What Does A Prop Master Do? [Detailed Answer]

What Does A Prop Master Do? [Detailed Answer]

October 19, 2023

A prop master is the person who creates tools during the film editing process. From the fake cigarettes to the glasses to the benches, everything was set up by the props manager. Follow the article below with Viewfinder Media to better understand prop master and the main jobs and skills needed through the following detailed information!

1. What is a prop master?

Prop master is an important position in the film crew, responsible for providing and managing props during the filming process. Props can be objects, costumes, or some other tools for filming.

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Prop masters are the people responsible for managing props

Prop master is not only responsible for tool management but is also involved in the design and manufacturing of special tools. Therefore, props managers need to have special knowledge and understanding of culture, politeness, and many fields to be able to create appropriate props.

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2. The job of a props manager

So what is the job of a specific props manager? Let's find out through the information below:

2.1 Make a list of props needed

An extremely important job that a props manager needs to do during the editing process is to make a list of props to use. This list needs to be complete and clear. To make this list, the prop master needs to review the script in advance and discuss it with the technical director and art director.

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The prop master needs to make a list of props before filming

2.2 Learn about filming props

One of the important jobs of a prop master is to learn about filming props. Props managers need to read the script in advance, study the context, and look at the requirements of the film's content to know the required props. Equipment managers also need to learn about history and culture to prepare appropriate props.

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Prop masters need to read the script in advance to prepare appropriate props

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2.3 Supervise the use of props

The prop master needs to supervise the use of props during the editing process to ensure props are used properly. At the same time, the prop master also needs to ensure the safety of the actors when using the props.

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During the editing process, the prop master should pay attention so that the tools are not damaged

2.4 Guaranteed cost for props

The prop master is responsible for ensuring and maintaining filming equipment. Film projects will require a certain amount of props, so prop managers need to optimize the cost of purchasing props and also leave a reserve in case something goes wrong.

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Prop masters need to spend money on buying tools properly

2.5 Manage props

Props before and after filming must be arranged, stored and transported safely to the storage location. At the same time, the storage place must also be easily found. Therefore, prop managers need to check regularly.

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Prop masters need to preserve tools

2.6 Food stylist

In addition to the tasks mentioned above, prop masters can also undertake some tasks such as modeling food. In the segments, if the food is left for too long and will lose its original color, the prop masters will take on the responsibility of modeling the food.

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In addition to the above, the prop master also has to create food utensils

3. Who does the prop masterwork within the film crew?

Prop masters are the people who prepare props and maintain them, so prop managers often work with hand props and standby props. The tooling manager then reports to the production designer.

3.1 Prop hand

Prop hands are the people who carry out the task of transporting props to the filming location. So these people have a close relationship with the prop master. Prop hand will return unused props to the company and carry out related paperwork.

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Prop hand and prop master have a close relationship with each other

3.2 Standby props

Standby props are people who are usually notified by the prop master about prop changes. Because they are the ones responsible for changing the prop requirements and providing the necessary things during the editing process. For example, when an actor breaks a glass, the standby prop needs to clean it up quickly and give the actor another glass.

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Prop masterworks with standby prop when there are changes to props

4. Skills and qualities needed to become a prop master

To become a professional prop master, you need to have some important skills and qualities:

  • Knowledge about the filmmaking industry: To become a props manager, you need to learn about the process and work in the filmmaking, television, and theater industries.
  • Knowledge of art and design: Understanding art and design will help you create props suitable for the context.
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You need to be fully equipped with the skills to become a professional prop master

  • Research skills: You need to have cultural and historical research skills to create contextually appropriate tools.
  • Craft skills: You need to be able to perform craft techniques such as painting, cutting, and pasting to create props.
  • Communication and teamwork skills: You need to interact with the director and producer to suggest or discuss necessary props in the film. Connecting team members is also very important.
  • Creativity: Creativity will help you create unique solutions and special tools.

5. Field of study and salary of props manager

Prop master does not require specific qualifications but this is not a place for beginners. Props managers require a degree in design, fine arts, or film. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to become a good prop master.

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Prop master does not require a degree but is not a beginner's place

So without specific requirements, is the salary of a tool manager high? According to the salary in the US, the figure of 81,638 USD/year is the salary for this position. However, Vietnam has not given specific numbers, so it will be updated as soon as actual survey results are available.

So Viewfinder Media has provided information about the prop master. Hopefully, the above article will help you better understand what a prop master is and have many interesting perspectives on this position. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately for answers!


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