn Everything About Set Design In Filming

October 19, 2023

The set design of the film plays an important role in the success of the entire scene. A filming setting that is suitable for the content and unique will leave a strong impression in the hearts of customers. Read Viewfinder Media's article below if you want to learn about this topic.

1. What is set design?

Set design is a creative step in the stage play production process. This job also appears similar to television or film production. In the past, set designers and designers could come from many different backgrounds. But later, most receive thorough professional training, and most will have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the field of theater arts.

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Learn about design and scene setup

These people work in designing and staging scenes to support the artistic purpose of a performance. Set design is considered part of the production design process for film or television.

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2. Scene design work

Basic tasks of a person working in design and setting:

2.1 Learn and research documents

To create a context for performances, the first thing that designers and scene builders need to do is research and read related documents. This helps experts better understand the main content as well as the hidden implications within. The purpose of this work is to get creative design ideas for the scene. Along with that, this job also helps designers build depth and express hidden meanings inside the play, performance, etc.

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Scene design staff need to research and learn about relevant documents

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2.2 Working with directors and logistics

After getting an overview of the performance, the set designer will continue to work with the director to grasp the intention of the script, characters as well as scenes, classes, etc. in the performance. The show. The two sides will work together to agree on ideas to minimize risks and unexpected changes that may occur on stage during the performance.

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Designers need to work with many different departments such as logistics

After working with the director, the design staff will continue to work with other design departments such as costumes, lighting, and stage,... to create a complete scene map. The parties agree and provide a complete design.

2.3 Context design

Having obtained the necessary and important information, the staff will begin work on scene design and detailed construction of each scene, class, etc. on stage. Color factors, effects, etc. are also things that need to be paid close attention to in the design stage.

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Arrange and set up each scene for the scene

2.4 Perform construction

After completing the design according to the original orientation and diagram, the scene design director will assign the design, engineering team, etc. to work on setting the scene. During the process of setting the scene, the team will fix any errors and make immediate edits according to the wishes of the director of photography, the program's crew, etc.

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Proceed to build the scene

3. Requires necessary skills of the designer

To become a professional set designer and setter, in addition to professional knowledge, you need to equip yourself with additional knowledge such as knowledge of the foundation of art, visual arts, and principles. design, search, and create ideas,...

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Besides professional skills, designers need to know how to use Photoshop

Proficient in using design tools such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, lightroom, premiere, and 3D Max,... Teamwork and independent skills. Foreign language ability to be able to research difficult, rare documents, bilingual documents, etc.

4. Opportunities and challenges of the scene design profession

Follow the information below to learn more about the opportunities and challenges of designing as a context:

4.1 Opportunity

The scene design profession in Vietnam is currently experiencing new developments. Therefore, if you have the right direction, the opportunities for future development will be very open. Along with that, there are quite a few schools that train scene design and construction in our country, so it is very convenient for learning. You can refer to some schools such as Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, Hanoi University of Architecture, and Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture,...

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If you have the right direction in the context design profession, the opportunities will be extremely expanded

4.2 Challenges

With design work as the context in Vietnam today, there really isn't much to have a professional working environment, so people following this profession hardly have the opportunity to develop. Not only that, the situation of plagiarism and stealing ideas also makes the context design profession very difficult.

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There really isn't much of a professional working environment in Vietnam

Above is all the information about set design that you should know. Hopefully, this article will somehow help make setting up your filming scene easier. If you have any questions, please contact Viewfinder Media immediately for answers!


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