What Is Frame Rate? Meaning And Parameters Of Frame Rate

What Is Frame Rate? Meaning And Parameters Of Frame Rate

September 13, 2023

What is frame rate? These are slow-motion or fast-forward scenes in movies that you often watch. They are all controlled by the frame rate. To understand more and more details about any issue, let's find out with Viewfinder Media!

1. What is frame rate?

Frame rate is the rate of a frame, or in other words, the frequency of occurrence of individual frames recorded by the camera in 1 second. The unit of measure for frame rate is FPS. If your video is showing 30 frames per second, the video has a frame rate of 30 FPS.

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What is frame rate?

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2. The meaning of what is frame rate?

The meaning of what is frame rate in a video? This is a question that is asked quite a lot when the phrase “frame rate” appears. The frame rate will directly affect video quality and viewer experience. The sense of motion will be evident when you adjust the frame rate. Choosing a high frame rate is not always appropriate, but also depends on the concept, nature, video content, and capacity of the machine. When storing video with a high frame rate, it will make the video size heavier, sometimes slowing down the playback of the video.

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Frame rate will directly affect the viewer's experience

Nowadays, in movie videos or when playing games, people often choose high frame rates to provide a better experience. A high frame rate gives users a more realistic and smooth feel, especially in action videos. Gamers will often tend to set a high frame rate when playing games because it is one of the factors that can determine victory.

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3. Common parameters in frame rate

The common parameters in what is frame rate? These questions always appear together when typing keywords related to frame rate. Here are 5 common parameters that you can refer to.

3.1 16 FPS

With a frame rate of 16 FPS, the viewer will almost never see the effect of motion. This speed is hardly applicable in film and video production today. Many years ago when the technology was not as developed as it is today, there were still some soundless videos that used a frame rate of 16 FPS. We can still see this 16FPS frame rate in old documentaries.

3.2 24 FPS

The 24FPS frame rate is considered the standard and commonly used frame rate for cinema movies today. Its outstanding advantage is to bring a beautiful interface and realistic effects to the human eye. Therefore, 24FPS frames are widely used in the film and feature film industry.

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Frame rate 24FPS will appear in movies these days

3.3 30 FPS

The frame rate of 30FPS will help increase the quality of fast-moving movies such as running characters, or action scenes to increase realism. Especially for footage that requires accuracy when moving quickly and directly.

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The 30FPS frame rate makes the movement of the running scenes more clear

The 30FPS frame rate is used for some of the following scenarios:

  • Sports programs are broadcast live.
  • Promotional videos, TVC.
  • Reality show.
  • Record phone videos.
  • Livestream on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok platforms.

3.4 60 FPS

The 60FPS frame rate makes slow motion smoother, so viewers can easily feel the realism of the video. To do this, the cameraman will choose a speed of 60FPS. Then in the editing stage, the producer will adjust the playback speed of the video to 30FPS or 24FPS to create a slow-motion effect. Thereby, you will see the slow motion becomes more realistic and detailed.

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Frame rate 60FPS helps viewers easily feel the realism of the video

3.5 120 FPS

A frame rate of 120FPS is considered the max frame rate, often used when creating special effects or slowing down fast motion. This enhances the viewer's emotions, as well as the way to express all the details or happenings quickly, providing a better view of movements that the naked eye may not follow. keep.

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Frame rate 120FPS makes images come to life

Frame rate 120FPS is used in some cases such as:

  • Fast-moving sports programs: racing, surfing, ...
  • Natural phenomena: hurricanes, explosions or fireworks displays

4. Shutter speed is related to frame rate

Does frame rate have anything to do with Shutter Speed? The first is about shutter speed, this is shutter speed, which is the amount of time the film is exposed to the scenes. Frame rate is closely related to shutter speed. The shutter speed should be twice the frame rate. This will result in the best visual perception in the eyes of the viewer.

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Shutter speed is closely related to frame rate

Above is the basic information to answer the question at the beginning of the article “What is frame rate?”. Hopefully, what Viewfinder Media provides in the article, will help you better understand the frame rate. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately for answers.

frame rateWhat is frame rate

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